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Sequin Safety Pin Jewelry will bling up your look!

I’m constantly on the look out for fun accessories. But what I love more than looking for cool things is making my own. If you feel the same way, I have a beginner project to help you accessorize. In just a few easy steps, you can make sequin safety pin jewelry!

Here’s what you’ll need to make sequin safety pin jewelry:

How to make sequin safety pin jewelry:

To start making your sequin safety pin jewelry, open the 8mm jump rings with jewelry pliers and add about 4-6 sequins to each ring along with a bead or two if you’d like. The rings will move around a lot if you start adding them to the pin as you go, so you may find it easier to just make a pile of completed jump rings.

Once you have about 10-12 rings finished, add them to the safety pin. The jump rings should be added to the immovable side of the pin. At this point the pin will look pretty awesome as is, but I just love to add buttons to everything! I find the buttons not only give the pin a unique look, but they will also help keep the jump rings from floating around the loop at the end of the pin.

Cut a 5 inch length of wire. Place wire through one of the buttons holes. Bend one end of wire toward the back of the button. Twist that wire around 3-5 times and trim it. Cut the other piece short, but leave enough wire to create a loop.
sequin safety pin jewelry assembly

Be sure to add a button before the first jump ring and behind the last ring on the pin. This will keep the jump rings from sneaking past the loop and getting away.

And your sequin safety pin jewelry is done!

There are so many options and color combinations available that I have already made myself a nice variety of sequin safety pins! I hope you find this to be a fun and easy way to bring a unique jewelry touch to an old shirt, jacket, or backpack.


Sew Crafty Brooches Make Great Gifts for Crafters

These little crafty brooches make a great quick and easy gift for the lady in your life who loves to sew and create. Use up some scraps of fabric, spread your creative wings and add some bling with a sweet 28 Lilac Lane embellishment kit.

sew crafty brooches

sew crafty brooch

Here’s the supplies you will need:

  • 28 Lilac Lane “Sew Crafty” embellishment kit
  • scraps of fabric
  • wool felt (for the backs)
  • cotton fabric (for the tops)
  • pins (Wonderclips are also super helpful)
  • sewing needle
  • embroidery floss (various colors)
  • jar lid (or something 2-3″ round to trace)
  • a sewing machine (not required, but helpful)
  • safety pin or jewelry pin backs

sew crafty brooch construction-4

First, I laid out my backing fabric (I used a thicker cotton muslin that I had in my stash, but just a general cotton or even felt would work fine too). With a jar lid I had, I traced an outline of my circles onto the top of the fabric. Then I gathered up some various scraps of fabric and laid them out within the outlined circle. I used my sewing machine to sew down a few of the seams, but this could easily be done by hand with just a back stitch using a single strand of embroidery floss.

sew crafty brooch-2

Next up, I laid out different elements from the 28 Lilac Lane “Sew Crafty” embellishment kit. The kit includes some trim, sequins, beads, buttons and a few charms. The trim lends itself greatly to being used as a typical trim or even cutting off each flower individually. This is where you can be creative and every brooch you make will be different!

crafty brooch 2


On a few of the seams I chose to add some simple embroidery stitches. I used two strands of divisible embroidery floss for all of my stitching. I made simple X’s, seed stitches, and a chainstitch. I sewed down the trim with a single strand of white embroidery thread and just stitched down on the flowers where the stitches won’t be seen.

pinback on crafty brooch

To finish out my crafty brooches, I took some felt and using the same jar lid cut out the felt and the brooch circles. The pin backs I used can be either sewn or glued down. I sewed down the pin back onto the felt.

Finally, I matched the top and backs of the brooches with wrong sides together. The brooches were sewn together using a buttonhole stitch to stitch the two layers together around the edge.  There you have it!! Sweet little crafty brooches ready to wear!

sew crafty brooches



DIY Holiday Gift | Mixed Media Locket with 28 Lilac Lane

Christmas shopping time has arrived…and so has Christmas gift crafting time! A custom piece of jewelry is the perfect DIY holiday gift for a friend or family member…and with 28 Lilac Lane embellishments, a surprisingly easy one!

