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Give Inspiration Kits for Christmas Gifts

Inspiration Kit Gifts

This Christmas, why not give your artsy crafty friends and family Inspiration kits? These adorable Christmas Inspiration Kit Gifts are embellished with buttons. They are fun to make and will surely delight every creative person on your list.

Materials and Tools for Inspiration Kit Gifts

Sizzix die cut and matboard

To create your Inspiration Kit Gifts, die cut one Bag Caddy from the matboard. Assemble it according to manufacturer’s instructions using the red line tape.

paint box redPaint the box, inside and out Tuscan Red. Measure the front and sides of the box and cut patterned paper using the paper trimmer. Use the foam brush and decoupage medium to apply the paper to the box.

decoupage boxDry brush snow white on front of box. Paint the bird shape Antique White. Paint the teardrop for wing and bird beak Lamp Black.

boxes painted and covered

ink clothespinUsing the brown chalk ink, ink the clothes pin. Print out holiday sentiments using plain computer paper and a printer.

decoupage sentiment

Cut the sentiments out with the scissors. Use the decoupage medium to apply them to the clothes pin. Glue button on one end of clothes pin with the Gem-Tac. If desired, glue a flat backed acrylic stone to the center of the button.

decorated clothespins

Laura Kelly buttonsGlue the bird shape, wing and flower center to the box.

bird on boxStamp sentiment over white swatch of paint on box front.

Here is the super fun part… die cut flowers, tags, etc. to fill your Christmas Inspiration Gift Kits. Die cut the cardstock and the wool felt.

Completed bird boxI also included some hand dyed stamped ribbon in my Inspiration Gift Kits.

stamped ribbonGlue some buttons to the front of the box.

Completed bird box 3

These Inspiration Kit Gifts are great gifts for teachers, hostesses, neighbors, gift exchanges, etc. Make several at once so they will be on hand if an unexpected guest drops by. Instead of art supplies, fill the boxes with homemade edible goodies.

Thanks for letting me share my Inspiration Kits with you.

Live Life Creatively,




Button Topiary Trio for Spring

Make a button topiary.  As the Ohio winter lingers on, I find that I am incorporating more bright cheery decor into my home.  This trio of button flower topiaries fits the bill perfectly, adding a touch of Spring inside to hold me over until the snow melts and the daffodils peek through the ground again.  You can make the button topiary as large as you would like.  I chose to make a trio of small button topiaries.

Button Flower Topiary Trio


Material used to make Button Topiary:

Buttons Galore & More Products used:

I also used:

  • 3 Paper Mache’ Flowerpots (2 small, one medium)
  • Yellow acrylic and glitter paints (DecoArt)
  • 1″ Paintbrush
  • 22 gauge craft wire
  • needle nosed jewelry pliers
  • Styrofoam Foam balls, cut (diameter of pots)
  • felt flowers
  • Coordinating ribbon
  • Green surface material (like that used for models)
  • Beacon Fabri-Tac liquid adhesive

 Directions to make Button Topiary:

Paint and prepare flower pot for button topiary flowers

 First, paint each flowerpot using yellow acrylic paint.  Apply multiple coats as necessary.  Paint one coat of yellow glitter paint over acrylic paint and let dry completely.   Cut foam balls in half, placing one half in each painted flowerpot, and glue in place. (Steps a & b, above)  Spread glue over foam ball and press green model foliage into glue to secure (Step c).

Glue felt flower to button blossom

Cut 8″ length of craft wire.  Choose 3-4 buttons of various colors and sizes from Color Bulk Buttons, and thread one end of wire up through holes on buttons.  Bend wire in half using needle nose jewelry pliers and thread back down through button holes from top.  Twist wire ends together under button “blossom” to add strength.   Glue felt flower to back of several blossoms if desired (I added them to large button topiary only).

Push button stems into flower pot topiary

Once all the flowers are finished, start adding them to the flowerpots.  Add a small dab of glue to the ends of the wire stems and gently push into the foam ball to secure.   Fill in remaining spaces, bending wire stems as necessary to create arrangement.  Repeat for additional flowerpots.

Single button flower topiary

To complete the button topiary, wrap each flowerpot with coordinating ribbon and glue into place.  For small topiaries, remove shank from Daisy Delights button and glue over ribbon ends.  For large topiary, remove shank from Daisy Delights button and glue in center of Tangerine Stitched button.  Glue button stack over ends of ribbon.

