Easy & Fun Thanksgiving Cornucopia Home Decor

Thanksgiving will be here soon and the house will be full of relatives and friends. Why not create something to show off before dinner with this DIY thanksgiving cornucopia home decor set?

You will need:

Begin by painting the edges of each piece. After the paint has dried, trace each shape onto your cardstock paper and carefully cut them out along the lines you’ve created.

Apply glue to adhere the paper to each shape, and let dry.

Embellish the cornucopia home decor pieces using buttons and sequins.

Now your cornucopia home decor is ready to enjoy and display for the holidays!

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Anaya enjoys designing jewelry, paper crafts, and home decor items embellished with colorful buttons. In 2007, she started YanaDesigns.com to share her love for fun projects and creative craft ideas.

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One Response to Easy & Fun Thanksgiving Cornucopia Home Decor

  1. margessw November 2, 2017 at 2:52 AM #

    Oh my !! That cornucopia is just awesome !!

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