DIY Holiday Gift Jewelry


This locket is built using a very simple process. Fill the bottom of the locket with a single layer embellishments. Start with the large items (the buttons) and then fill in around them with the small items like the beads and pearls. Vary the color and placement of the items. Select a charm but don’t place it in the locket just yet!

Once you are satisfied with the placement of your bottom layer of embellishments, get out your Ice Resin. Following the directions on the package, use the Ice Resin to fill in a layer of epoxy on top of the layer of embellishments. Stop filling when the layer is just slightly covered. Before the resin dries, press the charm that you saved earlier into the top of the epoxy. It should just be slightly embedded, protruding out the top of the epoxy layer.

DIY Holiday Gift Jewelry close-up

To create the ribbon embellished chain, thread a large needle (or a knitting darning needle) with the ribbon. Then weave it in and out of every other link the chain so that it is threaded into it. Tie the ribbon off to the chain at each end.

The fun thing about these DIY holiday gift lockets is that they can be created for any theme or color scheme, to perfectly match the recipient it is intended for! To see a different interpretation of this project in a pink color scheme, check out our previous mixed media locket article.


Wear Your Buttons with a Beautiful Mixed Media Locket!

Think our 28 Lilac Lane buttons are too beautiful to hide at home in your craft room? We do too! That’s why I made this this beautiful locket that showcases some of my favorite elements from the collection. This mixed media locket is a fun and eclectic piece of button jewelry that will let me show off my love of crafts in a fashionable way.

Mixed Media Locket

Supplies needed:

This mixed media locket is created by encasing 28 Lilac Lane embellishments in Ice Resin, a clear drying epoxy that is available in single use syringe dispensers. It’s a fast and easy project that can easily be completed in an hour or so, except for allowing dry time for the epoxy.

Mixed Media Locket

To make my design, I started by arranging the large colored items – the buttons and the flat back pearl – inside the locket. Once I was happy with how they looked, I gently filled in around them with the seed beads. This part of the process requires patience, as sometimes it means placing the beads one at a time.

Once the bottom layer of embellishments is placed, I selected a charm to place on top and set it aside.

Working with the epoxy was something I’d wanted to do for awhile but I was, I admit, a bit intimidated to try it. It turned out to be very easy – just push the plunger down to get the amount that you want, and stir! Once the epoxy was mixed well, I poured it over the bottom layer of embellishments to cover and hold them in place in the locket. Then I quickly pressed the charm down on top of the epoxy, so that it was just barely embedded and stuck out from the top. (Be very careful to not get your fingers in the epoxy! I suggest dropping the charm in and then using a toothpick or other tool to nudge it into place.)

mixed media locket

Once the resin is dry, you can add a chain to your locket. Then you can wear and enjoy your mixed media locket masterpiece to share your love of crafts – and 28 Lilac Lane – through fashion!


Make Faux Pierced Earrings : Button Fashion Craft with Cozy Brads

Don’t have pierced ears?  I have the solution.  Make faux pierced earrings.  This is a great back to school project for your tween who wants to have pierced ears.  If you’re not already buried in the reality of “back to school,” brace yourself…  {It’s COMIN’!}

Here’s a quick and easy way to do a fun bit of fashion craft with a sweet lil’ student, BEFORE things get ALL about the backpacks and hand sanitizer…  Cozy Brads “faux” pierced earrings, for back to school!

Materials for faux pierced earrings:

Blueberry Pie, Color Blends Pillow Pack

Cozy Brads – Men’s Closet

Quick Grip, Beacon Adhesive

Ultra Thin, Paper Crafting Magnets


This adorable little fashion model is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to showcase PIERCED earrings, but since she’s not quite ready for the real thing, we made some, less invasive, faux earrings with gorgeous buttons and super, trend-setting HOUNDS TOOTH brads from Buttons Galore & More!

You’ll never look at buttons, brads and magnets the same!  Thread the “legs” of one of the brads through one, of a two-holed button, of your color choice.

Flatten the brad legs, just as you would through a piece of paper, then apply a dab of Quick Grip adhesive.

