Paint up a Patriotic Simple Pallet Flag!

The summer holidays coming has many of us here in the U.S. wanting to display our more patriotic side. This simple pallet flag will help you show your love of country while bringing some country charm to your home as well!

Easy Pallet Flag project by Nancy Nally for Buttons Galore

To create this pallet flag, I started by painting the entire pallet white. Then, to create my stripes, I measured the tallest height of the pallet and divided by seven (the number of stripes that I wanted) to get the width of my stripes.

Using painter’s tape to block off the areas that I didn’t want to paint red ensured that I got crisp edges on my stripes. I just measured the width I wanted and laid down a strip of tape at that mark. Then from that edge, I measured again and lay another strip of tape at that mark. That left a small open area between the two strips of tape. To protect my white paint from splatters while painting with the red, I laid down an extra strip of tape on top of the others to fill in that gap. When I was done, I had blue and white stripes like this:

Painting flag stripes on pallet

Once the tape was in place, I painted the areas that weren’t covered in blue tape with red paint. The paint below appears patchy because I peeled up the tape while it was still drying – an important step to keep the edges of your paint crisp. Once dry, the paint is much more even.

Finished flag stripes on pallet

Instead of painting the blue field for the stars I chose to use a paper background. The paper filled in the holes between the planks on the pallet, allowing for even spacing of the stars. It also allowed me to extend the paper above some of the shorter pallet planks, to the height of the taller planks. This gave me more room to work with for the stars. The paper was adhered down with matte finish white glue.

Easy Pallet Flag project by Nancy Nally for Buttons Galore

Before attaching the stars, their shanks had to first be removed. Placing the stars required a lot of patience. I worked in sections, letting glue dry on each row before moving to the next so that I wouldn’t push previous stars out of position placing the next row. It’s difficult to get the arrangement exactly perfect, but on a rustic pallet flag like this, that is part of the charm!

While I used silver quilted stars for this project, any of our 3/4″ or less sized stars would work (like our Texas Stars, our Gold Stars, or our Silver Star assortment, or the white stars from our Stars & Stripes assortment). If you don’t have the patience to do all 50 stars, try arranging 13 of them in a circle.



Batter Up for a Baseball Father’s Day Card!

Is the dad in your life a sports fan? This baseball Father’s Day card may be the perfect way to send your love on Father’s Day!

Baseball Father's Day card

This simple Father’s Day card is based on only two main elements: a die cut and some of our fun 3D buttons!

A plain blank card takes on a baseball pinstripe look with the help of a background stamp. The texture of the blank card keeps it from stamping completely perfectly, giving it a vintage distressed look. A strip of patterned paper also helps to create a vintage vibe, which is perfect since baseball is a sport with such a strong sense of history. The die cut is cut from a red cardstock that matches to stitching on the baseball, and which creates a nice contrast to the blue. Once that is done, all that is needed is to attach the buttons. (The bat is attached with some embroidery floss, and the ball is glued.)

This baseball father’s day card could easily be themed for another sport with only a few changes. Simply change out the baseball buttons for other Buttons Galore sports themed ones such as basketball, soccer, or football, and then change the background stripes for stars!


  • Buttons Galore #4065 Baseball 3D buttons
  • Hero Arts Large Canvas Stripes Background stamp
  • Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Faded Jeans
  • Cricut Explore machine & cut file
  • Bazzill cardstock (red)
  • Blank card (blue)
  • Tim Holtz “Crowded Attic” Paper Stash
  • embroidery floss (brown)



Wrap up a Quick & Simple Father’s Day Card!

Father’s Day is almost here, and that means time to make cards for dads, grandpas, and other special men in our lives! This quick and simple Father’s Day card is easy to make, and has a fun orange and turquoise color scheme that will make kids and grown-ups happy!

