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Make a fun DIY Sequin Coaster Set with the Kids

Hello everyone! This is Katie from the Buttons Galore & More Design Team, and today I have a super fun DIY Sequin Coaster Set that you can make with your kids!

DIY Sequin Coasters

The project I will be showing you how to make today is a DIY Sequin Coaster Set! Now, you may be thinking that sequins and coasters don’t belong together. However, this DIY Sequin Coaster Set has a protective coating on top which seals in all the sequins and creates a barrier between your drinks and the actual coasters. In addition, this project is kid friendly and can be completed in just 3 easy steps!

To decorate my sequin coasters, I decided to use the brand new 28 Lilac Lane Sequin Tin in Haunted House. Now, even though the haunted house name sounds like it’s made for Halloween, these sequins have a more holographic look to them. For example, the tin contains silver, purple, black, white, and hologram colored sequins. In addition, the sequins are round, hexagon, and star shaped.  For this particular project, I paired the sequins up with some purple paint. However, I think with the holographic look that they have could be paired with a variety of paint colors.

So, to find out how to make your own Sequin Coaster Set, keep reading below!

Supplies Needed:

DIY Sequin Coaster Set

Step 1: Paint your wooden coasters on the front and back. Then set each one aside to dry.

DIY Sequin Coaster Set

Step 2: Apply a layer of Mod Podge onto your coaster then begin adding sequins from the 28 Lilac Lane Haunted House Sequin Tin. While doing this step, you could add your sequins to your coasters in one of two ways. The first way would be to sprinkle the sequins onto the coaster and then spread the sequins out with a toothpick. The second way would be to add each sequin on by hand.

With that being said, no matter what method you use, you want to make sure that your sequins are lying flat on your coaster. This means that sequins should not be glued on top of each other and that each sequin should be lying flat by itself. Also, when making these coasters, I felt that that less was more. For example, I found that using a smaller amount of sequins (in a particular pattern) really gave the coaster a finished look. However, you can do whatever floats your crafty boat.

Once you are done adding your sequins, apply another thin layer of Mod Podge and set the coasters aside to dry.

DIY Sequin Coaster Set

Step 3: Now apply a thin coat of Dimensional Magic to the top of your coaster. When applying the Dimensional Magic you may want to have a tooth pick handy so you can pop any air bubbles. At first the top of your coaster may look ”cloudy” but that’s ok because it will dry completely clear. After you finish applying the Dimensional Magic set your coaster aside to dry for 24 hours.

Keep repeating this process with your other coasters.

When the Dimensional Magic is completely dry, you are ready to start using your new coaster set!

DIY Sequin Coaster Set

DIY Sequin Coaster Set

I loved how this DIY Sequin Coaster Set turned out! Now, I want to make a bunch of different coaster sets in different patterns and colors.

With that being said, this sequin coaster set would be a great summer project to make over the weekend with your kids. Personally, I made these coasters in the afternoon and was able to use them (after the Dimensional Magic had dried) the next day. Also, as coasters, they have held up really nicely with both hot and cold drinks.

This project could be customized with any color scheme that you’d like, of course. If you made this DIY Sequin Coaster Set, what new 28 Lilac Lane Premium Sequin Tin would you use?



DIY Paper Clip & Button Bookmarks

Secret Garden Bookmarks

It’s almost time for summer reading. These quick and easy Paper Clip and Button Bookmarks are a great kids project. With our selection of unique buttons, you can make bookmarks to match your child’s interests. Does your child love the book, The Secret Garden? How about creating a collection of garden themed bookmarks? A gift of the book and the garden bookmarks would also make a darling gift!

These would also be great teacher’s gifts. Give your favorite teacher a stack of books, some beach-themed bookmarks the kids made, and they will  be ready to hit the beach and rest up after a long school year!

Seaside Bookmarks

Flip Flop Bookmark Close-Up

Sea Bookmarks with Shell

The possibilities for these are endless! Here’s how to create your own Paper Clip and Button Bookmarks:



Slide the button onto the paper clip. Place a small drop of glue to hold the button in place. You can make dozens of these in only minutes!

Summer Reading Bookmarks


Sweet Rubber Band Bracelets

Rubber band bracelets are all the rage with kids these days.  Some crafters use a special loom to create the bracelets, but you can also use your fingers and  some super cute novelty buttons to create a closure for your bracelet. This is definitely a kid-approved project as my daughter was wildly impressed that she could now make rubber band bracelets that stood out from the crowd.

