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Make a Button Mosaic Sun for Your Walls!

Today we’re sharing another project from our booth at Creativation. This button mosaic sun that I created brought a little bit of my home in the sunshine state to the show floor in rainy Phoenix!

Button Mosaic Sun

This sun looks yellow, but we call it….mango! It’s made with our “Mango Madness” color blend of buttons. This blend of delightful shades of orange and yellow is perfect for sunshine-y projects of all kinds.

Mango Madness Color Blend

Although they don’t look at first like they are at all the same color palette, I combined the Mango Madness color blend with a 28 Lilac Lane embellishment bottle called “Candy Corn“. I only used seed beads. flat back pearls, and sequins from the Candy Corn bottle. Used in small doses with these tiny items, the colors work well together.

candy corn embellishment bottleButton mosaics (or collages) are such a fun way to use buttons, and this one creates a beautiful piece of wall art home decor when you are done!

Button Sun Mosaic Construction

To get the full tutorial on how to make this piece of sunny wall art (or learn how to adapt this technique to make your own design), visit my website Craft Critique.

Sun Button Mosaic

This project can be adapted to a lot of different shapes…how about an apple for teacher? Or a heart or flower for a tween room? The possibilities are endless! What will you make?


Make a Button Heart Chicken Wire Memo Board!

It’s time to share more of our Creativation booth projects! Chicken wire is so trendy right now and, paired with a button collage, it makes a gorgeous memo board!

Button Heart Chicken Wire Memo Board

This bright and fun button collage memo board is great decor for a kid’s room or nursery, a craft studio, or for displaying old family photos at a wedding or baby shower!

Bubblegum Button Bonanza

To make this heart memo board, which is about 17″ tall, it only takes two bags of our “Bubblegum” Button Bonanza buttons! This fun mix includes several shades of pink from pastel to brilliant fuchsia mixed with some white buttons. It’s perfect for everything from little girl projects to spring flowers – and of course, hearts!

The shades of pink in “Bubblegum” make a beautiful button collage on this heart memo board. The shades create a wonderful visually textured look on the frame – and there’s no worry about color matching since the shades are already pre-coordinated!

Button Heart Chicken Wire Memo Board close up

This memo board was created completely from scratch, starting with a piece of 1/4″ birch plywood. But it’s easier than you think to make, with only a few basic tools and techniques. To get the full tutorial, click here!


Don’t miss our Creativation Booth Projects!

One of our favorite things about attending shows is the chance for our staff and some talented craft designers to show off in our booth the beautiful range of possibility that can be created with Buttons Galore products. So today, for those who weren’t at Creativation, we’re going to give you a peek into our booth at the show to see all of the gorgeous inspiration we shared!

Buttons Galore Creativation 2017 booth

It may have been warm in Arizona, but inside the convention center it was snowing a blizzard in our booth! These snowflakes, created by Buttons Galore staff, show that buttons make gorgeous snowflakes of all sizes from tree ornaments to wall art.

Button Snowflake Wall Art

This American flag wall art piece, also created by Buttons Galore staff, combines our bulk buttons with our 3D decorative star buttons. It’s perfect for holiday decor for occasions like July 4th, or leave it up all year round for a patriotic touch of homespun decor.

button flag wall art

Speaking of special occasions, our decorative button grab bags are a beautiful and affordable option for creating decor for events like showers and weddings! This button cake, created by designer Jen Goode, is perfect for decorating a buffet table.

Button Cake Decorations

Love to entertain? Our decorative 3D buttons will make your tea time, cocktail hour, or coffee break oh so elegant! This tray project, by Buttons Galore staff, is quick and easy, too!

Button Tray

And let’s not forget our furry family members! Our booth went to the cats and dogs with these fun frames to display your favorite picture of your pet cat (by me) or dog (by 28 Lilac Lane designer May Flaum). For the instructions for the cat frame, click here.

Button Pet Picture Frames

If you’d rather hang your pet photo on the wall, try out this dog bone wall art project by Buttons Galore staff!

This button monogram is easy to make and perfect for a nursery or kids room! (Click here for instructions.) Or create an ombre heart wall art piece for someone special to remember you by. (Click here for instructions.)

Button Wall Art

It seems everyone is in love with butterflies this season, and we agree! Our wall art butterfly, made by Buttons Galore staff, is great decor for a kid’s or teen’s room.

