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Learning To Sew with Buttons on a Fall Hoop Project

I’ve had the joy of teaching sewing in our community for the past few years to children of all ages. When people discover that I teach sewing to children, the first question they always ask is “what is a good beginner project?” This little hoop project is always my number one go-to project for anyone who has never used a needle and thread and wants to learn to sew. Even better, including buttons in the project ensures that they will also walk away with a great life skill for those days when a button pops off their shirt at the most inopportune time – and you know we’ve all been there!

learn to sew with a fall hoop project

First up, let’s talk supplies. You will need the following to complete the two hoops:

Now that you’ve gathered up all your materials, let’s get started and learn to sew! First, you need to find something to make a roughly 8-inch circle. Find a bowl or something round to trace around and cut your blue felt into two circles.

Next up, let’s set them in your embroidery hoops. This is often the most daunting thing for new stitchers, but all you need to do is make an embroidery hoop “sandwich”! Unscrew the bolt just a little and separate the hoops into two parts. Take the part without the bolt and lay it on your workspace. Then lay your blue felt circle on top of the bolt-less hoop and sandwich them all together by setting the hoop with the bolt outside the bottom hoop and the felt. Tighten up the screw and pull on the edges of the felt just a little to make everything tight.

learn to sew fall hoop project

Now, print out the pattern page with your initial on it and cut out the correct initial for you. Use the paper pattern to cut out your initial with whatever color felt you would like. Then gather up your Sunflower buttons, the felt flowers, and your initial. Lay them all out on top of the hoop in whatever design you like best.

learn to sew fall hoop project

Now it’s time to stitch down your initial. Take your white thread and needle. Thread your needle and make sure to put a knot on the end! We are going to stitch down our initial with a running stitch.

learn to sew fall hoop project

learn to sew fall hoop project

First up, bring your needle up from the bottom and pull gently until your knot stops the thread. Don’t pull too hard or you will pull your knot all the way through! Then bring your needle back down about a pinky finger width from where you started and pull the thread all the way through. Then bring your needle back up and then down as you stitch along the middle of your initial letter. Always remember to “follow your thread” and stitch with a rhythm of up and down.

learn to sew fall hoop project

Lastly, grab your Sunflower buttons and lay them on top of your felt flowers. These are shank style buttons and can be a little more tricky for little hands to sew. Start out by bringing your needle up from the bottom and pull it all the way through till the knot stops you. Then take your button shank and thread it onto the needle and thread. Let it fall all the way down and then put your needle back through the top of the felt, pulling the button tight to the felt as you pull the thread from underneath. Continue to sew the button on a few more times and then move down to the next flower.

To finish off my hoops, I like to take a hot glue gun and glue the rim of extra felt around to the inside of the back. But sometimes I like to leave it open like a little ruffle fringe! Your choice!

Put a pretty ribbon through the top and you are done!

learn to sew fall hoop project

To make the tree, gather up a scrap of brown felt and cut out a little tree trunk. You have the option of sewing down your tree trunk with a running stitch or you can use some craft glue to glue it down.

learn to sew fall hoop project

After gluing down the trunk, grab your green thread, a needle and the Apple Pickin buttons from the pack and stitch those down in random spots above your tree trunk. These are the same shank style as the sunflowers. Next, pour out your bag of Green Haberdashery buttons and choosing those that fit best, stitch down green buttons around your apples to fill in the tree.

learn to sew fall hoop project

After you sew all the button “leaves” down, take your apple basket and apples and stitch those down near the bottom of the tree. Add a little ribbon for hanging, finish the back by gluing the felt edge to the back or leave it like a ruffle.

learn to sew fall hoop project

And there you go, two little Fall inspired hoops – these are perfect projects for beginning stitchers!

learn to sew fall hoop project




Button Bats

Bats are definitely not cute in my opinion but Button Bats are!  Especially when there made “spooky cute” using Buttons Galore Haberdashery Buttons.

button bats


These bats are simple to make and can be a fun addition to any Halloween decor.


how to make button bats

How to make button bats:

  1. Cut Bat using a template or cut file.
  2. Thread black and white twine through Haberdashery buttons.
  3. Adhere various buttons to center of bat using Ultra Thin Glue Dots.
  4.  Add faux stitching around bat using white gel pen.



