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Butterfly Wall Art

Butterfly Wall Art 1Hi! It’s guest designer, Laura Bray. Are you in need of a little spring joy during this long winter? How about creating some cute, button encrusted butterflies to be used in wall art? These would also be really cute on gift wrap, pins, or hair clips too! Here’s how to make them…


Embellishment bottles and kits in the colors of your choice.
• Cardstock paper in colors that match your buttons colors.
• PVC glue

For framed artwork:

• White 8” x 10” frame
• Decorative scrapbook paper
• PVC glue

To create butterflies:

  1. From paper, cut butterfly shapes out. I drew my own, but you can also use a stencil or a die and die cut machine.
  2. Apply a line of glue down the “body” of the butterfly. Glue mini beads into place. Allow to dry completelyButterfly Wall Art 2
  3. Apply a thick layer of glue onto the front of the paper butterfly wings. Glue buttons on to the paper. Shake beads and sequins over the butterfly to fill in any spaces between the buttons.
  4. To create a framed art piece, cut the decorative scrapbook paper to size to fit your frame. Remove the frame’s glass, and glue down the butterflies. Allow them to dry completely before hanging.

Butterfly Framed Art 3


Boho Button Wall Art

Boho Button Wall Art

Hi! It’s Laura Bray with another fun, button-themed guest blog post! The “Boho” trend is still going strong and feathers are still the rage, so for today’s project, I thought I would show you how to create this unique, button-encrusted feather plaque.


Winter Blues Embellishment Bottle
Rustic Feather by Walnut Hollow
• Blue craft paint
• PVC glue


    1. Paint the Rustic Feather with blue paint and allow to dry completely.Boho Button Wall Art 2
    2. Apply a thick layer of glue down the center stem of the feather and pour mini beads over it, press the beads lightly into the glue and allow to dry completely.
    3. Working in small sections of the feather, cover the area in a thick layer of glue, then put blue buttons, in varying sizes in the area. Work quickly. While the glue is still wet, pour sequins and beads over the spaces between the buttons. Let each section dry before moving to the next.Boho Button Wall Art 3
    4. Once you have covered the feather in buttons, beads, and sequins, go back and glue some additional buttons on top of some areas. This helps to fill in any empty spaces as well as give the piece a bit more depth and texture.

Candy Cane Ornaments

While I was wrapping gifts for Christmas this year, I found my candy canes looking like hearts on the work table. I used hot glue and I am excited to share this super quick and easy (and totally adorable) ornament idea. I might add that they look super cute on gifts wrapped in butcher paper (or grocery sacks turned inside out if you are recycling).


Supplies You’ll Need for Candy Cane Ornaments

You will need 2 candy canes, twine, buttons in Radical Red and Candy Apple Green and hot glue for each one you plan to create.  You’ll need some adhesive too!

I used my Ad-tech low temp gun with low temp glue sticks.

To get started, glue your candy canes together in the shape of a heart.  Then add a few buttons.  Tie on some twine and you are done!


Hang it in the tree as an ornament.


…or add it to a gift!


I created lots of wrapped gifts with buttons and twine and would love for you to hop over to my blog to check them out.  You can get there here.  I will share my favorite one with you but you will have to hope over to see the others.


Happy Christmas Crafting,




Button Up a Holiday Wreath

This little holiday wreath is simple to button up and make in a small amount of time.  It is a great way to decorate for the holiday season in the reds and greens but you could do this for any holiday!


You will need a Sytrofoam ring and burlap to cover it.  Simply put the burlap down with the ring on top then cut to be able to fold pieces over and cover the ring.  Use hot glue to cover cover the Styrofoam surface, leaving it a little raveled and hand-made looking.


Then use hot glue to add buttons and decorate.  I used the buttons from my Laura Kelly Mix.


I tied embroidery floss through them first so they would look stitched.


Then I added an owl that I made with Scupley clay and a hand-sew tag with a mini from Canvas Corp.


If you think he is cute, there are LOTS of great Sculpey clay and button ornaments that were share a few weeks ago for you to go check out here.