Button Butterfly Wall Art

Text as wall art is very hot in home decor, and our staff decided to pay tribute to the greatest sentiment of all: love! These easy to make letters could be made in any colors to coordinate with the decor of a nursery or a shabby chic home decor.

LOVE button wall art

Our buttons are fabulous for working in mixed media, and designer Maura Hibbitts took them to canvas for us! This whimsical sea monster is full of texture and color!

button sea monster wall art

Last but not least, 28 Lilac Lane designer May Flaum shared her take on the 3D paper flower trend in our booth. Accented with a center of buttons, this flower will bring color and pattern to your walls or your party decor!

Flower Wall Art

We hope that you enjoyed this peek at some of our booth projects from Creativation! Thanks to all of you who visited to see them in person!


28 Lilac Lane | Easy Home Decor Canvas by May Flaum

Whether you are looking for a last-minute gift idea, or to brighten your home decor for the new year…this mixed media wall art project by 28 Lilac Lane designer May Flaum is just the thing for your walls. It’s an easy home decor canvas that can be completed in just a few minutes, but packs a visual punch!

easy home decor canvas

easy home decor canvas by May Flaum

Only a few basic supplies are needed for creating this project:

The mixed media technique for this easy home decor canvas is messy and random looking – and therefore very forgiving and difficult to screw up! Just smear the shades of paint in one direction across your canvas – and remember to make sure it is nice and thick for a beautiful textured look.

Next, use your palette knife to smear a shape into the paint. Use liquid adhesive to add your embellishments and gold leaf on top of the smeared shape. Finally, spritz with gold mist for an extra touch of shine!

easy home decor canvas

easy home decor canvas by May Flaum

It’s that simple to create beautiful wall art! And don’t forget that May’s mixed media technique on this easy home decor canvas can be adapted very simply to many color schemes and shapes. Try the 28 Lilac Lane Hello Sunshine bottle with shades of yellow and white paint to create a beautiful moon for a nursery wall. Or create a heart in shades of pink using Pretty Princess to add a touch of artsy elegance to a dorm room. The possibilities are as endless as our color palette of 28 Lilac Lane embellishment bottles!


Celebrate Fall with a Mixed Media Canvas!

Fall is here, and it’s time to change out the summer decor for something more autumnal. May Flaum is joining us today with the perfect mixed media canvas to change the season on your walls in style. – editor

The beauty of this project is that it can be any color, subject, or size. Even better? It will allow you to use whatever color of buttons you happen to have a lot of! In this example I am working with the Ivory button bonanza bag, however I more often use a mix of buttons (often colors I don’t like or get too many of!). Everything is coated with gesso – so you can truly work with any colors you have!

Fall Canvas by May Flaum for Buttons Galore


Step 1: Apply a generous amount of liquid adhesive in the area you wish to place your buttons. Add more as needed.

fall canvas step1

Step 2: Add buttons, beginning with larger ones and working smaller.

fall canvas step 2

Note: From this step forward, you will need to let the project dry completely between every step.

Step 3: Using a dimensional liquid product such as gel medium or a white or pearl dimensional paint pen, write your word.

fall canvas step3

Step 4: Apply a good amount of gesso over the entire surface and work in so that everything is fully covered.

fall canvas step4

Step 5: Mist colors of your choice across canvas. Allow to dry and repeat this process until satisfied. If you’d like them to “run” then tilt canvas up on one side while wet.

Note: Depending on the brand(s) used and properties of your spray ink/colors results may vary. Don’t be afraid to repeat step 5 many times! If you don’t have sprays/mists, feel free to use any color media you have on hand such as watercolor or acrylic paint as a substitution!

fall canvas step5

Step 6: Apply liquid adhesive in spots and gaps where you can add more buttons. Then add buttons in colors that compliment your design, as well as leaves or other elements that you’d like to feature.

fall canvas step6a

fall canvas step6cStep 7: Go over your word with gold dimensional paint or a pen to help it stand out, and spray a bit more color in a bold or dark color if desired.

fall canvas step7

Step 8: Use a permanent ink pad and ink the edges of your canvas. If desired, repeat this with multiple colors. For this canvas I used a dark green and a black.

fall canvas step8

Step 9: Use a script or other design stamp and permanent ink, and stamp randomly around the canvas. This works best with an unmounted rubber stamp, and adds a lot of depth to the project.

fall canvas step9a

fall canvas step9b

Step 10: Finish project by adding any finishing touches such as dots of gold paint, pearls, beads, rhinestones, and more.

fall canvas step10

What I love most about this project is that you can customize it so many ways, and for any size or theme you like. It’s a great way to use leftover buttons and other supplies you may have sitting around. I hope you give it a try!


