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Dress Up A Button Dress Form

Today Buttons Galore is pleased to be welcoming guest artist Candy Rosenberg to share her beautiful button dress form project.

Vintage craft designer Candy Rosenberg

Going out on the town always requires a fancy dress, and this occasion is no different – 0nly this girl is dolled up with buttons from Buttons Galore! Buttons are so fun and versatile in crafting and I am really excited to show off this project.

Button Decorated Dress Form

My button fetish is no secret to those who know me so I am always looking for ways to use them in unique ways. I’d had this bare “girl” laying around for awhile when I got this invitation to guest post for Buttons Galore. Buttons…dress form…The lightbulb went off and I thought that I could make a dress from buttons for my girl!

Button collage on dress formCovering an item like a dress form with buttons is not much different than covering a canvas or other flat surface. The major difference is that you have to consider three dimensions instead of two when placing a button in your collage. I poured out my bags of buttons and adhered them one at a time, seeing which ones worked best especially around her curves.

Button collage dress form close-up

This button dress form is super easy and such a great project to give as a gift or to use to decorate a studio!
finished button dress form - rear
 Buttons Galore Supplies:

If you like Candy’s mixed media creations like this button dress form, don’t miss her previous guest post for Buttons Galore that featured Artist Trading Cards!

Candy Rosenberg resides in beautiful Southern Oregon and has been crafting since she was a little girl. Known for her vintage steam punk style and beautifully crafted dress forms, she still likes to color outside the lines so to speak. Keep tabs on her latest creations at her blog, A Vintage Girl, or follow her on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+.


Craft a Wood Trinket Box with Button Lid

You can never have too many pretty little places to stash mementos and accessories. This little wood trinket box with a multi-colored button lid is a great way to hold your favorite jewelry, souvenirs like ticket stubs, or even office supplies!

Wood trinket box with button lid

This wood trinket box starts with a fun ombre finish created using the brand new Plaid Ultra Dyes. These are somewhat like water soluble brightly colored wood stains, and blend. I layered several colors to get the effect shown here: Raspberry Beret and Hot Flash applied on the bottom, and the top area with several coats of Hot Pink. Then a coat of hot Pink was layered over the entire project. The end result was almost a dip dye effect.

wood trinket box with ombre Ultra Dye

To find a selection of lots of colors for my button collage for on the lid of the trinket box, I decided to pull buttons from two different button assortments. On the left is our Spring button box, with the purple buttons, and on the right is our Vacation button box, with the dark teal and peach colors. Both assortments share in common some pink and light green shades, making them well suited to work together.

Buttons to match wood trinket box

I laid down a thick layer of white glue and then went to work filling in the lid with the buttons. The key (for me anyway) to achieving a random look is to try to not have buttons touch each other that are the same color. It’s also important to make sure that too many buttons of the same size aren’t clustered together in an area.

Buttons glued to wood trinket box lid

After the glue dries clear, that buttons will appear to be floating on the lid of the wood trinket box!

Wood trinket box with button lid

This wood trinket box with a button lid is a fast and easy project for all ages – a great project for a Mother’s Day gift or for summer vacation crafts for the kids! What will you use it for?




Holiday Frame: A Floral Welcome Frame

For those of you following along with the holiday frame project, there may be times when you don’t want a seasonal element in it. Today, I’m here to show you a welcome frame design for your frame for those in-between times of year!

Welcome frame featuring 28 Lilac Lane products by May Flaum from Buttons Galore. Easy photo frame home decor project.

This simple design makes use of beautiful elements from our 28 Lilac Lane “Attic Findings” kit, as well as 3D die cut elements. All of the paper elements are created from a single paper pad for easy coordination of colors and designs.

To create this welcome frame project, the background paper was cut to 8″ x 10″ to fit the frame opening. Then the crochet trim from the Attic Findings kit was cut to create the border and glued in place. The word “welcome” was die cut (sized to just slightly more than 5″) and the edges were inked to provide a drop shadow before adhering it as well.

Welcome frame featuring 28 Lilac Lane products by May Flaum from Buttons Galore. Easy photo frame home decor project.

The three flowers were sized to about 2.25″ in diameter, and then cut from different papers. (The stamens on two of the flowers were cut from another flower design that wasn’t used on the frame.) The edges of the pink flowers were inked, and then the flowers were assembled.

The finishing touch on the flowers were the embellishments from the Attic Findings kit. Each flower got its own touch of contrasting color. The buttons were threaded with embroidery floss and tied off before adhering to give them a finished look.


This welcome frame is a beautiful way to fill your holiday frame in between holidays! In case you’ve missed them, don’t forget to check out the previous installments in the holiday frame series. What holiday would you like to see added to the series next?


Quick & Easy Sweet Cupcake Canvas

This cupcake is sweet, easy…and calorie free! Perfect for celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or for decorating a kitchen, our cupcake canvas can be customized to suit any color scheme very simply. All that is needed to customize the design is to change the fabric colors, and the options are endless!