Enjoy the touch of welcome Spring color of a button topiary !

Thanks for stopping by,


DIY recipe book – holiday favorite Recipes

Holiday Album


Recipe books make great gifts.  They are fun to create and pass down to younger generations.  I created a fun Holiday recipe book using a Blank Board 7″ Circle Book from the Altered Arts Section at C&T Publishing.

Every year, we try new recipes or crafty tricks, or a new tradition. This year, we’ll be keeping track by making notes and taking clippings to add to this fun book. C&T Publishing was kind enough to provide us with a sample of their products, and I had a lot of fun playing.

Materials used in the DIY recipe book:

This book is covered with paper from October Afternoon, then embellished with matching journaling cards, a die cut scalloped border from My Favorite Things and a bling border from Want2Scrap. A glittered snowflake ornament was adorned with some buttons from Laura Kelly tied together with some Baker’s Twine.  When height doesn’t matter, I love to layer buttons! In the bottom right corner, there is a cluster of buttons from the Clear Button Grab Bag, a bulk package of Ivory Buttons, and Valentine Hearts. A small circle was punched from matching patterned paper and placed behind the clear button. It’s fun to match clear buttons to your project!

I found that Beacon’s 3-1 Adhesive worked best to hold on the elements. I also used some Glue Dots.

Thanks for looking, I hope your holidays are filled with lots of favorites and yummy goodness you’ll also want to cherish.  Make your own holiday recipe book



DIY No-Sew Fleece Pillow -Fall Themed

Hi there!  I have a quick no-sew fleece pillow idea for you.  It’s quick it’s easy and so festive! You will want to make a  no-sew fleece pillow  for each season

Supplies for a no-sew fleece pillow :

Directions for a no-sew fleece pillow :

Cut two layers of polar fleece material approximately 3-4″ wider then the pillow you plan to cover.  No need to be exact, this project is really forgiving

Cut away the corners of the fabric and cut strips all the way round the outside edge approximately one inch thick.

Once everything is cut, tie the top and bottom matching strips together in a double knot creating the fun fringe look.  Don’t forget to insert your pillow before you tie your pillowcase closed.

Embellish your pillow front with fleece scraps cut into shapes representing your theme.  I free-handed a maple leaf shape for fall.  Glue on fleece shapes and other embellishments like ribbon and buttons to complete the no-sew fleece pillow.

Enjoy your new festive pillow!  Not only is it fun to look at but it’s cozy too!

This is a great project for kids!

Thanks for stopping by!


Upcycle a Can into a Pretty Pencil Holder with Buttons

This project will keep the kids busy and help the environment! Upcycle your empty food cans into containers for various storage and use buttons to create a fresh, fun look. You can create any kind of pattern or look with just a few easy-to-find materials. I created a pencil holder out of a spaghetti sauce can.

First, I covered  it with some fabric. Then I embellished the top edge with a swag design of pink and purple buttons. (Optionally, you can line the inside of the can as well.) I’ve created a number of different pencil and school supply containers using fabric or paper, so whichever you like best will work great!

upcycled can to pretty pencil holder

upcycled can to pretty pencil holder

Materials you need to upcycle the can:

Steps to make your own button embellished upcycled can pencil holder:

  1. Measure and cut fabric to fit the outside of the can.
  2. Cover the can with your choice of fabric & adhere with glue.
  3. Add a swag pattern to the top of the outside edge of the can using glue and twine.
  4. Adhere buttons in place, alternating colors.
  5. Make small bows of twine and glue at the top of each swag.
glue twine to can

glue twine to can

create a scalloped swag design with twine

create a scalloped swag design with twine

add buttons to twine

add buttons to twine

add more buttons

add more buttons

make a bow out of twine and glue on the can - I got a little too much glue on my fingers

make a bow out of twine and glue on the can – I got a little too much glue on my fingers

The best part about upcycling empty cans is that they are small.  This allows you to use your left over craft scraps to make some neat, decorative containers. Mix and match your scraps with your favorite button colors to create a whole collection of pretty pencil holders and other organizing containers. Plus these are easy enough that your kids can make their own too!


halloween wall art with buttons idea -DIY

Halloween wall art?  Buttons Galore & More buttons and supplies make Halloween SO much fun, it’s spooky!