Make a Sweet RUbber Band Bracelet with Buttons Galore & Laura Bray

Supplies for Rubber Band Bracelets:

  • Bands in colors of your choice.  You can buy packs of the bands at your local craft store, or just use hair bands.
  • Novelty buttons.  For my sweet set, I used the Sweet Delights collection.

Rubber Band Bracelet


1.  With your fingers, squeeze one of the bands in half and thread it through the shank of your button.


2. Squeeze another band in half and weave it through the loops of the band that you pushed through your button.

Make a Sweet RUbber Band Bracelet with Buttons Galore & Laura Bray

3. Continue weaving your bands together until you get the length you want.  Don’t forget the bands stretch!

4. When you get to the end of your band, take the two last two loops and wrap it over the button.

Step 3

Thanks for crafting with me today!  For more crafts, lifestyle tips, and button projects, visit me on my blog at Laura Bray Designs.


Visit Laura Bray Designs at www.laurabraydesigns.com





Treasures and Trinkets Boxes for Kids


Creating keepsake boxes to hold treasures and trinkets is fun for kids of all ages. Whether using a shoe box or a box purchased from a craft store (they have them in all sizes and shapes with lids ready to be embellished), it is a project that is simple, quick and fun.

You will need the box (of course) along with buttons and other small objects to glue to the outside of the box. You can also add ribbons and paper memorabilia like ticket stubs or photographs.  These are also nice additions to adhere to the inside of the box lid. This project works great with hot glue for instant bonding but if working with small children, Beacon Tacky Glue or PPA Matte Adhesive works great.

Once completed, the box is great for storing notes from friends, shells, report cards, jewelry, photographs or even more craft supplies.

Happy Making Memories and Places to Store Them Too!


Tic Tac Toe with Buttons

I love playing board games and discovered the VELCRO® Brand Memo Board was the perfect base to create a board game.  I decided on a Tic-Tac-Toe Board that would use Buttons as the game pieces….this was quick and easy to make, now when the grand kids come over we can sit down to a fun game of Tic-Tac-Toe; the added bonus they can also count all the buttons on each game piece to help them with their counting.

Here’s how you can create Tic Tac Toe with Buttons:

Cut out 5 circle and 5 X shapes, I did this with mat board, Sizzix Serif Alphabet and Big Shot….

Use Beacon Felt Glue to cover each game piece with buttons; I did two layers to completely cover the mat board; let dry.   I use BB84 Brilliant Pink Buttons for the circles and Latte Buttons for the X’s.

I used my KellyCraft Get-It-Straight Laser Square to perfectly align my Metallic Krenick  Thread onto the VELCRO® Brand Memo Board so that I had 9 squares the same size.

Use Westcott Non-Stick Scissor to cut small pieces of Sticky Back Velcro.

Place these onto the back of each game piece.

Now your game pieces are ready to use….Have Fun playing Tic Tac Toe with Buttons!


DIY No-Sew Fleece Pillow -Fall Themed

Hi there!  I have a quick no-sew fleece pillow idea for you.  It’s quick it’s easy and so festive! You will want to make a  no-sew fleece pillow  for each season

Supplies for a no-sew fleece pillow :

Directions for a no-sew fleece pillow :

Cut two layers of polar fleece material approximately 3-4″ wider then the pillow you plan to cover.  No need to be exact, this project is really forgiving

Cut away the corners of the fabric and cut strips all the way round the outside edge approximately one inch thick.

Once everything is cut, tie the top and bottom matching strips together in a double knot creating the fun fringe look.  Don’t forget to insert your pillow before you tie your pillowcase closed.

Embellish your pillow front with fleece scraps cut into shapes representing your theme.  I free-handed a maple leaf shape for fall.  Glue on fleece shapes and other embellishments like ribbon and buttons to complete the no-sew fleece pillow.

Enjoy your new festive pillow!  Not only is it fun to look at but it’s cozy too!

This is a great project for kids!

Thanks for stopping by!


Use Theme Buttons to Customize a Photo Clip!

Who doesn’t love the dollar aisle? I picked up some simple photo clips the other day that I knew I could dress up with theme buttons to customize them for my daughters. It’s so quick and easy!


Supplies needed to customize a photo holder with theme buttons:





Directions to customize a photo holder with theme buttons:

Start by removing the shanks from buttons.


If the theme button has layers, glue them back together with a dot of glue.


Adhere the chosen buttons to the four sides of the photo clip cubes.


The sunglasses are a fun moving element by just clipping one side of the button shank and snapping in on the wire .

customize a photo holder with theme buttons

Final step…add cute pictures of fun times!  This is a fast and easy way to customize a photo holder with theme buttons.  Less than a half an hour including dry time and you have a great project.


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