Back to School Photo Frame by Lorrie McCullers

by Guest Author on August 3, 2015

Today we’re joined by designer Lorrie McCullers, who is sharing a back to school project that is both a countdown calendar and school picture frame! 

It’s back to school time! And what better way to keep track of time until the big day than with a countdown frame?

back to school frame I used three sets of buttons for this project: the School Value Pack, the Primary Grab Bag, and the Primary Tiny Round Buttons. I also used a pre-colored acrylic frame so there was no need to paint!

buttons galore buttons

Supplies needed:

Buttons Galore School Value Pack
Buttons Galore Primary Grab Bag
Buttons Galore Primary Tiny Round Buttons
Deflecto acrylic 5”x7” frame
Aleene’s Liquid Fusion glue
button shank remover
dry erase pen
computer and printer (optional)


  • Choose your larger buttons first. That way, you can fill in the empty spaces with smaller buttons.

  • Some of the buttons in the School Value Pack and the Primary Grab Bag have shanks on the back. To have your buttons lay flat to the frame, remove the shanks with a button shank remover.

  • Apply Aleene’s Liquid Fusion to the back of each button. Don’t apply too much or the glue will ooze out the sides of your buttons! Let dry for about 24 hours.

  • Print (or handwrite) a countdown for the first day of school, such as “____ days until school begins” or “School starts in ____ days!”

  • Keep track of the days with a dry erase marker. Acrylic frames are so great because you can just write on and wipe off!


After school starts, you can then use your project as a frame for that first day of school picture of your kiddo! Since the dry erase marker comes right off, you can use this frame year after year. This is a great project for kids to help with as well as a fun gift idea for a favorite teacher!

Lorrie McCullers is a paper crafts designer who blogs at Forty11 Designs. She is a Craft & Hobby Association Designer Member and currently designs for Etch All and Deflecto Crafts. To see more of her work, visit her blog


Upcycled Tin Can Storage Containers

by Nancy Nally on July 25, 2015

Lisa Fulmer visited us this week to share a project! We hope your enjoy her immensely creative interpretation of storage using the Farmhouse Button Bonanza! 

With the right type of can opener that leaves no sharp edges, you can turn any tin can into an adorable storage container!

upcycled tin cans lisa fulmer

I used the Buttons Galore Farmhouse Button Bonanza in creams, blues and greens, along with some adorable scrapbook papers, to embellish these tin cans that used to hold mandarin oranges. A trio of these little tin can storage containers would be perfect for your desk or craft table.


upcycled tin can suppliesDirections:

  1. Trim a long strip of scrapbook paper to fit the height and circumference of the can. Wrap it around the can and secure with glue.
  2. Cut a circle from the paper to fit inside the top of the can lid and glue in place. Punch a small hole through the center of the lid with a hammer and nail (place on top of a piece of cork or wood).
  3. Glue a narrow contrasting strip of paper around the center of the can, if desired.
  4. Glue an assortment of buttons around the can. Try nesting smaller buttons on to larger buttons for color contrast.wiring button knobs
  5. To make a knob for the lid, thread a folded length of wire down through one large button and two small buttons and twist the wire to secure. Poke the wires down through the hole in the lid and spread each wire to one side, flat against the underside of the lid. Secure with a small piece of duct tape.
  6. Lining the inside of the can or lid with more paper is optional. Keep your storage containers in a dry area to prevent rusting over time.

upcycled tin can storage lisa fulmerWhat would you like to store in these containers? They’d be perfect for storing buttons!

Lisa Fulmer is an artist, crafter, teacher, writer, on-air talent, as well as a marketing consultant. She’s also the author of two booksCraft Your Stash and Stylish Craft Foam Projects - and has worked with brands such as Spellbinders Paper Arts, Ranger Ink, DecoArt, SmoothFoam and Plaid. She’s currently a columnist and blogger for Bella Arts Quarterly magazine. To learn more about her work, visit her website


It’s Time for a Back to School Photo Frame!

by Nancy Nally on July 16, 2015

Today we are joined by blogger/designer/instructor/author May Flaum, from, who is sharing a back to school project with us. 

When I have supplies not being used, I try to envision a purpose and make it useful. In this case I had a small 5×7 chalkboard that has been sitting around way too long. Since I don’t see myself using it as intended, I decided to convert it into a photo frame for this school picture.

May Flaum button frame

This is one of my favorite ways to use buttons, and it’s a super quick and easy project too! It will work on any flat wood frame, and I love how it turned out. The less you think about perfect button placement, and the more you just fill the space and enjoy – the better it will turn out!

I worked with the beautiful Vintage Vogue buttons and I really liked how quick and easy they made this project.

Buttons Galore Vintage Vogue buttons

Supplies Needed:


1. Paint frame with white paint if desired

2. Apply a liberal amount of liquid adhesive around the wood frame.

May Flaum button frame step 3 3. Start with large buttons, place at random in a few places. Then fill in spaces with medium and small buttons.

