Introducing…Limited Edition 28 Lilac Lane “Fall Jewels” Mix!

Editor’s Note: Today 28 Lilac Lane designer May Flaum is visiting us on the blog to introduce her new Limited Edition 28 Lilac Lane “Fall Jewels” Mix that is available only from our online store while supplies last!  

When I think about fall I think of cooling temperatures and cozy sweaters, bringing in jewel tones and saying goodbye to summer brights. Inspired by these things, I have pulled together this new limited edition mix of embellishments to celebrate my favorite season. For anything from back to school to falling leaves, paired with the autumn afternoon kit or used on its own – this mix is sure to inspire a wealth of crafting ideas. From a beautiful carved button to the berry, green, and blue buttons and plenty of matte gold sequins you won’t want to miss out on this special mix.

One of my favorite things to do is create a card with a simple hand cut or die cut shape, a sentiment sticker or stamp, and plenty of embellishments! Inspired by the large beautiful wood button in this mix, I started from there and worked smaller with my details. Clustering embellishments is one of my favorite things to do, and I always encourage people to start with the biggest and work smaller to fill any gaps or spaces.

Thank You card by May Flaum featuring Limited Edition 28 Lilac Lane Fall Jewels mix

I do so love to decorate frames with buttons and embellishments, but this time I didn’t have a frame quite the right color. What’s a crafter to do? Recolor it! I used alcohol inks, however paints, staz-on ink, or other color mediums could also work well depending on your surface. To keep the focus on the photo and the project from being overwhelmed I worked in one corner instead of covering the entire frame.

Mixed Media Frame by May Flaum featuring Limited Edition 28 Lilac Lane Fall Jewels Mix

Both of these projects would work with any of the 28 Lilac Lane products, and this new mix is beautiful combined with a number of other kits and bottles such as the Attic Findings, Paws & Pets, Autumn Afternoon, Toasted Graham, Birds of a Feather, and more.

Limited Edition 28 Lilac Lane Fall Jewels Mix

SPECIAL OFFER: This limited edition 28 Lilac Lane “Fall Jewels” kit, regular price $6.99, is available through Friday for a special price for $5.99 if you use code “LL400” when you order!

Don’t forget that all orders from our online store over $30 qualify for FREE SHIPPING!

You can find all of these products that May mentioned in her video in the Buttons Galore online store:


Create A Christmas Ornament Full of Festive Buttons

The days are ticking down to the start of the holiday season! Today, we’re going to kick off the holiday crafting  season with a fun Christmas ornament full of buttons!

Christmas Ornament Full of Buttons


To make this ornament, I started with a clear acrylic Christmas ornament from a local craft store. These sorts of ornaments are widely available during the holidays and have removable tops because they are designed to be filled. The one I chose to work with was round, flat, and about 3/4″ thick.

For my buttons for this project, I had three beautiful new holiday Button Bonanzas to choose from! I chose “The Merriest”, a delightful combination of pastel blue, light pink, lime green, bright red and white. These colors will have beautiful pop against the dark green branches of a Christmas tree!

The Merriest Button Bonanza

Making my button filled Christmas ornament was super simple! I started by filling the ornament with a selection of small buttons from “The Merriest” and replacing the top.

To decorate the top, I first wrapped a small piece of silver ribbon around the neck of the cap and secured it with my hot glue gun. Then I made a bow by looping another length of the ribbon, and secured it with the hot glue as well. Finally, I used hot glue to attach a button to the center of the bow.

This cute Christmas ornament is just a pretty decoration – it also doubles as a fun little gift for a crafter! After it’s done being decorative for the season, the recipient can just remove the top of the ornament to empty it out and enjoy using all these gorgeous button colors year-round.

Who do you know that would love a buttoned up Christmas ornament this year?


New Product Reveal: Seasonal & Trendy Button Bonanzas

Today we are thrilled to share with you some gorgeous new products for crafting and sewing – six new seasonal and trendy Button Bonanza color mixes!

