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Celebrate True Love with a Wedding Shaker Card!

Shaker cards aren’t just a way to celebrate birthdays…they can also be a beautiful way to celebrate a more formal occasion like a wedding! This wedding shaker card pairs a sparkly shaker mix with a doily and die cut heart to celebrate the love of a special couple.

Wedding Shaker Card

Supplies Needed:

  • 28 Lilac Lane “Rose Garden” Shaker Mix
  • Crate Paper “Chasing Dreams” 6×6 paper pad
  • Die Cut machine
  • Sheet protector (or Fuse Tool & Fuseable Pouch)
  • Foam Adhesive Tape
  • Red Liner Tape
  • Colorbox Gold Pigment Ink
  • My Sentiments Exactly “handwritten sentiments” stamps
  • 6×6 card base (made with 6×12 cardstock)

This shaker card features our versatile 28 Lilac Lane “Rose Garden” Shaker Mix that is a mix of gold, clear, pink, and green sequins, pink beads, and pink buttons to create the perfect shaker mix! Use this mix for occasions like weddings, to welcome a baby girl, or for a special birthday message.

28 Lilac Lane Rose Garden

Making this wedding shaker card is simple. Just die cut the doily for the card front, and then die cut the same heart shape out of both the doily and green layer of the card so they can be layered to create the card front with the shaker window. Glue the two pieces together and flip them over.

Using either a scrap of page protector or a Fuseable Pouch and Fuse tool, create a pouch that is slightly larger than the shaker window opening. Fill it about 1/2 full with the 28 Lilac Lane “Rose Garden” Shaker Mix, and then seal it with red liner tape or a Fuse Tool. Then use red liner tape to attach it to the back of the card front so that it shows through the shaker window.

Wedding Shaker Card

To finish the wedding shaker card, attach the pink paper to the card base. Then use foam tape to attach the shaker card layer on top of the pink layer. Finally, cut a 1/2″ strip of paper and stamp the sentiment on it. Snip the ends into a banner and attach it with foam tape for dimension.

Wedding Shaker Card


Button Magnets are Fast & Fun Decor!

When you think of button magnets, you probably think of cute, brightly colored accessories for a classroom or a sewing room. But with the right button selections, button magnets can also be sophisticated accessories for flea market or farmhouse vintage style home decor.

Button Magnets

Supplies needed:

Button magnets are so simple to make! Start by selecting buttons to create a coordinated set. Don’t forget to make sure they are all at least a little bit larger than the magnets that you plan to use! Next, cut the shanks off any that buttons that need it. (The buttons will attach more securely if you get the backs as flat as possible, so it pays to give some attention to detail on this step.) Glue the buttons to a round magnet using adhesive or a hot glue gun, pushing the buttons nice and flat on the magnets. Once the glue is dry, your button magnets are ready to use!

The trick to achieving a sophisticated look with button magnets is in the color and button selection. This “Wedding” Button Bonanza is full of creams and gray tones that are the perfect complement to many currently trendy home decor paint colors. They are subtle, and understated. Combine them with the metals of the Haberdashery set, and you have created an effortless  collection that looks like grandma’s random button bag yet is perfectly coordinated.

Button Magnets

These button magnets will look fabulous on a variety of surfaces – magnetic chalkboard, galvanized metal (see above), white board, even your fridge! They are an affordable way to create DIY wedding decor (hang up reception table assignments with them) or to add some style to a functional office board. What will you use them for?


Quick & Easy DIY Wedding Invitation

Are you hearing bells in your future – wedding bells, that is? If you are having a DIY wedding, our 3D wedding buttons can help you create a DIY wedding invitation and other beautiful items for your special day!

DIY Wedding Invitation


Making this invitation is easy!

Cut and fold the smooth cardstock to make a 5″ x 7″ sized card base.

Use a word processing program to create the invitation text. Print the text onto inkjet printable vellum.

Cut the patterned paper to size. Using your sewing machine, stitch the vellum onto the patterned paper.

Adhere the patterned paper & vellum combination to the card front. Adhere the buttons on top of the vellum.

Buttons Galore’s 3D buttons are available for bulk purchase. If you require a specific item in bulk to create large quantities of an item like this DIY wedding invitation, please contact our customer service department through our website for assistance.


DIY Wedding Frame with Button Heart

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and that means love, romance…and proposals! So, for everyone who woke up this morning with a wedding in their future (or their family’s future), we’ve got a fun and easy project for you  – a DIY wedding frame!

This wedding frame is multi-purpose – it can serve as a wedding or shower decoration, and then transition to home decor as a treasured memory after the big day is over.

Project PlanningThe first step in this project is to select a color scheme. This project is built around a fabric background, which can really be any color. I’ve chosen a beautiful aqua, but the wedding’s theme color or a color from the bride’s home decor might both be excellent choices.

The gold iron-on material matches both the frame and a fleck that is in the fabric. Our Haberdashery button pack is variegated between cream and white, so no matter what color of wedding dress the bride chooses, the collage will work.

Wedding Frame construction

Use a fabric pencil to sketch out the area for the heart.

Measure the remaining area and create the text and other elements on your die cut machine. Cut from glitter iron-on material, and iron on to fabric following manufacturer’s instructions.

For the fabric to stand up to holding the collage of buttons in the frame, it needs to be stiffened. I used Krylon Spray Adhesive to laminate the fabric to a sheet of white chipboard as a backing.

Using white glue (I used PPA Matte by ArtQuest), adhere white buttons from the Button Basics and Haberdashery packages. Continue until the entire heart is filled. I ensured that the largest ones were spread around in a balanced fashion by laying them down first and then building around them.

