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Embellish Planner Pages with Sequins and Button Clips

Planners … Put your own special touch on pages!

I like to make my planner pages stand out by adding a bit of sparkle and bling. A fun and easy way to make your planner unique is by adding some sequins and buttons.  I used a variety of sequin colors from the 28 Lilac Lane line of embellishments from Buttons Galore.

Simply position or sprinkle the sequins on my planner divider page spread.

Once I liked the placement I glued each sequin down. I recommend using Perfect Paper Adhesive. It dries clear and there is no odor plus once dry, you will never see any residue of he glue. I have to say it was very zen. I like repetitive crafts like this.

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Embellish Scissors With Shamrock Buttons For St. Patrick’s Day

Everybody has a pair of scissors. Some of us, well, have a few pairs of scissors. In the past, I have customized my scissors with ribbon or decorative tape. I thought it might be fun to decorate the scissors for St. Patrick’s Day with Buttons Galore’s Glitter Shamrock Buttons.  This is a fun and easy project for any level of crafter.

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