Make a Scaredy Cat Halloween Tag with a Beaded Twist Tie!

Halloween is coming fast! But there’s still time to make a few more Halloween projects – like this fun scaredy cat halloween tag! It makes a great decoration on a spooky tree or a fun goody bag attachment.

Scaredy Cat Halloween Tag by Nancy Nally for Buttons Galore

To make my scaredy cat halloween tag, I started with the middle tag below. This is a set of three tags that I made using Distress Spray Stain. I sprayed the three colors of stain on my craft mat in a triangle arrangement, and pressed the first tag into them. That created the tag on the left below. Then I added some water to the mat using my Distress Sprayer, and swiped a tag across my mat again, which got me the tag in the middle that I used for this project. Finally, I took a third tag and swiped it through the color mix that remained on the mat. By that time, the three colors were mixed together enough on the mat that it produced a more brown color, giving me the tag on the right.

Fall Tag Backgrounds

Decorating this tag started with a lot of stamping! I stamped the cat in black and heat embossed it with clear embossing powder. Then I stamped the pumpkin in brown, coloring in the part of the blueprint stamp that I wanted to use and stamping it. To make them look wispy, I used silver ink to stamp the spider webs to fill the top of the tag area.

Once the stamping was done, I stuck down the phrase stickers and the letters to spell “Boo!”

Scaredy Cat Tag close-up by Nancy Nally for www.buttonsgaloreandmore.com

Next I got my PPA Matte Adhesive liquid glue to start adding some beautiful embellishments! Well, first I added a scary one…I cut the shank off of a spider button using button shank removers and glued it onto the spider web on the upper left of the tag. In that spot it looks like the cat is looking at it!

To make the cat’s eyes look really bugged out, I selected two dark colored seed beads from the 28 Lilac Lane “Paws & Pets” embellishment kit and glued them on top of the stamped dots in the cat’s eyes. It makes the cat look even more scared!

28 Lilac Lane candy corn embellishment bottle by Buttons Galore

Finally, I dumped the new 28 Lilac Lane “Candy Corn” embellishment bottle (pictured above) into a craft tray, which is a great way to contain all of the small embellishments while you are looking for just what you need.  With it all spread out I selected several small sequins to glue on to the spider webs, and glued some small seed beads, sequins, and a button onto the bottom of the pumpkin to give it some orange coloring.

Beaded Wire Tie using 28 Lilac Lane embellishments

To really look finished, my tag needed some ribbon through the hole. I selected some gray and some black and strung them through the hole. But instead of tying them off, I made a seed bead “twist tie” to fasten it. I cut a piece of wire several inches long. To start, I looped the wire through and around a pair of beads and twisted it together, clipping one of the ends off. then I began threading seed beads onto the wire in a random pattern until the tie was the length I wanted. To finish the wire off, I once again created a loop with two beads in it and twisted the wire together below that loop. I made sure to cut off the ends very close to the twist and turn them under so no sharp points stick out!

The seed bead twist tie was then wrapped around my ribbon to cinch it tight (similar to a ponytail holder). It brightens up the ribbon and brings something shiny to the top of my scaredy cat halloween tag.

And now my scaredy cat halloween tag was ready to hang on my halloween tree with my other tags! (To see the other tags in the collection, check out the Spooky Halloween Tag and the Fall Pumpkin Tag).


Do you make tags? What occasions do you make them for? Tell us in the comments! 


Announcing…New 3D Winter Holiday Buttons!

October is flying by, and that can only mean one thing…that chill in the air is going to bring snow soon – and Christmas!

Today we’re excited to be announcing new 3D buttons that are perfect for your winter and Christmas crafting. We’ve got snowmen and snowflakes perfect for all of your project needs.  (And don’t miss the peek at the end of even more new holiday goodness!)

3D Holiday Buttons

Adorable snowmen are a holiday must-have, and we’ve got two versions – a bright one and a more rustic one. No matter what your style…we’ve built the snowman for it!

3D Snowman Buttons

If you are dreaming of snow…snow…snow…in your winter holidays (and your winter craft projects), we’ve got a huge new selection of 3D snowflake buttons!

Our new 3D snowflake buttons come in three different styles that are available in several sizes and shades of blue. Packaged in five different assortments, there’s a perfect one for your needs no matter what your project!