Finish by removing the stem from a heart button, and gluing the heart on top of the glitter flourish.

Remove the glass from the frame, and place the cardboard sheet in place!

And now your beautiful memory of a special day is ready to enjoy!

DIY Wedding Frame with button heart


Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples out there, and we look forward to seeing you make our DIY wedding frame!


Make Pretty Dragonfly Decor for your Wedding

You can add your own pretty handmade art to every guest table at your wedding reception with just a few steps.   Use the Buttons Galore and More blank craft shapes to create mini masterpieces that coordinate with your wedding theme. You can use these pieces to embellish candle votive holders, make into wedding party gifts or even as jewelry for the bride and bridal party. I played with different colors and color combinations, use what works for your event theme. I used  the idea of dragonfly decor.

Wedding Votives with Dragonfly  Decor Art by Jen Goode

Wedding Votives with Dragonfly Decor Art by Jen Goode


Materials you need Make Pretty Dragonfly Decor for your Wedding:

Start Ups are mini canvases for your own art

Start Ups are mini canvases for your own art


Steps to make your own Make Pretty Dragonfly Decor for your Wedding:

  1. Make sure to cover work space with paper to prevent spraying in unwanted surfaces.
  2. Create a stencil using a decorate punch or use a pre-made stencil. I used a tiny dragonfly paper punch to create this image.
  3. Spray adhesive on one side of the stencil and adhere to the craft shape.
  4. Spray Smooch Spritz, one color at a time on to the craft shape. You can blot the ink with a tissue to lighten it, blend it or to remove it.
  5. Use the heat gun to set color between applications.
  6. To blend colors, spray two to 3 colors before blotting or applying heat.
  7. Finish the piece of art, remove the stencil and then liberally spray Champagne Smooch Spritz and applying heat. This will give an overall sparkle to the entire piece, even on the stenciled area.
  8. Thread organza ribbon through the craft shape holes and tie around a glass votive holder.


Spray layers of Smooch Spritz to add color

Spray layers of Smooch Spritz to add color


Finish with Champagne Smooch Spritz

Finish with Champagne Smooch Spritz


Don’t be afraid of adding more color. If you don’t heat set, you can wipe off some of the excess color and start over. Although you may not be able to wipe off all the color, you will be able to remove quite a bit of it.

If your stencil comes loose from the heat gun use, simply reapply with more adhesive spray.

Most importantly, have fun creating your own personalized dragonfly decor!

Dragonfly Art sparkles

Dragonfly Art sparkles


Add color layers to other Start up shapes

Add color layers to other Start up shapes


Wedding votives with handmade Dragonfly art by Jen Goode

Wedding votives with handmade Dragonfly art by Jen Goode



Handmade Wedding: Doily Pinwheels

I am in love with doilies.  Seriously, I think everything looks better with a doily.  And, as Spring and Summer approach, I’ve also got pinwheels on my mind.  So, when I was brainstorming some wedding ideas to share with you, I decided to combine my two loves.  Of course I threw in a button for good measure too!  These doily pinwheels would be great wedding favors or, if you want to give your wedding a whimsical touch, why not line the ceremony aisle with them? I can’t imagine a better way to walk into life as a newlywed than between pinwheels.  After all, doesn’t your groom make your heart spin?

Doily Pinwheels Beauty Shop

Supplies for Doily Pinwheels:

Doily Pinwheels Handmade Wedding: Doily Pinwheels

Instructions for Doily Pinwheels:

  1. Fold the paper doily in half. Open it and fold it in half the other way. Open it up and lay it flat.
  2. Cut along the fold marks, stopping 1″ from the center of the doily.
  3. Take one corner of each cut edge and fold it towards the center of the doily.  Attach it with a dab of glue. Continue folding other three cuts.
  4. Glue the pinwheel onto one end of the straw.
  5. Glue a button into the center of the pinwheel.

Tip: Match the button and the stripes of the straw to your wedding colors.  If you can’t find straws to match, use wood sticks and paint them to match!





DIY Bridesmaid Headband – Tiffany Blue Wedding

Something borrowed, something blue.  This cute, DIY bridesmaid headband is perfect for your wedding.  I love the “Tiffany” blue of the ribbon and the Buttons Galore & More Wedding Glitz buttons give it lots of sparkle.  This headband is a great wedding project.  It would look great on your bridesmaids, flower girls, or even as a alternative to a veil for a bride.DIY Bridesmaid Headband - Tiffany Blue Wedding

Supplies needed for a DIY Bridesmaid Headband:Wedding Headband Supplies


Instructions for making a DIY Bridesmaid Headband:

1.  Using scissors, cut 3 circles, measuring approximately 6 inches in diameter, from the tulle.  This doesn’t have to be perfect!  Cut them freehand and let the edges be a little ragged.  This will give the headband a soft, romantic look.

2.  Cut 12 inches of ribbon.  Twist and roll it into a flower shape.Roll a ribbon flower


3. Using the Lumiere paint, apply a dab of glue to the side of the headband and attach the tulle circles to the headband.  It should be placed 1-2 inches from the top, center of the headband.

4. Again using the Lumiere paint, attach the the ribbon flower and some additional Wedding buttons to the headband over the tulle.  Add as much or as little bling as you like!Wedding Headband Glue on buttons and flower


Tip:  Lumiere 3D Dimensional Paint works great for this project as it works as both a glue and design element.  When the paint dries it gives you a 3D pearl effect-perfect for a wedding.



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