Button Cupcake Canvas. Great home decor for celebrating a special occasion or for kitchen decor.

To start your design, iron Heat-n-Bond to the reverse of your purple and turquoise fabric following package instructions. Cut cupcake wrapper and lettering on your Cricut Explore machine following instructions in this blog post.

Cut the top of the cupcake out of cardstock to be used as a template.

Iron the fabric pieces in position following instructions on the Heat-n-Bond package. Trace around the cupcake topper template lightly with a disappearing fabric pen or pencil to create an outline of where to place the buttons for the frosting.

Wrap the background fabric around the canvas and attach to the back of the canvas using a staple gun. To create an extra neat edge, turn the raw edge of the fabric under before stapling.

Using a glue gun, adhere the buttons to create the frosting and the stripes on the cupcake wrapper.

button cupcake canvas close up

To finish your canvas, cut the stems off of a few 3D Sweet Delights buttons and use the glue gun to fasten them in place scattered around on your letters. Don’t forget to put the cherry on top of the cupcake!

Now you can enjoy your cupcake canvas, or treat someone special with it! (But don’t be surprised if you start feeling hungry….)



Button Monogram with 28 Lilac Lane

Button Monogram with 28 Lilac Lane

Simply gluing buttons to a wooden monogram is a fantastic project for so many reasons: It’s fun to do, it is easy and makes a great family craft, and it will look fantastic displayed in your home! Today I am sharing a video showing how I created the letter M for my studio with the “On Lilac Lane” bottle. Not to be biased – but this is my favorite bottle and color so it was the perfect choice for this project. From holiday or seasonal décor to bedroom décor creating not just button monograms but shapes of all kinds decorated with buttons and embellishments is a lot of fun.


Love Your Pet in Our Pet Button Frame!

Saturday is National Love Your Pet Day, and what better crafty way to celebrate your pet than by creating a pet button frame to display your favorite photo of them?

Pet Frame with Buttons Galore buttons


This frame could easily become a dog themed frame just by changing the cork word to “woof” and using some of the dog buttons from our Pets & Pals collection.

To begin, paint the frame with the FolkArt chalk paint in Java. You may want to use some sandpaper first to prepare the frame’s surface for the paint. Don’t forget to paint the edges of the frame that will be visible!

Plaid frame painted with Java chalk paint

After the chalk paint is dry, buff the painted surface with the Plaid FolkArt Home Decor Wax to finish it.

While you wait for the paint and wax to dry, mix the microbeads to create a variegated mix that is half brown and half black. Make sure to thoroughly mix the beads together to get a random distribution of color.

Brown and Black Microbead Mix

Next it is time to apply the buttons! Working one small section at a time, spread a thick coat of clear-drying white glue on the front of the frame. Position a mix of buttons to fill in the frame. After you are certain that the buttons are in their final position for that section – and before the glue has dried – sprinkle some of the microbead mix on top of any gaps between the buttons.

Close-up of button collage gluing

The benefit of using the white glue (versus say a hot glue gun) is that its invisibility and dry time gives room for adjustment as you build each section of the collage. You can nudge a button or move it completely if necessary to make your “puzzle without a correct answer” fit together in a way that satisfies you. You aren’t committed until the glue dries, which takes quite awhile.

Button Frame

I recommend letting one section dry before beginning another. While the dry time on the glue method allows for error, it also creates error – making it easy to accidentally nudge an entire section out of place while trying to wedge a button into a tight spot. Working with only a small wet section at a time minimizes the damage that sort of incident can do.

Pet Button Frame titleThe title is a simple addition to the frame – it’s the materials that make it look fancy!

Cut the cork sheet on a Cricut Explore machine, and then ink the edges with Distress ink to create a nice shadow on it. Because the surface of the buttons is really uneven, you’ll need to adhere the cork with a glue gun even though the cork is self-adhesive.

Once the cork title is on, cut the shanks off of the buttons and use the hot glue gun to adhere them in place as well.

And that is it – your beautiful pet frame is complete! Now you can find the perfect photo memory to enjoy of your furry family member!


Make a Photo Frame with a “Tropical Twist”

When it comes to decorating plain frames, buttons rule! The only thing that makes it better? Having sequins, pearls, beads, and charms to decorate with as well! Dreaming of warm temperatures and swaying palm trees I’m creating with the Tropical Twist kit today. The bright colors and playful details make it a fun choice for a project like this, though this project will work with any of my kits!


  • Wood or metal photo frame
  • liquid adhesive (I recommend PPA by US Art Quest)
  • 28 Lilac Lane Tropical Twist embellishment kit
  • Optional: Glossy sealant such as Glossy Accents; glitter glue, or glitter

28 Lilac Lane Tropical Twist frame by May Flaum

What would you put in a beautiful 28 Lilac Lane frame?


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