Ribbon Spools made from Buttons

rolled out ribbonsDid you know you can use buttons to create ribbon spools to hold your hand dyed and stamped ribbons and other trims? I ran across this fabulous creative living idea while reading a recent copy of Somerset Life by Stampington and Company. Oh so simple!

BGM buttons

I used these fantastic buttons from Buttons Galore and More along with Laura Kelly’s Hand Dyed buttons  (My favorite by the way)!

Laura Kelly Hand Dyed Buttons

The few supplies you will need to make ribbon spools from buttons:

buttons and supplies

First, thread a very fine piece of fabric such as organza or  lightweight cotton cut into a super thin strip and thread into a plastic drinking straw. I cut my straw down to about 1 1/2″.

threaded through strawNotice how my piece of fabric is sticking out of both ends.

threaded through button Then, simply thread through one of the buttons holes from the inside out and then through the second hole.

threaded through two buttons

Then, roll you trims, ribbons, etc around the straw! What could be a better use for buttons? Hand made ribbon spools for all your ribbons.

rolled out ribbons

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  1. Allie Gower July 15, 2013 at 11:19 AM #

    These are super Melony, I’ve got to make some! Thanks for a great idea.

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