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Make a DIY Tailgate Party Invitation with Buttons Galore

Fall is quickly approaching, and we all know that fall means FOOTBALL! Today, I will show you how to make the cutest DIY tailgate party invitation using football themed buttons from Buttons Galore. So get ready to fire up the barbecue and cheer on your favorite team!

DIY tailgate party invitation

Supplies needed for DIY tailgate party invitation:

How to make a DIY tailgate party invitation:

Using a paper trimmer, I cut the brown cardstock to 5″ x 7″ and the tan cardstock to 4.5″ by 6.5″. I then inked the edges of the tan cardstock with brown chalk ink to add dimension. I used a tape runner to attach the tan cardstock to the brown cardstock to make the base of the invitation. Next, I hand lettered the words on the invitation. I used a fineline pen to do the lettering, then used a brush pen to darken all my downstrokes. This is an easy way to make your hand lettering look great, even if you aren’t that good at it! The word “football” made from alphabet stickers was then added.

DIY tailgate party invitation

I then chose the buttons I was going to use. Most of these buttons had shanks on the back. In order to use them on a flat surface like this one, I had to remove the shanks. This is easy to do using a button shank remover or a pair of side cutters. I clipped off the shanks, then attached the buttons to the invitation using red line tape. This tape is strong enough to hold these buttons securely!

I placed the buttons all around the card in the white spaces. The buttons give this invitation a fun feel and cool dimension that you just can’t get with any other embellishments… plus they are absolutely adorable!

DIY tailgate party invitation

Your guests won’t be able to resist this super fun invitation! Go team!



Easy DIY Flower Placemat for Easter & Mother’s Day

Spring means lots of special occasions! This flower placemat design is great for Easter, Mother’s Day, or for making a birthday girl feel extra special – and it’s super quick and easy to make!

Easy DIY Flower Placemat

This flower placemat uses supplies from the popular 28 Lilac Lane “Tropical Twist” kit. You can tell that it’s definitely one of my favorites since many of the supplies are used from it! Although the name of this kit, and its themed charms, are definitely summer themed, this project is a great reminder to look at your kits not just as themes but as color palettes as well.

Easy Floral Placemat color palette

Supplies Needed:

To start making this flower placemat, get out a large needle. Thread it with the baker’s twine from the Tropical Twist kit, and stitch around the outside edge of the placemat. (I recommend doing this is several short lengths to avoid abusing your twine and for efficiency.) To make more than one placemat, use embroidery floss for this step as the kit only contains enough twine for one.

Next, use a flower die to cut flowers out of felt (or hand cut your own). Use scissors to hand cut the leaves.

Easy Floral Placemat close-up

Position your flowers, and select buttons from the Tropical Twist kit to create their centers. Stitch through both the buttons and the flowers with a needle and embroidery floss to attach the flowers to the placemat. Use a needle and thread that matches the felt to stitch the leaves in place under the edges of the flowers as well.

Easy Floral Placemat close-up

Whether the occasion is Easter, Mother’s Day, or something else…this flower placemat will definitely brighten your spring table!

Flower Placemat graphic


Adorable Little Ornament – Fifteen MINUTE Friday

Welcome to the Black Friday Cyber Sale, and to the Linky Party organized by our designer Laura Kelly using  Sculpey Polymer Clay products and her line of our buttons to create “Adorable Little Ornaments”.

For today’s project, I am sharing as a part of a linky party featuring adorable little ornaments made from clay and buttons.  Lots of designers and bloggers were sent Sculpey products and Laura Kelly’s buttons to create these adorable little ornaments.


How to make the button ornament

I used Sculpey clay in red and white to form a stocking, molding with my fingers.  When I was done stuck then end of an 8 inch long piece of wire into the top in two places to create holes that I would later need.  While the stocking was baking (following the directions in the packaging) I twisted the wire up and added a few Radical Red and Apple Green buttons along with my signature ribbon (black with white polka dots).

When the stocking was out of the oven and cooled, I added the wire using a tad bit of super glue on each end into the holes.  Wah-lah…an adorable little ornament.


There are lots of ornaments being shared in the party.  Check them out.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

…and enter to win some clay and buttons of your own!