New Button Bonanzas for Fall & Christmas 2016 from Buttons Galore

Our six new Button Bonanza totes, available today, include two new trend mixes, a Halloween mix, and three new Christmas and winter holiday mixes! Let’s take a closer look!

First up is Coral Reef, full of beautiful heathered blues and pinks that are reminiscent of this year’s colors of the year. Also, there’s a touch of white for some neutral to pair them with.

Coral Reef Button Bonanza by Buttons Galore

Coral Reef is great for baby projects, of course…but also so much more! These on-trend tones are great for stylish fashion projects, coordinating with many of the latest paper crafting collections, and so much more.

Up next is Glam Girl. This collection combines several very hot color trends into one gorgeous color palette that will make your projects look girly and glamorous! Navy, the neutral of the moment, anchors a palette of yellow, aqua, and rose pink to create Glam Girl. Yellow is THE home decor color at the moment.


This palette of trend forward colors will work well year-round for all sorts of projects. Glam Girl is especially perfect for quilting, papercrafting, and feminine fall fashion projects!

Now, let’s talk holidays! The weather may still be hot, but cooler days are coming soon and with them the fall holidays. We’ve got the perfect new Button Bonanza for all of your Halloween crafting: Scary! It’s a mix of seasonal orange shades, with some black thrown in for extra scare!

Scary Button Bonanza by Buttons Galore

The Scary collection will take you from fall to Halloween to Thanksgiving with a perfect shade of orange for every project. Whether it’s treat bags, table decor, or a scrapbook page of your adorable trick or treater – it’s got to be Scary!

Christmas will also be here before you know it! Our three new Button Bonanzas for Christmas cover a wide range of popular color schemes for winter holidays.

Our Tis the Season Button Bonanza is a classic holiday color scheme – rich reds and deep greens, with a few contrasting lighter green shades to create perfect Christmas greenery!

Tis the Season Button Bonanza by Buttons Galore

This versatile combination is great for making ornaments & cards, wrapping presents, festive sewing projects…Tis the Season!

Blue, red, and white is also a popular winter color scheme and for fans of that palette, we bring you Winter Wonderland! Two different shades of blue – one light and one dark – paired with deep red and topped off with white and brown neutrals make Winter Wonderland perfect for everything from cute Christmas projects to winter snow scrapbooking!

Winter Wonderland Button Bonanza by Buttons Galore

Winter Wonderland is a really versatile addition to your embellishment collection – when the winter is over, use the red, white and blue buttons for patriotic projects!

Finally, we have what may be The Merriest collection of all – a mix of pink, pale blue, lime green, and cranberry with white neutral. This fun combination is a great match for kids’ projects and for many of season’s more whimsical papercrafting collections. It’s a lighthearted alternative to the more traditional shades of green and red.

The Merriest Button Bonanza by Buttons Galore

All of these new Button Bonanza products are available today in the Buttons Galore online store (and for wholesale order as well for our retail clients). We can’t wait to see what you all make with them!


Use Resin to Create a Beautiful Button Tray

Most of what we do here on the Buttons Galore blog are simple, fast projects. But occasionally, we like to bring you a more complicated project that really shows how amazing – and beautiful – buttons can be. Today we’re sharing one of those projects, a vintage-look button tray that will look perfect in a farmhouse, shabby chic, or vintage french country style decor.

Button Vintage Tray


To start my button tray, I painted the unfinished tray with two coats of chalk paint. I sanded with fine grit sand paper in between coats, and also after the top coat.

The next step is tedious work, but one I actually enjoy because I find it a very zen process. I dumped my various packages of buttons out of the surface of my work table and painstakingly began selecting ones to fill in the bottom of the tray. It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle that you don’t have a picture for!

Note that this step is just a “dry fitting” process with no adhesive involved. (Make sure that kids and pets are kept at a safe distance where they can’t disturb your work!) The buttons will be held in place by the epoxy resin.

Button Vintage Tray collage in process

To seal the buttons into the bottom of the tray and provide a flat cover over them, you’ll need an epoxy resin product. I used EnviroTex Lite Pour Over. It comes in two bottles that are poured together into a mixing container and stirred to make the resin, which is then poured over the tray. I used the 16oz package size and used almost all of it to fill my tray to the bottom of the handle cut-outs.