Supplies Used to Make Button Bats:



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Summertime Picture Frame-Sunflower & Wood buttons

Want to make a summertime picture frame for your home? Here’s a simple frame embellished with a handmade Sunflower, garden sign and a Haberdashery Carved Wood button.

You could choose any flower to embellish your frame but a Summertime Sunflower really does make a beautiful impact.


Summertime Picture Frame


I always enjoy seeing  the Sunflower fields as we drive across country during our vacation.   They really are a beautiful sight.   One day,  I’ll convince my hubs to actually stop along the interstate to take a photo in the field.   He just can’t appreciate a purty photo op.  Men.


A Haberdashery Wood Button makes the Perfect Sunflower Center

To make the Sunflower picture frame:

I used my Silhouette and a Lori Whitlock cut file to cut out the  3D Sunflower then inked the edges of the leaves and flower with Colorbox ink and added a unique  Haberdashery carved wood button  to the center.   It really is the perfect center for a Sunflower!

I’m totally in  love with all the  Haberdashery Wood Buttons you can find in The Button Shop too.   They’re all so unique in design.


On the other side of the frame, I hand cut out a garden sign and grass, stamped a sentiment and hot glued the grassy sign onto a dowel.  A perfect Summertime frame to display Summer memories in.

Supplies Used For Sunflower Picture Frame:


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A Criss Cross Card for the Man in your Life

Do you ever get stumped trying to come up with an idea on how to make a masculine card for the man in your life?  Have you thought of making him a Criss Cross Card? A  Criss… what???

Well, here’s a Criss Cross Card tutorial to make for that special man in your life embellished with a Haberdashery carved wood button.


Criss Cross Father’s Day Card

Most of us females would choose pretty flowers, glitter and anything cutesy before a brown and boring card.   But brown, especially brown wood can be fun!

I actually like brown.  I totally heart Kraft paper and when I received my Buttons Galore design team goodies, these Haberdashery wooden buttons totally caught my eye.

 Supplies needed to make Criss Cross Card

How to make a Criss Cross Card

Criss Cross Card

  • Cut a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of card stock in half, lengthwise.
  • Score each piece at 5 1/2 inches.

Criss Cross Card

  • Over lap the two pieces of card stock.
  • Adhere together with Glue Dots®.
  • Your card will now be 16 1/2 inches long.

Criss Cross Card

  • Using your paper trimmer, trim off the top corner of each end diagonally.

Criss Cross Card

  • Now, you have a naked Criss Cross card all ready to get manly.

<insert a manly grunt here>

  • To keep your card close, cut a 1 x 12 inch Belly Band to wrap around card.

<insert “belly size” pun here>

Criss Cross Card

  • Measure and trim out paper to embellish your card with.
  • Ink the edges of the paper with  Colorbox ink.

Inside of Criss Cross Father’s Day Card

Even without flowers and glitter, a masculine card can still be fun to decorate.  I chose to go for an “Old World” feel.

To embellish this Criss Cross card, I used paper from DCWV Industrial Chic  line, added some zig zag stitching inside and a Father’s Day die cut from a Loni Harris cut file.  Then, I embossed the belly band with a burlap folder and completed the masculine Criss Cross card with a Haberdashery wood button.

See, brown can be fun!



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Quick and Simple Money Holder Envelope

Money Holder Envelopes can only mean one thing … It’s Graduation time again and maybe you want to show those special Grads some love.   Cash love that is!

Here’s how to make a quick and simple money holder envelope that can be stuffed full of congrats cash and gift cards for that starving ex-student.

Money Holder Envelope for Buttons Galore and More

Money Holder for the Graduate



Supplies Needed to Make a Money Holder:



8 x 7 inch piece of cardstock scored at 2″ and 6″


1. Trim out sentiment and adhere. 2. Peel off backing and sprinkle glitter 3. Remove excess glitter. 4. Done!

 Use Clearsnap Design Adhesives

To quickly add a Congratulations sentiment on to the money holder,  I used these convenient  Design Adhesives from Clear Snap.  Really neat product and sooo easy to use!


You could use any choice of adhesive to make your money holder but I choose to stitch mine together using a sewing machine, added a clear Velcro coin to keep the envelope closed (don’t wanna lose any of that congrats cash now) and added a ribbon bow and  Haberdashery button for some sophistication.

