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Embellish Scissors With Shamrock Buttons For St. Patrick’s Day

Everybody has a pair of scissors. Some of us, well, have a few pairs of scissors. In the past, I have customized my scissors with ribbon or decorative tape. I thought it might be fun to decorate the scissors for St. Patrick’s Day with Buttons Galore’s Glitter Shamrock Buttons.  This is a fun and easy project for any level of crafter.

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Don’t Get Pinched! Guest Blogger DIY Shamrock Accessory

We are excited to have a guest blogger sharing this fun project.  Kadie from the fabulous blog 7 Alive is here to share her creativity.  Kadie is a DIY junkie like many of us as well as a fantastic crochet designer and mother to five kiddos.


This easy project only takes minutes to create, and only a little longer to dry. You can easily create a fun shamrock for your kiddos or yourself to wear on St.Patrick’s Day.

Button Clover WT

You only need a few materials to create your own button shamrock.  These buttons are from the Bright Mix by Laura Kelly.  They are Forest Green and Candy Apple Green.

Button Clover Materials


To make your button shamrock ~

  1. Freehand or stencil a shamrock shape onto green craft felt.  We love the felt best from Kunin Group.
  2. Outline shamrock in fabric paint.
  3. Use craft glue to add buttons stacked large to small on top of shamrock.
  4. Make small bow out of ribbon using craft glue. Glue bow to steam of shamrock. (set aside till all glue dries)
  5. Optional ~ add a pin or hair clip to back of shamrock to make it easy to wear.

This is perfect for boys or girls and will insure no one in your family will get pinched on St. Patrick’s Day. :)

You can find more inspiration on Kadie’s blog HERE or by clicking on the picture below!

7 Alove

If you would like to enter to win a craft stash of products (and a gift card to Starbucks), go for it.

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Happy Creating St. Patrick’s Day Fun!



Lucky Felt and Button Four Leaf Clover

This quick craft creates a mini masterpiece that can be used to tie around a gift or use as a tie around a napkin for a table decoration.  It’s a quick, fun festive way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day around your home.

material needed for the felt four leaf clover:

  • Green Felt in 2 Shades (Kunin makes the best!)
  •  Green Buttons
  • Needle/Green Thread (or embroidery floss)
  •  Ribbon

Directions for Lucky Felt and button four leaf clover. 

 1.  Cut a four leaf clover from the felt about 2 inches in diameter.  I used pinking shears.

Felt Clover

2. Cut another four leaf clover from the other shade just a tad larger.

3.  Sew green buttons through the smaller felt shamrocks tying knots in the tops between each one.


4.  Sew the ribbon through both layers of felt hiding the stitches behind a button or two.  Use a length or ribbon that will go around your gift or rolled napkin.


Ta Da…a mighty green little decoration that is bound to bring someone a little luck!  As tiny bit of Irish information- when making a toast, the Irish say “Slainte”.   Slainte is a well wish litterally translated – to your health.


Shamrock button pin

Make your own hand stitch shamrock button pin with scrap fabric and some green buttons. I used 3 different buttons from the Luck button tote for my pin project, you can mix and match however you’d like. Using some fabric glue and stitching with embroidery floss, you can make a whole variety of shamrock button pins to decorate or give away for St. Patrick’s Day.

For this piece I used denim, felt and linen. I pulled out threads on both the denim and linen to give more of a rough, frayed edge. However, you can finish the edges of your pins however you like. Coordinate your embroidery thread colors or create a contrasting look. You can make so many different variation of this simple pin with just a few different supplies.

Shamrock Button Pin by Jen Goode

Shamrock Button Pin by Jen Goode

Materials needed to make a shamrock button pin:

  • 3 green buttons
  • Scrap fabric in different colors and textures
  • Embroidery floss
  • Fabric glue
  • Pin back

How to make your own shamrock button pin:

You can either glue your buttons on to the piece or stitch, these instructions I’m going to use the stitch method.

  1. Cut 2-3 piece of fabric ranging in size for stacking.
  2. Using embroidery thread and top fabric piece, stitch buttons in place, tie off.
  3. Stitch additional embellishment and accents.
  4. Stack and glue fabric together letting each layer dry separately.
  5. Using a piece of fabric, glue pin back in place and let dry.
Make a fun shamrock button pin

Make a fun shamrock button pin

Shamrock button pin back

Shamrock button pin back

Make your own shamrock button pin with green buttons

Make your own shamrock button pin with green buttons

Making your own shamrock button pin is a fun and quick craft you can also make with kids. If you’d rather just glue the whole thing together, try using fabric markers to draw your thread marks. Use embroidery thread to create the tied look to the buttons before you glue the buttons to the fabric. Mix up the button sizes, embroidery thread colors and fabric you use for extra looks.

I’d love to see what fun you have with this St. Patrick’s Day button project!



Lucky Buttons Mini Pillow

Lucky Pillow 

Isn’t this adorable? What is super impressive is that all of the buttons are SEWN on! The stitched “lucky” is just the icing on the cake. Super cute!

Please visit the Sweet Little Smoothie blog for the complete tutorial.


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