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Announcing…New 28 Lilac Lane Premium Collection Sequin Tins!

We have an exciting announcement today for fans of our beautiful sequins: New 28 Lilac Lane Premium Sequin Tins by designer May Flaum are available now on our web store! This new collection of six sequin tins includes fun sequin options for fall and winter holidays, as well as for vacation and everyday.

First, let’s take a look at Bon Voyage…a red, white and blue mix that includes 5 different kinds of sequins and features blue stars and white hearts! Use it for patriotic projects, scrapbooking trips to national monuments, and many other things!

28 Lilac Lane LL318 Bon Voyage sequin tin

Next up is Mermaid Tale! In beautiful shades of turquoise blue, Mermaid Tale features pretty leaf shapes and stunning white sequins with blue tiger stripes. This mix is perfect for those beach or pool themed projects. (Or mermaids, of course!)

LL319 Mermaid Tale sequin tin

Pet lovers will love the new “Happy Place” sequin tin! This new sequin mix features red heart sequins, large gold sequins and a mix of brown sequins. Happy Place will be perfect for your pet projects, celebrating your love of autumn, or sending greetings to your favorite guy!

LL320 Happy Place sequin tin

Halloween is coming fast, and we’ve got the Haunted House sequin tin for that! In a trendy purple and silver palette for Halloween, its clear and silver stars are paired with several shapes and sizes of purple sequins to create a mix that will give your projects the perfect spooky touch!

LL322 Haunted House sequin tin

Of course, before we know it the Christmas tree will be going up…and you’re going to love the Retro Holiday sequin tin! This festive Christmas sequin tin features red and green hearts, clear stars, green sequins, and pink sequins (this year’s hot Christmas color!).

New 28 Lilac Lane LL321 Retro Holiday sequin tin

But just one holiday collection isn’t enough, so we’ve also got the shimmering Festival of Lights! This mix includes three different star sequins (silver, blue, and clear), clear flowers, and two types of blue sequins (large clear and deep blue metallic). This mix is perfect for many winter holidays (such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve).

New 28 Lilac Lane LL323 Festival of Lights sequin tin

All of these new premium sequin tins come packaged in a brush metal tin containing 30 grams of sequins, and are available now from our online store. Don’t miss out!


Oh Sweet Autumn with 28 Lilac Lane Autumn Afternoon!

I’m dreaming of shorter days and weather cool enough to wear sweaters! This summer has been so hot and rough – I’m ready to be done with it! Oh, and it probably has something to do with fall being my favorite season as well.

Today I’ve got a card to share that features my fall inspired Autumn Afternoon embellishment kit from my 28 Lilac Lane line. Here is a look at the finished card:


The process to make this card is simple!

  1. Place a stencil on white cardstock and use assorted colors of dye ink with a chevron stencil, skipping some parts and going lighter in some areas.
  2. Use embossing ink to stamp the sentiment, and then coat it in black embossing powder and heat set.
  3. Stitch the background to a blank card, and then embellish! I used the stencil design and a general sweep across the card to find places for the leaves and details.

It is really that easy!


Now I’m back to dreaming of autumn, cocoa, and ending these triple digit days!

Autumn Afternoon isn’t the only fall-themed 28 Lilac Lane kit…don’t miss out on the 28 Lilac Lane Limited Edition Fall Mix that is only available in the Buttons Galore online store!  Looking for some inspiration of what to do with my fall limited edition mix? Check out these bloggers! Ashli Oliver, Libby Hickson, Maura Hibbitts, and Rebecca Vick all have outstanding posts up. Enjoy!


Top 6 Halloween Crafts to Make with Buttons!

The calendar is about to turn October, and most of us are in full-speed Halloween crafting mode! In case you are still in need of some Halloween crafts inspiration, here’s a round-up of our favorite Halloween crafts using our favorite crafting embellishment – buttons, of course!

Top Halloween Crafts for Halloween using buttons from Buttons Galore

Our autumn frame is super easy to make with no sewing, and will make a great addition to your home decor or your buffet of candy treats. And it’s a great way to use up those fabric scraps!

Autumn Frame

Whether you are planning a hospitality gift for your party hosts, or dropping some fresh baked pumpkin spice brownies at the neighbor’s, this fall pumpkin tag is a warm and friendly way to say “hello” to someone special!

Fall tag

When it comes time to hand out candy, our spooky button eye bags will be the talk of the neighborhood or your kids’ classroom! They are so simple to make that the kids can help!

Spooky Button Eye Ghost Bags - great for Halloween Treat Bags

Pumpkins are seasonal decor that can go from early fall all the way through to Thanksgiving. This decorative pumpkin will add a beautiful touch to your home or porch all season!

