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Decorate a Felt Christmas Tree Ornament with Buttons

Looking for an activity to entertain the kids this Christmas? Our felt Christmas tree ornament project is quick and easy, and perfect for kids of all ages! Better yet, it’s a great (and affordable) activity for doing with large groups for parties and class activities.

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament with buttons


Any felt will work for this project, but I chose to use the heavier Eco-Fi Plus because it stands up better to the weight of the buttons than thinner felts and hangs better as a result.

Constructing these tree ornaments are fast and simple. They are created from two simple shapes cut by hand from felt and/or burlap. Older children can draw and cut their own shapes, and the shapes can be pre-cut for younger children.

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament assembly

Assembling the tree parts (and adhering the buttons) can be done with hot glue or with a clear drying white glue, depending on the age of the kids making the ornaments.  The hot glue will dry faster, if the ornaments need to be moved or hung quickly. Or, to make the project even more educational, practice some sewing skills and sew everything together!

The Merriest Button Bonanza

Choosing different buttons will make each kid’s felt Christmas tree ornament look unique! For a fun country Christmas look, I decorated my felt Christmas tree ornament with buttons from our new Button Bonanza called “The Merriest”.

To complete your ornament, it needs a hanger. I made a loop of twine and attached it to my ornament with hot glue. Ribbon or yarn could also be used.

This easy and fun felt Christmas tree ornament will provide fun for the whole family, and the kids will love creating their own personal design for it! These ornaments would also make beautiful custom gift tags (with the addition of an address label sticker on the back for writing on) for grandparents that can be saved and treasured for years to come.

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament for kids of all ages - easy and fun! Great for family parties or class activity. | www.buttonsgaloreandmore.net

Are you going to button up your Christmas tree this year?


Make a Fun Giant Clothes Pin Photo Holder

As summer vacation winds down, why not make a craft with the kids that will help them display their favorite summer memories? This giant clothes pin photo holder is fun and easy to make with only a few supplies!

Giant Clothes Pin Photo Holder

Supplies Needed:

To get started, paint your giant clothes pin (mine is about 6″ tall) with water-based acrylic paint or wood tint. I used Plaid Ultra Dye in “Pucker Up”. Using a wood tint or stain is easiest, since it will wipe easily off of the metal parts of the clothes pin. Acrylic paint will also wipe off of the metal while it is still wet, but not quite as easily.

The next step is to decide on the buttons that you would like to use to place across the front of the clothes pin. If you choose buttons with shanks like I did, you’ll need to remove the shanks. I prefer using a Button Shank Remover for safety and because it leaves behind a more flat back on the button.

The next step requires the use of hot glue, so to be safe, make sure you help out younger kids. Place pea sized drops of hot glue on the spots where you want your buttons, and then push the buttons into place on top of them. (If you choose buttons that have holes in the center, beware of hot glue coming back up through the holes!)

And that’s it…now your giant clothes pin photo holder is ready to enjoy with one of your favorite photos! As well as being a great summer kids’ craft, this project would also make a great seasonal project to display memories of past holidays – just used holiday themed buttons!


5 Great Summer Kids Craft Ideas

July means hitting the beach, blooming gardens – and stir crazy kids bored with all their summer vacation free time! Here’s our top five ideas for kids crafts projects to turn bored kids into busy kids!

Top 5 Summer Crafts with buttons by Buttons Galore

This project is great for even the youngest of kids! This button covered treasure box is an easy to make project using blank paper board boxes available in local craft stores. For the young ones, simple shapes like rectangles and square boxes are available. Older kids may want to try their hand at more challenging shapes like stars, or circles. To keep the kids busy for longer, let them add a coat of acrylic paint as a base before adding on their buttons.


If you are worried about hearing hours of “are we there yet?” from the back seat, Road Trip Bingo may be the answer for you! Let the kids make their tin themselves before the trip, or surprise them in the car. To keep the kids from fighting over whose markers are whose, use a different color for each set (or use 3D buttons to create fun themed sets). Don’t forget to pack a stash of a few extra markers in case of lost ones!

Road Trip Bingo Tin close-up

This project will remind the kids to make the most of the last of their summer vacation by having them get ready for back to school! An upcycled can turned into a pencil holder makes a useful decoration for a homework desk, or a fun kid-made teacher gift. If you don’t have any fabric scraps, use contact paper or gift wrap for this easy project.

upcycled can to pretty pencil holder

Dollar stores are a great place to find an endless supply of simple items just waiting to be made beautiful. These basic photo clips, paired with a package of 3D buttons, can be easily turned into a fun themed display for favorite photos from any occasion with our wide range of shank buttons.

customize a photo holder with theme buttons

Thanks to the rubber band bracelet craze, many kids have a rubber band loom stashed that they’ve gotten bored with. Bring new life to that old crafty friend of theirs by showing them how to use 3D shank buttons to make charm bracelets!  Use themed buttons to make bracelets for special occasions, or use basics like flowers for every day wear! (This project also makes a fun take home activity for a girls birthday party or sleepover!)