3D Snowflake Buttons

All of these buttons, except for the snowflakes on the far left above, have shank backs for sewing them on to projects. But for crafters who prefer flat backs, the shanks can be easily removed with scissors or a button shank remover. (The set of snowflake buttons that doesn’t have shanks has a flat back and holes that can be used for sewing it onto projects.)

In addition to our snowflakes and snowmen, we’ve also got a great selection of new 3D Christmas designs such as gingerbread men, Christmas trees, stars, adorable holiday icons, and more!

holiday buttons

All of our new holiday 3D buttons are available now on our website – click to see the entire selection!


Make Easy Embellished Thanksgiving Napkins with Buttons

Editor’s Note: Today we welcome back former design team member Laura Bray as a guest designer to share a project for embellished Thanksgiving napkins that are an easy way to make your holiday table beautiful!

Hi Button Lovers! It’s Laura Bray. Some of you may remember me when I was on the design team for Buttons Galore & More. I still use my BGM buttons on my craft projects and I’m so excited about the 28 Lilac line of buttons – the kits and bottles make it so easy to make a pretty, coordinated craft.

It’s almost Thanksgiving, so I wanted to show you how you can turn a plain, cloth napkin into beautiful, boutique-style table décor for the holidays.

embellished thanksgiving napkins


embellished thanksgiving napkins supplies

Pick a corner to embellish, then begin stitching on buttons of varying sizes and sequins onto the napkin randomly. Not a sewer? You can also use fabric glue!

creating embellished thanksgiving napkins

To clean your napkins, hand wash and try to avoid submersing the embellished corner in water.

embellished thanksgiving napkins

Embellished Thanksgiving Napkins close-up

These look so stunning they will probably become family heirlooms!


Embellish a Christmas Gift Box with Buttons & More!

October is half over and that means it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in most crafter’s work spaces! Today, we’re going to share a few ideas of how to embellish a Christmas gift box with buttons to make your gifts look extra special.

Christmas Gift Boxes with 28 Lilac Lane embellishments

All of these boxes are created from paper maché boxes that are painted with white acrylic paint. Then the tops of the boxes were splattered with spray ink or paint to add some color, before buttons and other embellishments were added.

The large rectangle Christmas gift box is created with embellishments from the 28 Lilac Lane “Let It Snow” embellishment kit. To create this embellishment collage, I started by laying down a pool of white glue in the middle of the lid. Then I placed the large items first, creating the arrangement of the buttons. I filled in around the buttons with the small embellishments like the sequins and beads, creating a feeling of an explosion of embellishment spreading across the lid. For the final touch, I glued the snowflake charm from the “Let It Snow” kit on top of the button collage.

Blue Christmas Gift Box


For the round box, I used the new “Winter Wonderland” Button Bonanza. I started this one by making the first layer of buttons. Then, once that layer had dried securely in place, I glued a second layer of buttons on top of the center of the first layer.

Christmas Gift Box with 28 Lilac Lane


I used the same technique on the square box, creating a two layer collage of buttons one layer at a time. The key to making the prettiest collage is to vary the size and type of the buttons that you use. Also, it helps to balance the colors. On this box, the center has one of each color, and then there is an outer ring that shows the green shades alternating with red.

Traditional Christmas Gift Box with 28 Lilac Lane


Grab some boxes…grab some glue…this project only takes a few minutes to make beautiful holiday gift packages. And it’s so easy that the kids can help out. What are you waiting for? Button up a few holiday gifts!


Announcing New 28 Lilac Lane Embellishment Bottles!

I could not be more excited to announce six brand new 28 Lilac Lane embellishment bottles. I’ve added in new sequin sizes, all new colors, and I am thrilled with how these beautiful mixes turned out. From scrapbooking to mixed media canvas projects to decorations for the holidays – there is a lot to love in these mixes and I hope you enjoy creating with them as much as I do!

new 28 Lilac Lane embellishment bottles for fall 2016 from Buttons Galore & More!

Candy Corn is inspired by my favorite fall treat, all yummy shades of yellow, orange, and white just perfect for Halloween crafting and so much more. From citrus inspired creations to bright summer scrapbooks this mix will be perfect year-round. The best part? This mix is calorie and guilt free.

 28 Lilac Lane candy corn embellishment bottle by Buttons Galore

Coral Reef is full of rich aqua hues and shades of coral – blending together beautifully for a bright and beautiful mix. Feel like stepping outside the box? Try this embellishment mix for some non-traditional color palette Christmas crafts!