Fathers Day card

The card design is based on a preprinted journal card cut from a sheet of Simple Stories patterned paper. To keep it from looking plain as the basis of the card, embellish it with pearls that match the TV’s printed dials. The “screen” of the TV is the perfect place to hold the card’s sentiment. Stamp the sentiment on cardstock and then cut it apart to fit onto the screen. Adhere.

Next mat the TV card on orange patterned paper, and then mount it onto the card front. Finally, attach the card front to a blank card to complete the layers.

To wrap the twine, poke a hold in the spine of the card. Using the hole, wrap the twine around the card twice. Finish with the ends on the front. Thread a button onto each end of the twine, and then tie the ends together. To make the buttons lay more flat, glue dots can be attached behind them.


This card is perfect for any of the favorite fathers (or father figures) in your life. Who would you give this quick & simple Father’s Day card to for Father’s Day?


Dress Up A Button Dress Form

Today Buttons Galore is pleased to be welcoming guest artist Candy Rosenberg to share her beautiful button dress form project.

Vintage craft designer Candy Rosenberg

Going out on the town always requires a fancy dress, and this occasion is no different – 0nly this girl is dolled up with buttons from Buttons Galore! Buttons are so fun and versatile in crafting and I am really excited to show off this project.

Button Decorated Dress Form

My button fetish is no secret to those who know me so I am always looking for ways to use them in unique ways. I’d had this bare “girl” laying around for awhile when I got this invitation to guest post for Buttons Galore. Buttons…dress form…The lightbulb went off and I thought that I could make a dress from buttons for my girl!

Button collage on dress formCovering an item like a dress form with buttons is not much different than covering a canvas or other flat surface. The major difference is that you have to consider three dimensions instead of two when placing a button in your collage. I poured out my bags of buttons and adhered them one at a time, seeing which ones worked best especially around her curves.

Button collage dress form close-up

This button dress form is super easy and such a great project to give as a gift or to use to decorate a studio!
finished button dress form - rear
 Buttons Galore Supplies:

If you like Candy’s mixed media creations like this button dress form, don’t miss her previous guest post for Buttons Galore that featured Artist Trading Cards!

Candy Rosenberg resides in beautiful Southern Oregon and has been crafting since she was a little girl. Known for her vintage steam punk style and beautifully crafted dress forms, she still likes to color outside the lines so to speak. Keep tabs on her latest creations at her blog, A Vintage Girl, or follow her on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+.


Send a Happy Button Rainbow Card!

I spent the weekend creating new storage for my buttons that has them arranged in rainbow order. After playing with a giant rainbow of buttons for hours, it left me in the mood to create a button rainbow card for my project today!

This happy button rainbow card is perfect to bring cheer for any occasion.

A rainbow like this is just a simple button collage. The trick is to get the curves lined up and space correctly. I made that simple for this project by using a die cut as a basis for the collage. Because I cut the die cut from cardstock that matched my buttons as closely as possible, the cardstock background will “fill in” visually between the buttons.


Assembling the button collage is simple. Working one row at a time, I placed a line of glue along the row for each color. Then I selected small buttons to place along the row. It helped if the buttons were somewhat alternated in position from the previous row, since then I could put a slightly larger button into the gap created by the curves. I let each row dry until it was adhered firmly before beginning the next row to make sure that I didn’t accidentally displace the previous row adhering the new one.

button rainbow in progress

Once the rainbow was completed and dry, I adhered it to a blank card after first stamping the sentiment on the card. It was important to do the stamping first since the thickness of the button rainbow could make it difficult to get the stamp in position after it is adhered.

attaching adhesive to clouds

The final step was to adhere the clouds using 3D foam squares. I lined the squares up along the bottom of the clouds so they created a line across the center of the clouds. This edge butted right against the bottom edge of the rainbow when I adhered it. The top of the cloud doesn’t need adhesive because it is supported by the rainbow.


I hope you enjoy my button rainbow card! It’s an easy way to send some cheer to someone you care about!