Happy Fall pumpkin

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without some bats! These button bats are more cute than spook, and will look great hanging from the ceiling, staked into a plant, or stuck to a wall.

Halloween Button Bats

If you aren’t quite ready to give up all the color in your world for the browns of fall, we’ve got the perfect card for you! This fall card brings nice bright pink and orange to a cheery “happy fall” sentiment.

Happy Fall card

Looking for buttons for your Halloween projects? Don’t miss our brand new Scary Button Bonanza, Trick or Treat Button Basics, and Fall Festival Button Basics!


Introducing…New Button Basics Collections for Halloween & Christmas!

The new product introductions keep coming! Today we’re introducing 6 new colorways of Button Basics, our button candy bags that are just the right size for making fun projects. The new additions to the Button Basics line-up include two seasonal offerings for fall and Halloween, two blue assortments for winter and Christmas, and two new trend-based color groupings.

Button Basics Family

First, let’s take a closer look at Fall Festival! This beautiful assortment of browns, leaf green, rusty orange, and mellow yellow will have you yearning for a cup a cider and the crunch of leaves under your feet.

Fall Festival Button Basics by Buttons Galore

For Halloween, we think you’re never too old to love to Trick or Treat! Shades of light orange and green combined with pops of bright purple make this the perfect collection for the cutest Halloween projects on your block.

Trick or Treat Button Basics by Buttons Galore

Blue is a hot color for Christmas, and we’re bringing it to you with Cool Winter! This mix adds a sophisticated shade of red to a cool mix of pale blue and white to create an elegant mix that will work for cards, ornaments – and even holiday party wear.

Cool Winter Button Basics by Buttons Galore

Are you “blue” this Christmas? Then Winter Flurries is the collection for you! Not content with just on shade of blue, this collection gives you an entire range of shades from deep midnight to pale ice to choose from so you’ll be able to find exactly the shade you need for your festive Christmas or winter project.

Winter Flurries Button Basics by Buttons Galore

If you are a fan of heathered pastels – especially the colors of the year for 2016 – then you’ll love our new trend mix Bohemian Style. With rose pink, blue, and a pop of sunshine yellow, this trend mix matches well with current home decor, fabric and fashion color trends so you can create up-to-date looks.

Bohemian Style Button Basics by Buttons Galore

And finally, we have Party Time! This bright and happy combination of teal and bright pink with touches of white is perfect for parties, fashion, and everyday papercrafting projects.

Party Time Button Basics by Buttons Galore

Which of the new Button Basics is your favorite? You can get all of these new Buttons Basics on sale for $1 off from now until September 10th. That’s a great deal at $5.99 each! Why choose just one? Get yours now!


Celebrate Fall with Painted Leaves on Slate!

School is starting in many parts of the country, and that means that cooler temperatures – and changing leaves – can’t be far behind! Today’s project is a piece of slate wall decor with painted leaves that will bring fall colors inside so you can enjoy them where it is warm!

Painted Leaves on Slate


(For my paint selections, I used Delta Ceramcoat “Ranchero”, Delta Ceramcoat Select “Light Foliage Green”, Folkart “Cardinal Red” and “Daffodil Yellow”, and Martha Stewart Crafts Metallic Acrylic in “Rust”. But the exact shades aren’t as important as getting a light green, a red, an orange, a yellow, and a metallic.)

Cosmetic Sponges

The paint effect looks complex, but the technique is actually really simple. The secret to it is using disposable make-up sponges to apply the paint with a “dabbing” motion, instead of a brush. It’s so simple that even young children can do it!

Leaf Stencil

Taping down the stencil, and using tape to cover all of the nearby open areas that I don’t want to paint, helped to ensure that I got a perfect impression from my stencil.

Painted Leaves in progress

I started with the light green color of paint, using one of the cosmetic sponges. I dabbed one of the end edges of the sponge into the paint, and then dabbed most of the paint off on the palette that I was using. I then used the damp sponge to dab blotches of color onto the stencil. I repeated this process with each color (except the metallic), filling in the whole stencil area.

Then I used the metallic color and dabbed it heavily over the top of the stencil, but not filling in quite completely. I wanted small areas to peek out from underneath. Then I repeated a layer of the light green paint, but not quite as heavily as the metallic.

Sometimes when applying new paint over paint that is still wet your colors might mix and blend a bit. As long as the sponges aren’t too wet, the colors shouldn’t shift too much.

Painted Leaves

The finished effect will look something like this – a mix of metallic and green with hints of other colors like red and yellow peeking through. Just like with leaves in nature, no two painted leaves will come out the same!

