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DIY Gift Wrapping with Buttons

Here is a fantastic way to create custom  DIY gift wrapping in fifteen minutes (or less) using buttons, fabric markers and glue.  Check it out!  Yay, it’s Fifteen MINUTE Friday!!!



A tip for buttons and fabric if you are not up for sewing…super tacky adhesives work best!  I love the Fast Grab Tacky from Aleene’s because it holds the buttons right away and keeps them in place until totally dried.  You can see in the next picture that the buttons are in place and the glue is still wet.  I love that!



You can get more ideas and the full tutorial over on my blog HERE.






Valentines Day Pillow Decor with i Love to Create

How cute is this pillow that I made with my Laura Kelly buttons and a few things from i Love to Create?  I think is creates adorable decor for to celebrate the holiday of love.


I used Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion to adhere the rick-rack around the edges.  Then I used Tulip dimensional paint (red) to spell out love and add the buttons.  I LOVE that it works as a paint and as an adhesive too!


There are so many ways to create with buttons and products from i Love to Create.  Here are a bunch.

iLTC Valentines Mystery Box Collage Labeled

You can click around and check them all out.

You can also enter to win this awesome contest.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Cheers and Happy Decorating,



Advent Calendar with BUTTONS – Fifteen MINUTE Friday

How adorable is this advent calendar? It was created in a matter of minutes using buttons from my Holiday Collection!

Button Advent Calendar

For the free printable and the tutorial, visit the full post on my blog here.  To order the buttons, click on the image below!


There are lots of great ideas, activities, crafts and ways to celebrate the holiday season with kids. Here are lots of great ones for you to try out by fabulous bloggers!

And you can enter a contest too to win buttons and a crafty stash along with a $50 VISA card! That rocks! a Rafflecopter giveaway


Felt and Button Coaster Fun with Aleene’s Adhesives

This project is super easy and fast and creates coaster fun with felt and buttons.

Button Felt Coaster

Cut your felt squares to 5 inches by 5 inches.  You will need two squares per coaster.  I used the high quality Kunin Felt to get a thick classy feel.  Put a layer of Aleene’s Tacky Glue around the edge of one square then line it with your favorite buttons from the BRIGHTS collection by me, Laura Kelly, for Buttons Galore.

Tacky Glue

Spray the other square with a heavy layer of Aleene’s Fabric Fusion and put the two pieces of felt together.

Fabric Fusion

Let it dry completely and it is ready for use.  Create a bunch of these in different colors and you will be all ready for a cocktail party!

Buttons and Aleenes Coaster

Happy Creating,



Button Up Some Doll Sized Fun

Girls love to make things for their dolls.  Some of these girls are little as in young.  Some of these girls are bigger as in not so young.  The magic of doll play never grows old.  There are lots of things that can be made for doll using Laura Kelly’s collection of bright colored buttons.

Buttons Projects

If you are interested in making any of these projects, I encourage you to give them a try.

Happy Creating,



Quick and Easy Button Earrings

Need to make a set of super quick earrings? It doesn’t get any faster or easier than these.
Button Earrings copy

  • Earring Findings-You can get these at your local craft store in the jewelry section.
  • Buttons-The possibilities are endless here! Buttons Galore and More has a huge selection of buttons, so you can make a different pair of earrings to match every outfit and occasion.
  • Glue


  1. Glue your button onto the earring finding.
  2. Allow to dry for 24 hours before wearing.

This project is easy enough for children to do it. It would be a fun party activity for your little girl’s next party. Teachers-this would make a nice Mother’s Day craft project too!

Added bonus: Go to my blog, Laura Bray Designs to download some free, printable Mother’s Day cards that you can put your button earrings on!



DIY Craft a Rainbow

This is a really fun activity for kids, for kids of all ages that is.   You can use this project as a guideline to create using a variety of bright materials but I, of course, love BUTTONS!  You can find all of the colors of the rainbow in buttons in my Laura Kelly collection for Buttons Galore!


To create a rainbow of colorful fun, use a piece of waxed paper and create the arcs with Aleene’s Tacky Glue.


Then add objects in the colors of the rainbow to create the beauty.  Buttons works GREAT but so do other embellishments and random things from around the house.


Ta Da!  Once it is totally dry, cut it out and hang it up.  It works great on a glass window or door.


Happy Being Bright and Cheerful,



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