Yo Yo and Button Project Ideas

Yo Yos and buttons seem to be made for one another. I recently made a few projects with yo yos using the Clover Yo Yo makers and our beautiful buttons.

Yo Yo button headband

Yo Yo button headband

I do have a little confession to make… I had never made a yo yo before. True story. But the yo yo maker was soooo easy and if I had a yo yo that didn’t look “just right” adding a button to it made it look fine. My good yo yos looked even better with a button.

I covered the headband above with fabric and then covered the seam with some grosgrain ribbon. Finally I attached a yo yo made with coordinating fabric and topped it off with a button. Super cute hair accessory in about 20 minutes. Seriously.


Look how cute the minis look on a barrette!!


I love this mini tote with a doily, yo yo and button. Wouldn’t it make a great gift bag?

Yo Yos and Buttons go together like peanut butter and jelly. Don’t you think?

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