Make a Simple Star Garland for a Mini Christmas Tree

Mini Tree Star Button Garland
My favorite holiday decorations are lovely Christmas trees. I have my big full-size Christmas tree, of course. And several medium sized trees. But I also have at least a dozen cute little mini trees throughout the house. I think that the adorable little mini trees are just as fun to decorate as the bigger ones. Sometimes the small size ornament selection is lacking and they all seem the same from store to store. So I like to get creative and make my own!

I used these sweet “All Is Bright” 3D stars from the Buttons Galore Christmas collection to make a simple, but elegant star garland for one of my mini Christmas trees. These little garlands are so quick and easy to make that the kids would love to help make them too! There are lots of beautiful 3D holiday buttons to pick if stars aren’t your style. I want to make another garland with these super adorable gingerbread buttons next!

Supplies needed to make a Mini Tree Star Garland:

Mini Tree Star Button Garland Supplies

Step one:

Cut a length of your string at least two feet long. You can make several garland lengths to go around your tree; so don’t feel like you need to tie all of your stars on only one string. I find it easier to work with a manageable length of garland.

Mini Tree Star Button Garland String Tying

Step two:

Tie a double knot onto each button shank along the string. Separate your buttons by an inch or two of string.

Mini Tree Star Button Garland Step three:

Wrap your string of lovely star buttons around your mini tree! One of my favorite little tips: The button shanks fit perfectly and snuggly around the wire tips of the miniature tree branches. Putting a star on the tip of a branch is a great way to stabilize your garland and fix it in place.

Mini Tree Star Button Garland

There are so many ways to customize this simple garland and make it your own. Use twine instead of a string, or a pretty color of yarn. Change the buttons, or add more buttons to suit your liking! It’s a simple, fun way to add a little bit of personalized decoration to your cute little mini trees. Happy Decorating!

All is Bright 3D Star Buttons from Buttons Galore - Mini Tree Star Button Garland

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