May Flaum button frame step 4 4. Add more adhesive as needed, place buttons until all spaces are full. If there are any awkward gaps, layer a button on top! Once satisfied, set aside and let it dry fully before adding a photo.

May Flaum button frame close up

To learn more about May Flaum, see more of her projects or take one of her online classes, visit


Make Rubber Band Charm Bracelets with Buttons!

by Nancy Nally on July 13, 2015

Buttons can bring new life to all sorts of crafts – and a rubber band loom is no exception! This project uses pink flower buttons with a shank from the Bazooples collection as charms on a rubber band charm bracelet.

Rubber Band Charm Bracelet suppliesPictured above is the entire supply list for the rubber band charm bracelets that I’m showing you today:

Bazooples Pink FlowersThese beautiful Bazooples flowers aren’t the only buttons that can be used as charms for this project. Try it with the Fun in the Sun collection for a rainy day project for the kids during a beach vacation, with the Happy Halloween collection for festive wear, or with Sweet Delights as a birthday party make-it-take-it.

Buttons on LoomUsing the buttons with your loom is easy – just thread the buttons onto the rubber bands and then weave your loom as usual. For this bracelet, I placed 2 empty rubber bands as spacers between each rubber band with a button to ensure that the buttons weren’t overlapping when the bracelet was complete.

Rubber Band Threaded ButtonA properly threaded button will have a loop of rubber band on each side  of the button shank. Just pull those loops and place them over the loom as usual.

Finished Rubber Band Bracelet

The finished bracelet will have the buttons sitting up on top of it, with the shanks down in the weaving.

 Finished Rubber Band Bracelet

Has the bloom worn off of summer vacation, and bored kids are asking you what to do? Visit our 3D button selection, dig out that rubber band loom, and set them to work creating rubber band charm bracelets with buttons!


Make a Thank You Card with Tutti Fruity Buttons!

by Nancy Nally on July 4, 2015

When I got my hands on this gorgeous Tutti Fruity Button Bonanza pack, it just called out for some card making. The beautiful yellow, orange, pink and mint green palette is so summer-y and happy!

Tutti Fruity Button Bonanza

Probably the most frequent card I reach for out of my card stash is a thank you card. Paired with some burlap and a few other supplies, some orange buttons from the assortment give me a thank you card that is perfect for just about any occasion: baby, wedding, or everyday. It’s bright, a bit rustic, and very on trend with the burlap!

Thank You CardSupplies:

  • Tutti Fruity Button Bonanza
  • Burlap Sheet
  • Flower Die
  • Patterned Paper
  • Cardstock Scraps
  • Card Base
  • Brown Baker’s Twine
  • Brown Thread
  • Sentiment Stamp (sample is from Pink & Main)
  • Brown Ink Pad
  • Green Pen

A button makes a great cheat to perfectly finish off a wrap of baker’s twine – no more messy bows that just aren’t quite right, or knots that look messy! And a button is always a great substitute for the center piece of a flower.

The tiny square button on the sentiment block actually serves two purposes. It completes a visual triangle of orange highlights that lead the eye across the card, and it also “anchors” the text block to the background visually.

What kind of card are you inspired to make by Tutti Fruity Button Bonanza?


Button up a Patriotic Picnic for July 4th!

by Nancy Nally on June 22, 2015

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and for many of us that will mean taking our food outdoors for a party!

A $1 bucket can be a practical and festive way to hold your party’s utensils, with the addition of some jute ribbon – and of course, buttons!
Patriotic Button Utensil Bucket

Patriotic Utensil Bucket rear

Buttons used in this project came from the Buttons Galore Patriotic Value Pack.

Constructing this project is easy:

1. Cut a length of ribbon that will fit around your bucket. Sew patriotic themed buttons from the Patriotic Value Pack along the middle 3/4 of it. Use adhesive dots to adhere the ribbon around the bucket.

2. Cut another length of ribbon, and tie into a bow. Sew star buttons to the end of the bow’s streamers.

This concept could be adapted for plenty of holidays just by changing button theme pack. Need a utensil holder for that holiday buffet? Try the Christmas Button Grab Bag instead. Or make it a holder for Halloween candy with the Scary button assortment. The options are as limitless as our button selection!

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Ladybug Button Card

by Admin on May 1, 2015

Yay for Fifteen MINUTE Friday!  The weeks just go by so quickly.  Katie from A Sweet Berry’s Blog created this adorable springtime Ladybug Button Card.  She is one of my best friends and super creative and fun.

ladybug card

It looks like creating this masterpiece was a lot of fun!


If you want more information about how she created this card, you can hop over to her blog here and find out.

The ladybug buttons are super cute to use while paper crafting and also adorable when sewn on to projects.  You can buy there HERE or by clicking on the photo below.



Happy Springtime and Happy Crafting,