28 Lilac Lane coral reef embellishment bottle

Savannah Stroll is inspired by the flowers and greens in one of my favorite cities. A city so perfect in spring time, I wanted to capture some of my favorite shades and bottle them up to use on all kinds of creative projects. From the soft green beads to the pink buttons I love every part of this lovely mix.

28 Lilac Lane Savannah Stroll embellishment bottle

Through The Woods is as the name implies, a stroll through the woods! My favorite element in this mix is the woodgrain sequins. I can’t get enough of them and I love all of the rich green and brown hues not only for my camping and hiking scrapbook projects, but for all kinds of nature inspired creations!

28 Lilac Lane through the woods embellishment bottle

Winter Wonderland is inspired by bright fluffy fresh snow and all the shades of a white Christmas. While it doesn’t snow here, it seemed like the perfect name for such a mix. Of course if you’re simply needing more white in your embellishment stash or you have a special bride you wish to create something special for this would also be the perfect mix for you.

28 Lilac Lane winter wonderland embellishment bottle

Yuletide Greetings is a season I can’t get enough of! From decking the halls to making things merry, I’m always in for a good traditional holiday mix like this. I am especially excited about all of the shades of green in this mix.

28 Lilac Lane yuletide greetings embellishment bottle

These new 28 Lilac Lane embellishment bottles are shipping now, so check with your local retailer about availability!


Decorate with a Simple Glam Girl Button Frame!

We recently announced six new Button Bonanza assortments for fall – great mixes of colors that are seasonal and trendy. Today I’m here to show you a beautiful button frame project with what is probably my absolute favorite of the new mixes: Glam Girl!

Glam Girl Button Bonanza by Buttons Galore

This lovely assortment of pink, turquoise, butter yellow, and dark blue is oh-so-trendy and so versatile for a variety of projects!

This button frame project would make a gorgeous addition to the decor in a teen/tween’s room (and it’s easy enough for them to make themselves). Or it could add a pop of color to a flea market decor in a living room or bedroom!

Glam Girl Button Frame by Nancy Nally for www.buttonsgaloreandmore.net

The steps to completing this project are super simple.

To begin this project, paint the unfinished wood frame with the Pink Dogwood paint. The soft pink color provides a delicate background to fill in between the buttons in the collage, and coordinates beautifully with the shades of the Glam Girl buttons.

How to make a Glam Girl Button Frame by Nancy Nally for www.buttonsgaloreandmore.net

Once the paint is dry, then it is time to start the button collage! My tip for doing this is to work in sections laying down an inch or two long section of the white glue and filling it in with buttons. Once it is dry, then start the next section. This technique prevents a huge mass of buttons that are sitting in still-wet glue from accidentally being shifted as you work your button collage into place.

Button Frame with Glam Girl Buttons by Buttons Galore

The key to a nice balanced button collage is to spread out the larger buttons, and to try to avoid placing the same colors next to each other too much. With only four colors, it’s not possible to avoid it entirely, but I mostly managed to avoid more than two that were connected to each other of the same color.

Creating a button frame collage like this can be a bit time-consuming, but also a relaxing and fun project! And the end result is a button frame that will be enjoyed for years to come!



Oh Sweet Autumn with 28 Lilac Lane Autumn Afternoon!

I’m dreaming of shorter days and weather cool enough to wear sweaters! This summer has been so hot and rough – I’m ready to be done with it! Oh, and it probably has something to do with fall being my favorite season as well.

Today I’ve got a card to share that features my fall inspired Autumn Afternoon embellishment kit from my 28 Lilac Lane line. Here is a look at the finished card:


The process to make this card is simple!

  1. Place a stencil on white cardstock and use assorted colors of dye ink with a chevron stencil, skipping some parts and going lighter in some areas.
  2. Use embossing ink to stamp the sentiment, and then coat it in black embossing powder and heat set.
  3. Stitch the background to a blank card, and then embellish! I used the stencil design and a general sweep across the card to find places for the leaves and details.

It is really that easy!


Now I’m back to dreaming of autumn, cocoa, and ending these triple digit days!

Autumn Afternoon isn’t the only fall-themed 28 Lilac Lane kit…don’t miss out on the 28 Lilac Lane Limited Edition Fall Mix that is only available in the Buttons Galore online store!  Looking for some inspiration of what to do with my fall limited edition mix? Check out these bloggers! Ashli Oliver, Libby Hickson, Maura Hibbitts, and Rebecca Vick all have outstanding posts up. Enjoy!


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