Scrap Paper & Button Gift Tag

Some times it is so much fun to create ways to use scrap paper and miscellaneous bright buttons.  This project is one that is worth “picking”, kind of like a pretty flower.


Materials for the scrap paper gift tag:

You will need scrap paper , Mod Podge (I used the washable kind for kids), a brush, black Sharpie marker, Laura Kelly buttons and ad-tech hot glue to create the flower.  You can buy a tag already to go or make one yourself.

Directions for the scrap paper gift tag:

Cut your paper into petals of any size and shape, whatever works for the tag size you are making.  Mine are about 2 inches long.  Cut another piece into a circle about an inch in diameter.  Using Mod Podge, brush a heavy coat on the circle then add the petals, brushing new layers of Mod Podge liberally between each petal.  Apply a final coat over the entire flower.  Set it aside to dry.  Cut a stem and leaves from your scraps and use the Mod Podge to apply them to your tag using the same technique.  Add the flower with Mod Podge and let it all dry.  To finish your project, use your ad-tech hot glue to apply several buttons in a stack in the center of the petals.  If you want to add the black decorations around the outside, you can’t beat the black Sharpie permanent marker.


There are lots and lots of ways to use these paper flowers to create masterpieces.  You can visit Laura’s blog to find more ideas if you have more than fifteen minutes to create!


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2 Responses to Scrap Paper & Button Gift Tag

  1. Mai Larsen April 24, 2013 at 3:10 PM #

    Really fun and cool button project thanks for sharing!!! Love the colors!


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