EnviroTex Lite

The trick to getting a perfect surface on your resin is to use a handheld kitchen torch to pop the bubbles that come to the surface of the resin as it hardens in the early stages. (The bubbles are caused by the mixing of the resin.)

Popping Bubbles in button tray epoxy

After that, it just takes some patience to let your resin harden and after about two days you’ll have a beautiful button tray that can be used for serving or display!

Button Tray

In this close-up look, you can see how the resin floats over the buttons and provides a solid glass-like surface in the bottom of the tray. I poured the resin to the bottom edge of the handle cut-outs. A few buttons shifted from the pouring of the resin, and one was even sticking up though the top of the resin. I just used a disposable chopstick to nudge them back into the correct position.

Button Tray close-up

I used a combination of our “White” Button Bonanza“White Wash” Button Basics, and “Ivory/Pearl” Haberdashery Buttons (pictured below) to fill the bottom of my tray. As long as you mix them throughout the project, it doesn’t matter if you mix the different products together to fill your button tray. And don’t feel limited to white in your color palette – this project would look great in a variety of colors, from pastels to holiday brights!

Haberdashery buttons

This button tray project is a bit time consuming but will bring years of beauty to your home! If you’ve made something with epoxy and buttons, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Button Tray using Buttons embedded in epoxy resin | by Nancy Nally for www.buttonsgaloreandmore.com


Celebrate Fall with Painted Leaves on Slate!

School is starting in many parts of the country, and that means that cooler temperatures – and changing leaves – can’t be far behind! Today’s project is a piece of slate wall decor with painted leaves that will bring fall colors inside so you can enjoy them where it is warm!

Painted Leaves on Slate


(For my paint selections, I used Delta Ceramcoat “Ranchero”, Delta Ceramcoat Select “Light Foliage Green”, Folkart “Cardinal Red” and “Daffodil Yellow”, and Martha Stewart Crafts Metallic Acrylic in “Rust”. But the exact shades aren’t as important as getting a light green, a red, an orange, a yellow, and a metallic.)

Cosmetic Sponges

The paint effect looks complex, but the technique is actually really simple. The secret to it is using disposable make-up sponges to apply the paint with a “dabbing” motion, instead of a brush. It’s so simple that even young children can do it!

Leaf Stencil

Taping down the stencil, and using tape to cover all of the nearby open areas that I don’t want to paint, helped to ensure that I got a perfect impression from my stencil.

Painted Leaves in progress

I started with the light green color of paint, using one of the cosmetic sponges. I dabbed one of the end edges of the sponge into the paint, and then dabbed most of the paint off on the palette that I was using. I then used the damp sponge to dab blotches of color onto the stencil. I repeated this process with each color (except the metallic), filling in the whole stencil area.

Then I used the metallic color and dabbed it heavily over the top of the stencil, but not filling in quite completely. I wanted small areas to peek out from underneath. Then I repeated a layer of the light green paint, but not quite as heavily as the metallic.

Sometimes when applying new paint over paint that is still wet your colors might mix and blend a bit. As long as the sponges aren’t too wet, the colors shouldn’t shift too much.

Painted Leaves

The finished effect will look something like this – a mix of metallic and green with hints of other colors like red and yellow peeking through. Just like with leaves in nature, no two painted leaves will come out the same!

Painted Leaves on Slate Tile

The painted leaves are pretty on their own, but the slate doesn’t really look finished without some dimension on it. I wrapped jute string around the bottom of the slate and secured it on the back with hot glue. The string provides “ground” that the leaves are falling to. Then I made a bow by twisting some string and attached it with some hot glue. I attached a button to hide the hot glue making the bow. Buttons are great concealers for glue and seams! Then, finally, in the bottom corner, I attached three more buttons. I like the repetition of the three leaves as three buttons for balance, and it provides a visual anchor for the other end of the string.