5 Ways to Use Buttons for Scrapbooking + NSD Sale!

Happy (Inter)National Scrapbook Day! Buttons are a perfect match for scrapbooking. They are a quick and easy way to add a pop of color and dimension to any layout design!

Five ways to scrapbook with buttons


Today, in honor of scrapbooking’s special day, we’re going to share with you our favorite examples of the wide variety of ways that buttons can be used on layouts.

Buttons & Burlap

Buttons and burlap are always a good pair, especially on a scrapbook layout. Keri Lee Sereika paired them with bright red and crisp turquoise for this brilliant summer layout of her son.

Buttons & Burlap Scrapbook Page - Keri Lee Sereika

Brown & Blue

If you like the combination of turquoise and brown, but burlap isn’t your thing…try using brown buttons! Designer May Flaum used her 28 Lilac Lane Paws & Pets kit to make some brown elements pop out of a solid turquoise background to highlight her Scrappy pup!

Scrappy layout by May Flaum using 28 Lilac Lane


Natural materials (like the cork letters above) are a great combination with buttons. Ashli Oliver decided to extend the natural and handmade look to the paper on her layout, pairing her 28 Lilac Lane buttons with a rustic handmade paper. The contrast between the smooth, hard buttons and the rough, wild paper is perfect!

Handmade paper and buttons layout by Ashli Oliver

My Girls

We’ve seen lots of button clusters so far, but May Flaum showed us in her My Girls layout how to use buttons scattered as 3D trinkets alongside ephemera as well. She scattered some of her 28 Lilac Lane Attic Findings and Just Peachy buttons – as well as the coordinating sequins and pearls – to prove that a few buttons can pack a design punch as well.

28 Lilac Lane with Crate Paper

Good Morning Sunshine

Guest blogger Karla Yungwirth took the scattering to a new level of delicacy! Her gorgeous pastel layout, with just a touch of one or two buttons dabbed here and there for a spot of color, shows how buttons (and sequins and pearls) can have an impact while still being subtle.

Sunshine scrapbook layout using 28 Lilac Lane embellishment by Karla Yungwirth

But wait, there’s more…a sale! We’ve got 20% off on our entire website to celebrate National Scrapbook Day! So you can save while stocking up on all the buttons and embellishments that you need to put the perfect finishing touches on your scrapbook layouts! Use code NSD20 at checkout and save now!



Embellish a T-Shirt for Instant Button Style!

The weather is warming up and soon it will be t-shirt season! Using buttons to embellish a t-shirt is an easy way to add some instant style to an inexpensive, plain piece of clothing without the need for a sewing machine or hours of time.

Embellish a T-shirt Neckline with Buttons

This project can be done on any affordable basic t-shirt. The only supplies needed are buttons and a needle and thread.

To coordinate with this green t-shirt, I selected our Strawberry Cheesecake Color Blend buttons, gentle shades of pink that contrast nicely to the shirt’s green tone. But this project could be made in any color combination, like school colors, which makes it perfect for special events or creating a custom piece to match that hard-to-match clothing!

Sewing buttons on neckline

Beginning at one of the shoulder seams, sew the buttons centered onto the border of the neckline. The spacing of the buttons can be measured if you’d like, but I chose to estimate my placement. The spacing distance will depend on how many buttons you’d like to use. If you want a heavily embellished look, put your buttons close together – or even touching! Spacing the buttons further apart, as I chose to, will give a more delicate look to the embellishment.

For a more interesting design, you can vary the sizes and colors of the buttons like I did. I recommend, however, keeping them small enough on a shirt with a binding like this on the neck to stay within the trim itself.

Button embellished shirt

The finished result is an embellished t-shirt that is affordable and simple to make, and an easy look that will still look “finished” around the neck if you skip wearing jewelry.

Embellish a T-shirt close-up

While you are at our webstore checking out the Strawberry Cheesecake Color Blend buttons, don’t forget to also check out our spring clearance sale section. Some items are as much as 80% off as we are clearing out inventory in preparation for moving our warehouse!


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