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Easy DIY Flower Placemat for Easter & Mother’s Day

Spring means lots of special occasions! This flower placemat design is great for Easter, Mother’s Day, or for making a birthday girl feel extra special – and it’s super quick and easy to make!

Easy DIY Flower Placemat

This flower placemat uses supplies from the popular 28 Lilac Lane “Tropical Twist” kit. You can tell that it’s definitely one of my favorites since many of the supplies are used from it! Although the name of this kit, and its themed charms, are definitely summer themed, this project is a great reminder to look at your kits not just as themes but as color palettes as well.

Easy Floral Placemat color palette

Supplies Needed:

To start making this flower placemat, get out a large needle. Thread it with the baker’s twine from the Tropical Twist kit, and stitch around the outside edge of the placemat. (I recommend doing this is several short lengths to avoid abusing your twine and for efficiency.) To make more than one placemat, use embroidery floss for this step as the kit only contains enough twine for one.

Next, use a flower die to cut flowers out of felt (or hand cut your own). Use scissors to hand cut the leaves.

Easy Floral Placemat close-up

Position your flowers, and select buttons from the Tropical Twist kit to create their centers. Stitch through both the buttons and the flowers with a needle and embroidery floss to attach the flowers to the placemat. Use a needle and thread that matches the felt to stitch the leaves in place under the edges of the flowers as well.

Easy Floral Placemat close-up

Whether the occasion is Easter, Mother’s Day, or something else…this flower placemat will definitely brighten your spring table!

Flower Placemat graphic


Don’t miss our Creativation Booth Projects!

One of our favorite things about attending shows is the chance for our staff and some talented craft designers to show off in our booth the beautiful range of possibility that can be created with Buttons Galore products. So today, for those who weren’t at Creativation, we’re going to give you a peek into our booth at the show to see all of the gorgeous inspiration we shared!

Buttons Galore Creativation 2017 booth

It may have been warm in Arizona, but inside the convention center it was snowing a blizzard in our booth! These snowflakes, created by Buttons Galore staff, show that buttons make gorgeous snowflakes of all sizes from tree ornaments to wall art.

Button Snowflake Wall Art

This American flag wall art piece, also created by Buttons Galore staff, combines our bulk buttons with our 3D decorative star buttons. It’s perfect for holiday decor for occasions like July 4th, or leave it up all year round for a patriotic touch of homespun decor.

button flag wall art

Speaking of special occasions, our decorative button grab bags are a beautiful and affordable option for creating decor for events like showers and weddings! This button cake, created by designer Jen Goode, is perfect for decorating a buffet table.

Button Cake Decorations

Love to entertain? Our decorative 3D buttons will make your tea time, cocktail hour, or coffee break oh so elegant! This tray project, by Buttons Galore staff, is quick and easy, too!

Button Tray

And let’s not forget our furry family members! Our booth went to the cats and dogs with these fun frames to display your favorite picture of your pet cat (by me) or dog (by 28 Lilac Lane designer May Flaum). For the instructions for the cat frame, click here.

Button Pet Picture Frames

If you’d rather hang your pet photo on the wall, try out this dog bone wall art project by Buttons Galore staff!

This button monogram is easy to make and perfect for a nursery or kids room! (Click here for instructions.) Or create an ombre heart wall art piece for someone special to remember you by. (Click here for instructions.)

Button Wall Art

It seems everyone is in love with butterflies this season, and we agree! Our wall art butterfly, made by Buttons Galore staff, is great decor for a kid’s or teen’s room.

Button Butterfly Wall Art

Text as wall art is very hot in home decor, and our staff decided to pay tribute to the greatest sentiment of all: love! These easy to make letters could be made in any colors to coordinate with the decor of a nursery or a shabby chic home decor.

LOVE button wall art

Our buttons are fabulous for working in mixed media, and designer Maura Hibbitts took them to canvas for us! This whimsical sea monster is full of texture and color!

button sea monster wall art

Last but not least, 28 Lilac Lane designer May Flaum shared her take on the 3D paper flower trend in our booth. Accented with a center of buttons, this flower will bring color and pattern to your walls or your party decor!

Flower Wall Art

We hope that you enjoyed this peek at some of our booth projects from Creativation! Thanks to all of you who visited to see them in person!


An Easy All Occasion Gift Bag with Washi & Buttons!

Pre-designed gift bags can easily run $5 or more, and it’s not always convenient to run out and buy one at the last minute. What to do? Craft up a solution, of course. Keeping a stash of blank bags in your craft supplies means that with a few minutes of creativity, you always have the perfect gift bag on hand!

all occasion gift bag

To make this gift bag, all you need is:

  • a blank gift bag
  • assorted washi tape rolls
  • Vacation button assortment (HB107)
  • embroidery floss & needle
  • 7/8″ sheer ribbon
  • hot glue gun
  • die cut machine
  • white vinyl & transfer tape

Making this bag is super easy:

1. Start by tearing off some strips of washi tape and attaching them to the bag as stripes, varying the colors.

2. Using embroidery floss, sew thread through buttons and tie it off.

3. Attach the buttons to the top few rows of washi tape in random positions, using a hot glue gun.

washi tape and buttons4. Using a die cut machine, cut out the words “for you” from vinyl. Use transfer tape to attach it over the bottom layers of washi tape. (I used the Cricut Explore machine for this project.)

vinyl sentiment on gift bag

5. Tie a bow from sheer ribbon around one side of the handle.

And there you have it…five steps to a fabulous all-occasion gift bag! While my bag is a generic theme, this bag design could be customized for any holiday by selecting washi tape and buttons that are themed and colored appropriately (such as red and green for Christmas).