Argyle Button Tote

The buttons I used are from our “Argyle” Button Tote. With deep reds and greens, trendy navy, and neutral cream and black, the Argyle mix is a great selection to have in your creative toolbox for the holidays in the last part of the year! What will you use Argyle for?


Send an Extra Big Thank You Card!

It’s always a good idea to have some thank you cards on hand to share your gratitude with others. This big thank you card featuring 28 Lilac Lane products will make an impact at a full 6″ by 6″ in size!

Big Thank You Card

Supplies Needed:

When I was making this, I knew that I wanted a button to decorate the center of this design but wasn’t sure what until I saw this rosette button in the “A New Leaf” kit while I was creating my card. It’s very ornate, but it matches almost perfectly the mum design! The visual repetition that it creates is perfect. I could also have taken a regular button and tied it on with contrasting thread for some pizzaz.

I also like using sequins that are the same color as the background that I place them on as an embellishment! This technique adds a bit of shine and dimension to the design without the sequins being too garish. On this card, I used the sequins to create a sun kissed circle of highlight around the center of the flower.

To begin making your extra big thank you card, cut a piece of white smooth cardstock that is 6″ x 6″. Center the stencil on the cardstock. Holding firmly, begin to scrub the lighter color of ink (squeezed lemonade) into the design with the ink blending tool. A circular motion blends best.

Work the Squeezed Lemonade into the center half of the design and then switch to the darker color (Mustard Seed) for the outer half of the design. Once all of the design has been inked, switch to a clean blending foam and begin to rub in a circular motion to blend the colors together where they meet.

Once the ink is dry, trim the white cardstock so that it is just slightly larger than the stenciled mum design. Cut a piece of matching patterned paper that is 6″ x 6″ in size. Adhere the stenciled design on top of the patterned paper and attach them both on top of a card base. (The card base can be made by folding a 6″ x 12″ piece of paper in half.)

Stamp the sentiment in the bottom corner of the card. Cut the shank off of the featured button and glue it into the center of the stenciled design with PPA Matte adhesive. This adhesive is great for working with our buttons – it will hold the button in place but will dry clear and invisible if it leaks out around the edges of the button or through the holes in the button!

For the finishing touch on your big thank you card, select a few yellow sequins from the assortment in the 28 Lilac Lane “A New Leaf” embellishment kit, and glue them onto the design around the center of the flower using PPA Matte.

Floral design cards are great for many occasions. Instead of “thank you” consider substituting sentiments for birthdays, housewarming, or other occasions. This easy card will bring a smile to someone’s face!


Make A Pretty Button Basket for a Teacher Gift!

It’s that time of year to think about a teacher gift! Today’s project will show you how to take an inexpensive basket available at any craft or discount store, and turn it into a beautiful back-to-school teacher gift.

Teacher Gift Basket


The basket that I used was a simple wood woven one that started out as unfinished wood. It cost less than $3 at a local craft store! It was the perfect size to hold a 15 ounce potted plant from the local home center.

woven basket

Start your teacher gift basket project by using a paint brush to apply the wood tint or stain to the basket. Be sure to use the brush to push the stain down into the cracks in the weaving so the basket’s original color won’t show through! Wipe off any excess tint and leave to dry.

While the basket is drying, select from your Button Bonanza bag a grouping of buttons that are approximately the same size and that will fit around the front edge of the basket. (You only want to do the front edge of the basket so that the handle will still be able to be put down.)

Once the basket is dry, use a hot glue gun to adhere the buttons around the top edge of the front of the basket. (Make sure to leave clearance for the handle to go up and down!)

A beautiful bow is the final touch to make your basket special. Tie a bow using some ribbon and snip off the ends at an angle. Use the hot glue gun to adhere the bow to the front of the basket.

Your completed teacher gift basket can be used to deliver a wide variety of gifts to teacher: a small plant, an assortment of snacks or school supplies, or useful goodies like hand sanitizer and wet wipes.

Teacher Gift Basket with Plant

Change up the color scheme a bit (such as by trying red buttons with green ribbon) and this basket will make a great way to deliver a small gift for Christmas or another occasion!

What occasion will you make a button gift basket for?


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