make halloween wall art with buttons

Autumn is the PERFECT time to get crafty, and I couldn’t help but be influenced by the most wonderful inventory of buttons from BG & M and the subtle changing of light and shadow as the days are becoming shorter…   So HERE I go, sharing with you a technique rich, button festooned project, to get your inner hoot owl, hooting!  Let’s make halloween wall art with buttons.

halloween wall art embellished with buttons from Buttons Galore & More:

Suggested supply list –

1. Artist (value) canvas

2. Inspirational graphics of your choosing (i.e. scrapbook paper, free digital images, old print ads, etc.)

3. Acrylic paint/ Gesso/ Artist Paste

4. Seasonally colored buttons from Buttons Galore & More

5. Beacon adhesive

6. Decorative tissue tape

7. Pipe cleaners

8. Google eyes

9. Jacquard Lumiere 3D acrylic paint

10. Sharpie Markers

halloween wall art directions:

This project is shared for YOUR inspiration – I hope you’ll create something specific to your needs for fun and holiday decor!  What follows is a guideline to assist you in  your creative travels.  Enjoy make halloween wall art with buttons.

Remove packaging materials from value canvas, flip to the backside.  Fill support gaps in stretcher bars with Artist 3D medium (spackle!) using tool of your choosing.

Prepare the raw canvas with gesso, so that acrylic paint can be applied.  Let dry.  Paint the wooden frame in a complimentary color for your project.  Finish the OUTSIDE edge of the frame with decorative tape.

Since buttons were the inspiration for MY project, I sought a design that could feature buttons as eyeballs!  A pair of spooky, Halloween owls were the next logical choice for my decorative canvas.  By placing the buttons on the canvas, I sketched out owls at a scale that would really make the buttons stand out!  If you are not comfortable with sketching freehand, you can get beautiful results by blowing up a printed image and then using graphite transfer paper BEHIND the artwork, trace the image from the front and then have our lines appear, similar to this drawing.

By painting in the highlights, first, I could confirm the scale, but mistakes could be easily covered with leftover background paint.  Using a limited palette makes this SO easy!  (And SUPER spooky!)

For this project, I immersed myself with buttons!  While Buttons Galore & More is a wealth of seasonal themed, as well as EVERY color and shape of buttons imaginable, I was searching for classic buttons, to create a spooky, vintage look.  In a FAT bag of miscellaneous goodies from a BG & M grab bag, I found a wealth of these snazzy, faux velvet and gold buttons.  It was easy to snap the shank off the back, remove the gold, and then fit a SCRUMPTIOUS orange button into the recess.

I LOVE the character that was created with these stunning buttons!  Beacon 3 in 1 craft glue makes for easy and secure button festooning… (Plus, it’s FUN!)

A button WITHOUT holes was a perfect, pumpkiny surprise for this craft-addicted girl…  Add SHARPIE marker = PUMPKIN FACE!  Trick OR Treat, babies! It’s ON!


…   And GREAT materials!  Look how this gorgeous Lumiere 3D paint from Jacquard and some Sharpie marker brought this sentiment up a few zillion watts!

Oh, gawsh…  And did I forget to mention, SPIDERS?

No need to shriek…  This one’s perfectly tame!  Pipe cleaners, buttons and GOOGLY eyes…!   Give the exterminator the day off, buttons BUGS are fun to make!

Thanks for taking this eerily creative and crafty journey with me!  I hope you’ll be inspired to make halloween wall art with buttons and supplies from Buttons Galore & More!  Have FUN!





Use Theme Buttons to Customize a Photo Clip!

Who doesn’t love the dollar aisle? I picked up some simple photo clips the other day that I knew I could dress up with theme buttons to customize them for my daughters. It’s so quick and easy!


Supplies needed to customize a photo holder with theme buttons:





Directions to customize a photo holder with theme buttons:

Start by removing the shanks from buttons.


If the theme button has layers, glue them back together with a dot of glue.


Adhere the chosen buttons to the four sides of the photo clip cubes.


The sunglasses are a fun moving element by just clipping one side of the button shank and snapping in on the wire .

customize a photo holder with theme buttons

Final step…add cute pictures of fun times!  This is a fast and easy way to customize a photo holder with theme buttons.  Less than a half an hour including dry time and you have a great project.


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