What occasions do you use gift bags for?


Button Up a Decorative Pinwheel

Pinwheels are so much fun for adding pizzazz and energy to decorating for parties and events.  Here are the directions to make them using just a few simple materials.  You will need the following:

  • Decorative Paper Squares (6 inches)
  • Scissors
  • Brads
  • Paper Straws
  • Aleene’s Always Ready Fast Grab Tacky Glue
  • Laura Kelly BUTTONS for Buttons Galore and More


The first step is to cut from the four corners in towards the centers, stopping to leave a one inch square center that is uncut.  Then using your brad fold the first point of each corner in poking a hole through them as you go then through the center and securing with the brad in the back.


Add your straw to the back and buttons to the front with the tacky glue.  The Fast Grab is great because is holds them right away.  Then allow time to dry before using them.


They are so bright and cheery and simply fun.





Cute as a BUTTON – Snacks for the Fireworks

It’s Fifteen MINUTE Friday and the 4th of July.  Here is a really quick and cute way to pack up some snacks for the fireworks show.  This little packaging idea would be great in a variety of colors for lots of occasions, goody bags and school treats too.

Button Snack

Put you snacks in bags that you can tie closed with ribbon or raffia then add the buttons with Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue.  The super cute label is from Expressionery.Com and was designed by me so totally matches the colors of the buttons that come in the Laura Kelly Patriotic Mix.

Buttons RWB

Happy Celebrating!



Canvas Favor Bags

Completed bag 3 (768x1024)

Its time to look forward to cooler days and falling leaves and all the rest of the great things that Autumn ushers in. As a transitional season, Autumn is one of my favorite seasons and it always inspires me to create something new. I love the rustic feel of Fall projects. Its so easy to use canvas, hemp, jute, wood and other natural materials to make something that looks and feels like Fall. That’s why I decided to try my hand at creating these canvas favor bags.

Completed bag detail (768x1024)Inspired, I sat down with my fabric, wool felt scraps and buttons recently and decided to make a bunch of sewn fabric circles recently. Not really knowing what I was going to do with them, I have since used them to make wall art, pillows and now these little Autumn inspired canvas favor bags.

Materials used for Canvas Favor Bags:

1/8 yard of natural cotton canvas

Wool felt and fabric scraps

Inkjet cotton fabric

Burlap Scraps

Buttons Galore and More Laura Kelly Hand Dyed buttons

14″ hemp

Sizzix BigShot die cutting machine and Bigz Leaves Die

Rotary cutter and self healing cutting mat, scissors, sewing machine and thread, hand sewing needle and thread, heavy duty hole punch

Cut canvas (1024x775)

To make a canvas favor bag, cut two canvas rectangles that measure about 6″ x 8.” Pin small scraps of burlap rectangles to the center of one of the canvas rectangles.

pinned burlap

Use your sewing machine and thread to zig-zag stitch the burlap to the one of the canvas rectangles.

machine stitch burlap (768x1024)

stitched burlap (1024x768)

Add elements such as die cut leaves to your canvas favor bags. Fuse webbing to the back of a fabric scrap and die cut a leaf shape.

die cutting leaves (768x1024)

die cut fabric leaves (768x1024)

Peel away the paper backing and fuse the leaf shape to the canvas.

peel away paper backing (768x1024)

Machine stitch the leaf shape and inkjet fabric sentiments printed from your computer with a straight stitch.

inkjet sentiments (768x1024)

stitch appliques (768x1024)

Now the real fun begins! Use hand dyed buttons from Buttons Galore and More to embellish your canvas favor bag. I used Laura Kelly’s hand dyed buttons and one of my previously created fabric circles to embellish these canvas favor bags. Sew them on with a hand sewing needle and thread.

Buttons Galore and More (768x1024)Place the canvas rectangles right sides together and machine stitch using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Leave the top of the canvas favor bag open and start sewing about 1 1/2″ down so you have material to create a top fold.

sew right sides together (768x1024)

Use an iron on steam to steam the seams open.

steam seams open (768x1024)

Turn the bag right sides out and fold the top down to create a cuff.

turn right sides out (768x1024)

form cuff at top (1024x768)I created a simple handle by punching holes through the fabric layers using a heavy duty hole punch and inserting a piece of hemp through the holes.

make handles (1024x768)Fill your canvas favor bags with candy or other small treats. Surprise a neighbor by hanging on their front door for a nice Autumn surprise!

Live Life Creatively,





Fancy Straws with Buttons

We are on vacation at the beach and I am loving this opportunity to create in a new environment. We love to make up new drink concoctions when we are on vacation and I love to decorate them and make them fancy.  Here is today’s special…Popsicle drinks with fancy straws!


I used my Ad-tech hot glue gun (never leave home with out it) and buttons from my Laura Kelly mix to create a fancy straw collection for our drinks.  We stirred them with Popsicles and sipped through the straws. They were yummy and decorative and lots of fun.  Buttons are a great way to decorate when you are in a hurry or don’t want to spend a lot of time on something that might end up getting thrown away.  The color selection in the Laura Kelly mix is really festive and bright.


We made two versions of the drinks, one for kids and one for adults.  Which ones do you think look yummier.


Happy Creating Fun Drinks and Decorations with Buttons,




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