Finished Rubber Band Bracelet

These are just a few of our favorite kid crafts for summer! For even more, ideas of great projects to keep kids busy (and learning) with crafts, visit the Kids Crafts section of the blog.



Make Rubber Band Charm Bracelets with Buttons!

Buttons can bring new life to all sorts of crafts – and a rubber band loom is no exception! This project uses pink flower buttons with a shank from the Bazooples collection as charms on a rubber band charm bracelet.

Rubber Band Charm Bracelet suppliesPictured above is the entire supply list for the rubber band charm bracelets that I’m showing you today:

Bazooples Pink FlowersThese beautiful Bazooples flowers aren’t the only buttons that can be used as charms for this project. Try it with the Fun in the Sun collection for a rainy day project for the kids during a beach vacation, with the Happy Halloween collection for festive wear, or with Sweet Delights as a birthday party make-it-take-it.

Buttons on LoomUsing the buttons with your loom is easy – just thread the buttons onto the rubber bands and then weave your loom as usual. For this bracelet, I placed 2 empty rubber bands as spacers between each rubber band with a button to ensure that the buttons weren’t overlapping when the bracelet was complete.

Rubber Band Threaded ButtonA properly threaded button will have a loop of rubber band on each side  of the button shank. Just pull those loops and place them over the loom as usual.

Finished Rubber Band Bracelet

The finished bracelet will have the buttons sitting up on top of it, with the shanks down in the weaving.

 Finished Rubber Band Bracelet

Has the bloom worn off of summer vacation, and bored kids are asking you what to do? Visit our 3D button selection, dig out that rubber band loom, and set them to work creating rubber band charm bracelets with buttons!


DIY Paper Clip & Button Bookmarks

Secret Garden Bookmarks

It’s almost time for summer reading. These quick and easy Paper Clip and Button Bookmarks are a great kids project. With our selection of unique buttons, you can make bookmarks to match your child’s interests. Does your child love the book, The Secret Garden? How about creating a collection of garden themed bookmarks? A gift of the book and the garden bookmarks would also make a darling gift!

These would also be great teacher’s gifts. Give your favorite teacher a stack of books, some beach-themed bookmarks the kids made, and they will  be ready to hit the beach and rest up after a long school year!

Seaside Bookmarks

Flip Flop Bookmark Close-Up

Sea Bookmarks with Shell

The possibilities for these are endless! Here’s how to create your own Paper Clip and Button Bookmarks:



Slide the button onto the paper clip. Place a small drop of glue to hold the button in place. You can make dozens of these in only minutes!

Summer Reading Bookmarks


Leapin Lizards Toy Bucket with Laura Kelly Pet Shop Dies from Sizzix

Boys will be boys and that means the little ones will probably collect “stuff”.  This pail has been transformed to an adorable “catch all” with a leapin lizards theme to match the cutest of little boy personalities.

Lizard Bucket Buttons Galore

It is easy to make.  I used the lizard from my newest collection of Sizzix dies – the Pet Shop collection.  I cut eight lizards out of fun decorative papers in greens and oranges.

Ellison Pet Shop

Then I used Collage Pauge from iLoveToCreate to adhere them to the pail.

Collage Pauge

I added a complete coat of the Collage Pauge over the whole bucket to add strength to the paper.

Lizard Pet Shop Collage Pauge

To finish it off, I added a wire twisted with buttons in Outrageous Orange and Candy Apple Green from my Laura Kelly collection and tied some ribbons on it.  I added it to the pail handle with a few twists.

Buttons Galore Wire Trip

And now to fill it up with all of these goodies.

Boy Stuff

Ta Da!

Lizard Bucket Collage Pauge

Check out other projects with the Pet Shop collection!

Enter to win this awesome prize pack!

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Happy Creating,



Button Up Some Doll Sized Fun

Girls love to make things for their dolls.  Some of these girls are little as in young.  Some of these girls are bigger as in not so young.  The magic of doll play never grows old.  There are lots of things that can be made for doll using Laura Kelly’s collection of bright colored buttons.

Buttons Projects

If you are interested in making any of these projects, I encourage you to give them a try.

Happy Creating,



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