Happy Creating,


And now for the sale…


Choose from our entire line at www.buttonsgaloreandmore.com Place your order during the following times using these  codes:

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Mini Autumn Gift Bags

I am getting ready for a DIY Autumn Craft Night at my studio and I have these super cute little Halloween trinket tokens, lucky pumpkins!  I wanted to wrap them up in a festive way for favors and this is what I came up with…mini autumn gift bags.  I really like them because the buttons can be part of the favor as they can be reused on projects that my guests make when they get back to their studios and homes.


To create them, I used the Autumn Potpourri collection, a hole puncher and little bit of wire.  I punched a hole in the mini treat bag (from Canvas Corp) then pushed the button through the hole.  On the other side, I slid a short piece of wire through the button and twisted it.  This is so easy and created such a fun little collection of favor bags.


This same method could be used to attach the autumn (or any) buttons through fabric and ribbon too.  I have some really fun Christmas ones that I am going to try next with some gift wrap ribbon.  Yes, I will share when I do it.

Happy Autumn,



Tie-Dye Pajama Party with Rit and Buttons

A Party without buttons and bright colors, well that’s hardly a party to me!


Several of the Buttons Galore Design Team members and myself participated in a “Pajama Party to DYE For” this week with some fantastic creative new friends from Rit Studio.  I created and brought the goody bags and, of course, added bright Laura Kelly Buttons to the elements in them. They ended up being a part of the party!  Here are a few pictures from the creations being made.

TieDyeGoodyBags  ButtonPJ2

Yes, those are buttons on my tweezers and buttons on the mini journals.


I added buttons into jars too, just in case we wanted to use them at the party.


Which we did.  I sewed a scrap flower from my dyed PJ remnants and added a button center.  The tearing of the fabric, sewing of the ribbon and adding the button took me about fifteen minutes!   I think it came our really cute and can’t wait to wear them!  It just goes to show, a party just isn’t complete with dye and buttons!  It was a BLAST and then more fun on top of that.

To learn more about our celebration of creativity and color, search the hashtag #pjrit around the web and see what you can find.

Happy Adding Buttons To Your Parties!




Mason Jar Fairy Lanterns


Spring sprang and summer is on the way which means warmer weather and more time outdoors…whether playing, celebrating or entertaining.  This little recycled mason jar acts as a great fairy lantern that can be used as a candle jar, party decoration or a jar to be filled with goodies for favors.

To make it you will need assorted Laura Kelly buttons, wire that it easily bendable (I used electrical fence wire from the garage) and feeds through the button holes and pieces of ribbon (5 inches long) and a mason jar without the lid.


To make it simply feed the wire through the buttons twisting and turning to create bright and colorful design then tie the ribbon pieces in knots along the wire.  Twist the wire to go around the top of the jar then use the remaining length to create a handle, twisting the wire through the piece that went around it to secure.

It is simple, fun and easy and makes for a great quick project that you can complete in around fifteen minutes!  It is one of those creations that has lots of great uses and ways to spread bright joy and light.


Quick and Easy Place Cards Ideas

Quick and easy place cards ideas!

Do you need place cards for your next event? Create some with just buttons and paper. Here are some quick and easy place cards ideas.

Quick and Easy Place Cards Ideas





These are easy to create.

I’ve cut my cards 3X3″ and folded them in half. The image below shows how the easy grass border is made and attached. This month we’re lucky enough to be playing with Fiskars products, so of course I used my Fiskars orange handled scissors. Thanks, Fiskars!


Quick and Easy Place Cards Ideas - Making the Grass Border


The cloud is a die cut that I inked. To finish off these quick and easy place cards, just add stickers. I love these adorable, chunky butterflies from Buttons Galore’s Butterfly Kisses Collection. I like to use Beacon’s 3-1 glue to make sure they stay put. Buttons Galore has several kinds of adhesive to offer in their Adhesives section.

Quick and Easy Place Cards Ideas Close Up Green

Quick and Easy Place Cards Ideas Close Up Orange


Supplies Used

Tools Used

  • Fiskars scissors
  • Sizzix Vagabond and cloud die

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you will find that our buttons are a great embellishment for all of your paper crafts.


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