Set magnets in the glue, adjusting the placement against the brad’s legs.  Having the natural attraction of the magnet AND the adhesive creates an excellent bond.  Allow time to dry and then rub off  excess.

Working from two-holed buttons will allow for a stunning, off-set accent, to the excitement of the hounds tooth pattern.

The “fashion model” seems satisfied with the results of her faux pierced earrings!

You can barely see the opposing magnet on the back of the ear lobe.  With these ultra thin magnets, there is just enough strength in the bond to keep the earring secure, but not enough to make it uncomfortable!  The model wore her faux pierced earrings for the day, comfortably!  These will DEFINITELY be a part of the first day of school wardrobe for THIS girl!

Just THINK about how YOU can customize some “faux pierced earrings” of your own!  HUGE possibilities!  Have FUN!




Large Circle Start Ups: Charmed, I’m Sure

Hi y’all! Allie here… I got my hands on some of Button’s Galore’s Start Up craft shapes this week, the Large Circles. I had such fun making some charms with these blank circles. These blank craft shapes are blank poly plastic pieces that you can stamp on, rub on, ink, paint or embellish with anything you desire. I decided to get creative with some napkins and stamps, and some spritz.

I really love these blank craft shapes! They come in lots of shapes and sizes, from flowers to tags, to sliders and frames, and even holiday shapes. There are even start up packs, and collections including a variety of sizes. They are perfect for every project.




This picture shows the separate layers of the napkins I’m using. For my charms, I just used the very top layer.

I decided to collage with napkins. I start by separating the layers of the napkin, so I’m working with the top designer layer. I use Claudine Hellmuth’s Matte Medium from Ranger, with a flat brush. Some people like to use a wet Q-tip to “cut” through the napkin, but I prefer to tear, and sand off any excess.

I used a little round file to clean out the holes in the charms. You can use any decoupage medium, whatever you prefer. I also like to seal the top when I’m done.


I skipped a few photos, but this is what happens after the decoupage step. I stamped the Large Circles with an Itty Bitty bicycle stamp from Unity Stamp Company. I used Jet Black Stazon ink from Tsukineko. I also lightly tapped around the edges of the Large Circles with the same black Stazon Ink. Once the ink was set, I gave the Large Circles a light spritz with Mr. Huey’s Gold spray from Studio Calico.

Use your favorite spritz, or you could even make your own.

You can add anything you like to these little charms. I put a jump ring on each of them, and added little trinkets and bling. The metal pieces and the little pearls are from Ideaology, and are designed by Tim Holtz. I added bling to the sprocket, on the second row, the charm on the left. I love a little sparkle, don’t you?

Add some bling, little trinkets or baubles.

You could attach these charms to a chain, a hoodie, or anything you like. You can even keep it simple, and just thread it onto some crepe ribbon, as shown below. This ribbon is from Creative Impressions.



  • Blank Craft Shapes – Large Circles
  • Napkins
  • Decoupage Medium and a Brush for application
  • Stamps and Ink
  • Spritz
  • Trinkets and Jump Rings


Quick pony tail holder with buttons

We have a ton of plain colored pony tale holders around the house. This is fine for me, but for my little princess, sometimes a plain ponytail just isn’t enough. Instead of buying a ton of different decorated rubber bands, make them yourself using buttons with the loophole in the back. It’s easy, quick and gives you the opportunity to customize the look of your little hair pieces. (This would even be great for grown up princesses, using some pretty shiny or elegant buttons ~ wink).

Ponytail holder made with a button

Ponytail holder made with a button

Make a ponytail holder using buttons

Make a ponytail holder using buttons

Pink flower button ponytail holder

Pink flower button ponytail holder

The best part about these button ponytail holders is that I can change the buttons to make a whole new look at any time. There’s no glue or cutting… just pulling the rubber band through the button back and voila! You could add more than one button if you’d like, but I think you’d need a little bigger rubber band. I used a small 1.5″ diameter rubber band for this example. This would also be a fun project for kids to make!

What quick and fun projects do you like to use buttons for?


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