Rustic Pallet Wall Art

Completed project (873x1024)The Autumnal Equinox officially starts September 22nd, 2013. It’s time to start thinking of all of the decorative projects you will be making to usher in this transitional season. How about making some Rustic Pallet Wall Art?

Materials for Rustic Pallet Wall Art

Walnut Hollow’s 14″ x 12″ Rustic Pallet

DecoArt Americana Acrylics in Espresso and Buttermilk

Fabric Scraps, wool felt scraps

Buttons Galore and More Laura Kelly Hand Dyed Buttons

Rub on sentiment

Wax candle, sanding block, sewing machine and thread, hand sewing needle and thread, tacky glue

Taking notice of the recycled wood pallet craze, Walnut Hollow recently introduced their new line of rustic pallets. I have to honestly say that I am super excited about all the cool possibilities for this line. Walnut Hollow came up all kinds of fun ideas for this line. These products can be ordered directly from Walnut Hollow’s website. By the end of December, you will be able to purchase them in Joann’s Fabrics and Crafts and in AC Moore in January.

24" x 12" Pallet

24″ x 12″ Pallet


Rustic Arrow Pallet

Rustic Arrow Pallet


Paneled Wood Clock

Paneled Wood Clock


These are just a few examples of the yummy surfaces offered in this product line. For this Rustic Pallet Wall Art project, I used the 14″ x 11″ rustic pallet.

pallet painted brown (768x1024)

First I used DecoArt’s Americana Acrylics in Espresso to paint the front this brown shade. I waxed the surface once the pallet was dry in random areas and painted the surface Buttermilk.

painted and waxed pallet (818x1024)

Once I painted the entire surface of the pallet, I sanded the surface to reveal the distressed finish. Areas where the wax was applied will rub away easily resulting in a chippy looking finish. This technique also works well with Vaseline but the effect is a little more dramatic.

Fabric Scrap circles and buttons

One of my favorite things to do with my leftover fabric and felt scraps is to create different sized circles and fuse the fabric circles to the wool felt circles. I use my sewing machine to play with the various stitches by sewing around the edge of the fabric to hold it in place on the felt. A button, sewn  in the center makes the look complete. These are some of my favorite. I love the Laura Kelly Hand Dyed Buttons from Buttons Galore and More!

Arrange circles (976x1024) (2)

Use tacky glue to adhere the circles to the rustic pallet. Arrange an outer circle first, leaving a gap at the bottom so you can paint on a simple tree truck with the espresso brown paint.

Rub on sentiments (768x1024)

I finished the rustic pallet wall art with a couple of rub on sentiments to celebrate Autumn. This is wall art that you can display from the end of September into Thanksgiving before the holiday decorations go up! If you are not a huge fan of inside seasonal décor, use colors to coordinate with your home décor and a general sentiment instead. Then you can display it all year long!

Completed project (873x1024)Happy Autumn (soon),

Live Life Creatively,





Mother’s Day Canvas With Pinky

Can you believe Mother’s Day is quickly approaching? It is right around the corner and I love to make a handmade gift.

I want to share this artistic canvas made just for “Mom” using vintage doilies from around the house.

For this Canvas use an 8×10 canvas, and paint it with a sand colored acrylic paint.

After allowing the canvas to dry, take a craft spritz and carefully spritz canvas in random places. Set aside to dry for 10 minutes.

Using coordinating ink color, ink edges or canvas.

Take a pencil with eraser and dab into coordinating paint or ink, ink or paint onto canvas as shown in photos.

Adhere vintage doilies.

Grab some packages of beautiful Buttons’ Galore & More Vintage Gold buttons and apply buttons between doily stitches using hot glue.

Mothers Day Canvas

Using rub-ons, carefully apply rub-ons in desired locations.

Mothers Day Canvas

Using shank & pearl keepsake buttons, adhere over rub-on using hot glue gun.

Mothers Day Canvas

Set canvas aside.

Choose a lightly colored patterned paper, using home printer, print quote onto page.

Trim out words and hand cut pennant edging.

Ink edges.

Adhere quote to canvas.

Wrap it up and give with love.

I hope you enjoyed the post today- Pinky: Buttons Galore & More Design Team

 [Note: some products used in this tutorial have been discontinued so we have provided links to similar substitutes.]

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