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How to Make a Rustic Vine Wreath with Buttons & Beads!

One of my favorite things to make are wreaths. There are so many ways to decorate them and endless opportunities to get creative. I put together this rustic vine wreath using the Victoria embellishment kit by 28 Lilac Lane.

rustic vine wreath with buttons and embellishments from 28 Lilac Lane by Anaya Whye

Supplies needed:

Start with the beading needle and invisible thread. Wrap the thread around the wreath and tie a knot to secure it. Stack beads and sequins onto the needle until you have about 1/2 inch or so on the needle. Wrap the thread around while keeping the majority of the beads and sequins in place on the front of the wreath.

Continue wrapping the thread around the rustic vine wreath until you get back to where you started. You’ll get the best results if you wrap the thread no more than about 1/2″ inch apart.

After adding the sequins and beads, I repeated the process with embroidery thread to add some little buttons.

rustic vine wreath close-up

I cut a few pieces of felt to create leaves and attached them to the wreath with a glue gun, while leaving space for some buttons. Cut a length of wire long enough to wrap around the wreath. Stack 2-3 buttons and push wire through 2 holes in each of them. Wrap the wire around the wreath, twist, and cut  the ends.  Tuck the excess wire into the backside of the wreath so there are no sharp ends left sticking out.

After you have added as many buttons as you’d like, the last step is to tie a ribbon to hang your finished rustic vine wreath! I used a small 6 inch wreath for this project, but of course it can be done in a larger size. I find this to be a perfect size to decorate with inside the house. I often hang small wreaths around the house on the walls alongside my photos and even hang them in my work space at the office.

rustic vine wreath with buttons and embellishments from 28 Lilac Lane by Anaya Whye

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Put Spring On Your Walls With A Button Wreath

Do the dark days of February have you longing for spring? My spring button wreath project will put a little touch of spring green and flowers inside on your walls – no matter what the weather outside!

Green buttons

To create this project, you’ll need the following supplies:

Begin by wrapping the foam wreath in the burlap ribbon. The ribbon I chose is thin – more like fabric than canvas – which makes for smoother wrapping of the wreath and a better surface to serve as the base for the buttons. Secure the ribbon ends with floral greening pins. It may take several rolls of ribbon to complete the entire wreath.

Button wreath construction

The next step is to use hot glue to start adhering buttons on the wreath. Working in small sections, lay down hot glue and then arrange buttons in it. I highly recommend using a protector (like the hot glue gun finger  protectors make by Plaid) when you are pushing the buttons down to avoid burning yourself. Handle hot glue guns with care – even so-called low temperature hot glue will burn!

Button wreath with flowers

Once the buttons are all in place, trim the stems off of three spring floral blooms. Use hot glue to adhere them onto the wreath.

Button wreath close-up

Cut the stems off of the Spring Fling buttons, and using hot glue, adhere them scattered around the wreath. Don’t forget to add a bee on one of the flowers!

Button wreath with flowers

Hang your wreath on the wall with a wire, a wreath hanger, or with a ribbon and nail – and then sit back and enjoy the spring!


Halloween Wreath for ScrapFest 2013

Allie Gower shows you how easy it is to Create a Halloween Wreath using the Halloween Button Assortment, an Archiver’s Exclusive.

ScrapFest – Halloween Wreath

Buttons Galore is heading to Archivers Mall of America for ScrapFest 2013.

Join us for fun make and takes each day of ScrapFest.

 Create a Halloween Wreath using Halloween Buttons.


 Supplies for ScrapFest – Halloween Wreath

Directions for Creating Halloween Wreath

  1. Paint wreath and allow to dry.
  2. Glue on ribbon and assorted buttons.
  3. Add accents with white ink.
  4. Gently apply heat to ribbon to make it “melt” for a brief period of time using a Heat Embossing Tool.

Please note that many of these supplies used to make the ScrapFest projects are readily available in your local Archivers, and many of them are available in the Archiver’s Annex Online.

Projects will be on display in the Archiver’s at the Mall of America.

See more of Allie’s work at her blog, My Card Party.


Seasonal Door Wreath – Red White and Blue

If you visit my house during the month of July this seasonal door wreath will welcome you at my front door. I decided to go big and bright this year using festive patriotic ribbon, painted stars, and red, white & blue buttons from Buttons Galore. I love the nostalgic look of the dimensional stars and the traditional Americana design.

Grapevine Star Wreath

Patriotic Wreath with Stars and Buttons

I’m a sucker for wreaths. It’s a rule in my house to have a seasonal wreath on my door at all times. Of course, if I made a new wreath for every season, I’d have a lot of them to store. My husband wouldn’t like this very much either. I have a little secret to share when it comes to my seasonal wreaths. I don’t make a new wreath – I just recycle this grapevine wreath into something new every season.

My secret is to use a heat gun to melt off the hot glued embellishments. It works great every time!

Supplies used to make seasonal door wreath:

painted paper mache star

Paint Paper Mache Stars with Plaid Craft Paints

Twine Paper Mache Star

Add a dab of hot glue onto each side of star and wrap twine around
Add festive button from Buttons Galore to center.

Hot glue painted stars onto a grapevine wreath

Hot glue painted stars onto a grapevine wreath


Add stacked buttons to the center of your patriotic bow.

I hope my idea of recycling the same wreath for the seasons inspires you to creative you own festive wreaths to welcome visitors at  your door. Seasonal door wreaths are a nice festive touch.


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Ribbon Wreath with Button Accents a DIY that is easy to make

Ribbon Wreaths are trendy right now, with photos appearing on blogs and Pinterest.  This tied ribbon version with button accents is a great way to get autumn colors and textures in a wreath that is easy to create.

Fall Ribbon Wreath with Button Accents

 Directions to make a Ribbon Wreath:

Making a ribbon wreath is a straightforward process that begins with a simple wreath form.  For this wreath, I used a STYROFOAM Brand Foam wreath form approximately 8″ in diameter.  I painted the front of the wreath using a foam brush and orange acrylic paint to camouflage the form in case it happened to peek through the ribbons.

Ribbon Wreath STYROFOAM base

While the painted wreath form is drying, I gathered my ribbons and cut several lengths of each.  My form required around 50 pieces, each 10″ long.  Widths ranged from 1/2 to 1″.

Cut Ribbons for Ribbon Wreath with Buttons

Once the form was dry and the ribbons cut, I tied the pieces around the form.  I began with the wider ribbons, and filled in the spaces with the narrower pieces, adjusting the location of the knots as necessary.

Tying Ribbons onto Ribbon Wreath with Buttons

Once all the ribbons were tied around the wreath form, the whole project looked pretty scary.  It resembled a big autumn-colored ribbon Medusa.

Ribbons tied on Ribbon Wreath with Buttons

But once all the ribbon ends had been trimmed to approximately 1.5 inches long (use sharp fabric scissors for clean edges), scary Medusa transformed into a pretty tied ribbon wreath ready for embellishing.

Making Tied Ribbon Wreath

I added thick marbled dark brown buttons from the Natural Grab Bag tied with orange embroidery floss, and a large aged metal leaf as an accent.  Three additional buttons from the Autumn Grab Bag tied with cream floss top the leaf for additional coordinating color and texture.

Button Accents on Ribbon Wreath

With no time or labor-intensive techniques to deal with, this tied ribbon wreath can be assembled quickly and easily.   Dive into your ribbon stash and make one today!

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