Pinterest Pin of the Week Easter Egg Ideas

Pinterest is the most amazing visual candy.  If you are not familiar with pinterest… you really should be.  But I must warn you that pinterest can be a tad bit addictive.  Okay, not at tad bit, PINTEREST IS HUGELY addictive.  We are starting a new segment with a pinterest pin of the week. We want to share some of the great ideas that are out there on pinterest.  These pins might not use our button products, they might be created from a personal button stash, or from a grandmother or aunties button jar.  But, no matter where the buttons originated from we find the projects inspiring.  If you need an invitation to pinterest leave a comment in the comment section with your email and we will invite you.  If you click Pinterest it will take you to the pinterest page where the items is located for more information.

Pinterest Pin of the week 3-22-12

Pinterest Pin of the week 3-22-12


We also found this easter egg button art similar to the above.  If you want to order buttons similar to the buttons used on a this project click HERE.


If you are looking for spring buttons they are on special this week for $1.15 – check them out.


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