Happy Christmastime,


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Quick and Easy Gifts – Make a handmade note card set

It’s that time of year where we all start looking for quick and easy gifts. Being able to make them homemade is a bonus!!! Why not make a handmade note card set? Mine is not Christmas themed, or Fall themed…I like generic…it works well when I am in a pinch! I can just grab & go! BUT I do like to make my gifts in good seasonal colors. So for this set I thought I would show you my “thought process” on how to make a set of cards in a quick and easy assembly fashion. :) Just add in your papers, matching buttons, ribbon and bling of your choice and you are all set and ready to get creating your very own quick and easy gifts!



Gather up supplies. I generally like to pick my papers first, then cardstock, ribbon and embellishments. As you can see, I have chosen three different colors of Button Bonanza Bags just to be sure I have the perfect color when the time comes for embellishing. You can also see I have printed out my sentiments panels using Duetica Lettering Arts Studio’s Mandolyn Font in the Outline feature then colored it in using my Copic markers. Another neat trick to PERFECTLY matched sentiments that say JUST what you want in just the perfect size for your project. :) Once I was done coloring them in I die cut each sentiment panel using Spellbinders Nestabilities and I was all set!

Using a Bow Easy Ribbon Tool REALLY helps make the set look polished, all of my bows look exactly alike!

Add an extra touch by outlining the first letter using a glue pen then shake on a bit of coordinating glitter.

Another great touch that really doesn’t take too long is to embellish the embellishments! I love to add a bit of bling to the center of my buttons.


And here you have it! A cute set that took less than an hour start to finish! Not bad….




mini composition notebook with buttons

Personalize a mini-composition notebook with buttons.  With the recent beginning of the school year, composition notebooks are featured prominently in grocery and office supply stores.   After the first few weeks of school they are often deeply discounted.  It is a great time to stock up on these notebooks, which make a great surface for embellishing with buttons.


Button-embellished mini-composition notebook

This button covered mini composition notebook happens to be one of the mini-sized versions.  This size is fun for kids to pop into backpacks without a lot of extra weight to carry around.  My daughter likes to use them as entertainment on her bus ride.

Covered mini-composition book

Directions for a Personalize a mini-composition notebook with buttons

First, cover the notebook with patterned paper, including a contrasting border along the side next to the binding.

Button border on embellished composition notebook

Then, use an all-purpose thick glue to attach small coordinating buttons in a pattern to cover the seam.  I used buttons from the Citrus Splash Grab Bag and Juke Box Button Bonanza from Buttons Galore and More.

Button Monogram on Embellished Composition book

I added a fabric sticker letter to the top of a 7/8″  red button, and accented the monogram with a flower button from the Juke Box Button Bonanza (shank removed).

Button clip bookmark for mini-composition book

I created a fun bookmark using a premade felt flower and pink button glued to a metal, pinch-style hair clip.  The clips are easily moved, and don’t easily slip out of the book, making them easy for littler hands to use.

Bookmark for a mini-composition notebook with buttonsButton-embellished mini-composition notebook

Altered Composition notebook with buttons

Small and easily portable, button-embellished composition notebooks are a wonderful way to encourage writing and imagination in children, and are also easy to place in a purse or diaper bag for parents.  Personalize one for someone you know!

Thanks for stopping by!


Use Theme Buttons to Customize a Photo Clip!

Who doesn’t love the dollar aisle? I picked up some simple photo clips the other day that I knew I could dress up with theme buttons to customize them for my daughters. It’s so quick and easy!


Supplies needed to customize a photo holder with theme buttons:





Directions to customize a photo holder with theme buttons:

Start by removing the shanks from buttons.


If the theme button has layers, glue them back together with a dot of glue.


Adhere the chosen buttons to the four sides of the photo clip cubes.


The sunglasses are a fun moving element by just clipping one side of the button shank and snapping in on the wire .

customize a photo holder with theme buttons

Final step…add cute pictures of fun times!  This is a fast and easy way to customize a photo holder with theme buttons.  Less than a half an hour including dry time and you have a great project.


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