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Make a Button Mosaic Sun for Your Walls!

Today we’re sharing another project from our booth at Creativation. This button mosaic sun that I created brought a little bit of my home in the sunshine state to the show floor in rainy Phoenix!

Button Mosaic Sun

This sun looks yellow, but we call it….mango! It’s made with our “Mango Madness” color blend of buttons. This blend of delightful shades of orange and yellow is perfect for sunshine-y projects of all kinds.

Mango Madness Color Blend

Although they don’t look at first like they are at all the same color palette, I combined the Mango Madness color blend with a 28 Lilac Lane embellishment bottle called “Candy Corn“. I only used seed beads. flat back pearls, and sequins from the Candy Corn bottle. Used in small doses with these tiny items, the colors work well together.

candy corn embellishment bottleButton mosaics (or collages) are such a fun way to use buttons, and this one creates a beautiful piece of wall art home decor when you are done!

Button Sun Mosaic Construction

To get the full tutorial on how to make this piece of sunny wall art (or learn how to adapt this technique to make your own design), visit my website Craft Critique.

Sun Button Mosaic

This project can be adapted to a lot of different shapes…how about an apple for teacher? Or a heart or flower for a tween room? The possibilities are endless! What will you make?


Burlap and Buttons Cuff

Short-sleeved, summer tops demand a good burlap and buttons cuff, don’t you think?  Create this simple and rustic burlap cuff for your next walk on the beach.  It’s hip and cool and so easy to make!

Cuff Beauty Shot


  • Burlap cut to 10″ by 6″
  • Assorted colors of felt scraps
  • Buttons
  • Embroidery floss & thread

Instructions to make a burlap and buttons cuff:

1. Fold the burlap into thirds to create a long strip measuring 10″ x 2″.  Pin in place and stitch along the edges.

Putting Cuff together

2. Using felt scraps, cut out petals and leaves to form a flower.  Arrange in the center of the burlap rectangle and using embroidery thread, stitch them into place.

3. Stitch buttons into place.  Use them for the center of the flower.  You can really go crazy and add more into the design. (I strongly believe you can never have too many buttons on a project!)

Sew on felt pieces and buttons

4.  Once the design is stitched in place, use embroidery thread to attach the two short ends of the cuff together.

Note: I measured my wrist at the beginning of the project and made sure that I could slip the cuff on and off.  If you prefer a tighter fitting cuff, measure your wrist size and then use a hook & loop, snap, or BUTTON closure to secure the cuff on your wrist.

Thanks for getting crafty with me today!  For more button crafts, stitching and lifestyle ideas visit me on my blog at www.laurabraydesigns.com.



Buttons & Burlap Summer Scrapbook Page Idea

Summer, when you hear that word what images does it conjure up in your mind? For me I think of the heat, the BRIGHT colors and RELAXING! I love Summer. I know a ton of people who just hate the heat, but being a gal who’s always got cold fingers and toes, I love that during the summer month’s my body feels WARM all over, all day long! Bright colors, well I love those too! Wearing them, creating with them, you name it, I love it! And relaxing…well let’s just say there’s a well loved, well worn hammock in my backyard that my kids and I all enjoy piling into and having a good snuggle time in. I can relax with the best of them, and in STYLE to boot! LOL

For my project today you can see each of these elements we are talking about have been captured perfectly! From the bright sunshine, the bright colors of the porch chair and the slouchy posture of my sweet Elliott, this scrapbook layout just screams SUMMER. Pairing up bright buttons & bright papers with a nice wide swath of burlap helps to give this layout rest amongst the busyness. Now, while I was creating I got to the point where everything was on the layout EXCEPT the title. And I was STUCK…I mean the page was cute, but needed something…but what….that was when I emailed a photo of the layout and then called our DT Lead Niki Meiners and said “What’s wrong with this page..I am stuck” As if on cue she replied “Oh just add a title to the page – SUMMER” “Where??? Where would I even put a title??” I replied. “Ummm right there under the photo overlapping the patterned paper, burlap and above the cluster of red big buttons…” And you know, she hit the nail on the head!!! It was JUST what this layout needed. Talk about a friend being a help just when you need it!!!  So now you tell me…who do you call if you get stuck or just can’t seem to “make it all workout” in your creative process??


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