Painted Leaves on Slate Tile

The painted leaves are pretty on their own, but the slate doesn’t really look finished without some dimension on it. I wrapped jute string around the bottom of the slate and secured it on the back with hot glue. The string provides “ground” that the leaves are falling to. Then I made a bow by twisting some string and attached it with some hot glue. I attached a button to hide the hot glue making the bow. Buttons are great concealers for glue and seams! Then, finally, in the bottom corner, I attached three more buttons. I like the repetition of the three leaves as three buttons for balance, and it provides a visual anchor for the other end of the string.

Argyle Button Tote

The buttons I used are from our “Argyle” Button Tote. With deep reds and greens, trendy navy, and neutral cream and black, the Argyle mix is a great selection to have in your creative toolbox for the holidays in the last part of the year! What will you use Argyle for?


Fall Button Serving Tray

My fall button serving tray is one of my favorite buttons projects I have ever made.  Plus it is easy to make which is a win win right?  Grab your buttons and a thrift store tray to get started making your own version.  Don’t need a serving tray for fall?  Maybe use this same idea with a button ornament in the center for Christmas?  Or a heart in the center for Valentine’s Day?  I can think of all sorts of different tray designs for all seasons of the year.

Fall Button Serving Tray -- an idea to spruce up a plain thrift store serving tray for all of your fall parties.

I started with a tray from the thrift store for 99 cents and a bottle of Americana gloss enamels in Antique Gold.

Fall Button Serving Tray -- an idea to spruce up a plain thrift store serving tray for all of your fall parties.

I painted my entire tray with 2 coats of the paint then grabbed some fall themed buttons from Buttons Galore and More.

Fall Button Serving Tray -- an idea to spruce up a plain thrift store serving tray for all of your fall parties.

I laid the buttons out on my tray until I was happy with the arrangement.  I then used my 3 in 1 Beacon adhesive to glue them directly to the tray.

Fall Button Serving Tray -- an idea to spruce up a plain thrift store serving tray for all of your fall parties.

Once the glue was completely dry, I mixed a two coat epoxy to make my tray nice and smooth.  Don’t be afraid of epoxy!  Just mix and pour according to the package directions.  I spent quite a bit of time using a flame to pop bubbles that come up from the epoxy itself and the buttons.  Yes my finished project still has a few bubbles but overall it looks amazing.  The buttons seem to create more bubbles than is normal with an epoxy project.

Fall Button Serving Tray -- an idea to spruce up a plain thrift store serving tray for all of your fall parties.

Allow your epoxy to dry for a nice long time before you touch it (don’t be tempted to touch!!).  You will be left with a glossy flat serving tray with buttons in it!  Now some of my buttons stick up just slightly out of the epoxy (there is a slight hump in the epoxy).  This can easily be fixed with a second epoxy pour however the bumps do not really bother me for my needs so I am leaving them.  You could also be extra careful when choosing buttons for your design and choose only the flattest buttons to include.

Fall Button Serving Tray -- an idea to spruce up a plain thrift store serving tray for all of your fall parties.

Just so you can see my entire button fall scene here is a picture of the entire tray.

Fall Button Serving Tray -- an idea to spruce up a plain thrift store serving tray for all of your fall parties.

It is so darn cute I could eat it up.  Speaking of eat it up, use your fall tray to serve snacks to the kids or for a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving and fall themed parties.  Want more buttons on your Thanksgiving table?  Be sure to check out my rustic burlap napkin rings as well.

Fall Button Serving Tray -- an idea to spruce up a plain thrift store serving tray for all of your fall parties.

Will you be adding buttons to a tray anytime soon?  Don’t let that epoxy pour scare ya!  My fall button serving tray will make an appearance at our Thanksgiving meal and many snacks in the meantime.


Mini Autumn Gift Bags

I am getting ready for a DIY Autumn Craft Night at my studio and I have these super cute little Halloween trinket tokens, lucky pumpkins!  I wanted to wrap them up in a festive way for favors and this is what I came up with…mini autumn gift bags.  I really like them because the buttons can be part of the favor as they can be reused on projects that my guests make when they get back to their studios and homes.


To create them, I used the Autumn Potpourri collection, a hole puncher and little bit of wire.  I punched a hole in the mini treat bag (from Canvas Corp) then pushed the button through the hole.  On the other side, I slid a short piece of wire through the button and twisted it.  This is so easy and created such a fun little collection of favor bags.


This same method could be used to attach the autumn (or any) buttons through fabric and ribbon too.  I have some really fun Christmas ones that I am going to try next with some gift wrap ribbon.  Yes, I will share when I do it.

Happy Autumn,



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