I love how the black and white stitching contrast together,  adds a ‘lil sophistication on the envelope.  Now that they’re a graduate,  they should be a little more sophisticated, right?


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Ivory Pearl Haberdashery Wedding Favor Sachet

With Spring just around the corner, many young couples are planning their weddings. What better gift than a Ivory Pearl Haberdashery Wedding Favor Sachet Set.  Buttons Galore & More offer more than just buttons they offer young couples the ability to create lovely wedding invitations and favors with their lovely line of buttons.

For my project today I used one that I have totally fallen in love with.  The  Ivory Pearl Haberdashery.  The ivory pearl finished buttons come in a variety of sizes and its truly something that can be used over and over again regardless of what the occasion is.

Now who wouldn’t want a scented wedding favor? Especially one with lovely buttons such as the Ivory Pearl Haberdashery?  These favors  can be used to provide scent to any room in your home  after the wedding is over.

wedding set

wedding card to make the  Ivory Pearl Haberdashery wedding favors:

Wedding favor sacket

These Ivory Pearl Haberdashery Wedding Favor Set can be created for any occasion it doesn’t necessary have to be done for weddings, but I think that anyone attending a wedding would truly love receiving such a lovely favor.

MATERIALS to make the  Ivory Pearl Haberdashery wedding favors:


Cross Promotional Supplies:

  • Fiskar Scissors
  • Jacquard – Velcro Press & Close Fasteners

Additional Materials:

  • Hot Glue
  • Glass Beads
  • Fabric of choice
  • Trim
  • Potpourri – Cinnamon
  • Seam Binding Ribbon
  • Canson – Tracing Paper
  • Canvas Corp – Heavy White Cardstock
  • BoBunny – Back to Basic Paper collection
  • Sewing Machine
  • White Floral Wire
  • Black Staz On Ink
  • Teresa Collins Stamp – Vintage Finds Acrylic Stamps

How to make the  Ivory Pearl Haberdashery wedding favors:

Now I know it may seem like a lot of materials.  Trust me it makes a lovely  Wedding Favor Sachet.  I started out by cutting my fabric that I picked up at my local fabric store.  I cut the fabric 4 1/2″ x 5″ and sewing the edges leaving an opening.  Now, I’m not that great at sewing.   So I glued my ivory trim with Beacon adhesive Fabri-Tac.  Wow this glue is amazing.  I was really amazed on how quick it dried up and how well it glued the trim to the fabric.  Once you have this all done you can begin beading the flowers by using a floral wire.  I twisted the wire once all the glass beads were on the fabric wire to create a flower.  To make the swirls on the side of the flower I did the same thing.

I applied the flowers to the fabric using Beach Adhesive  Fabric-Tac.  It was just that easy to adhere to the sachet bags.  Next  I applied my buttons from Ivory Pearl Haberdashery collection and Sunny.  They are on  Buttons Galore & More website.  I placed a piece of Velcro Press and Close Fastener to the inside of the sachet bags. This will allow you to refresh or replace your potpourri bags anytime you want.

The potpourri is something I picked up at my local Walmart.   I used Canson Tracing Paper to hold my potpourri.  I cut about 3 3/4″ x 4″ tracing paper.  I hot glued the edges leaving an opening and then placed my potpourri inside and sealed the top with more hot glue.   I placed it  inside of my Wedding Favor Sachet and sealed with the Velcro Press & Close Fasteners.

I couldn’t stop just here I had to make a card to accommodate this lovely Wedding Favor Sachet Bags.  The card is 5 x 5 1/2″ and I used the same technique to create the flower.   I added the Ivory Pearl Haberdashery buttons to the flower petals which I glued using hot glue.  I  also saved a piece of the fabric that I used for the bags and applied it my card and to top this card off I used Teresa Collins Vintage Find Acrylic Stamp, Staz On and Buttons Galore & More Sm. Rectangle Sliders .  I stamped the word “LOVE” using Black Staz On Ink and stamped it directly to the Sm. Rectangle Sliders.  I used Glue Dots to attach my seam binding ribbon to the card and finished my card up.

I hope this inspires you to create something lovely and amazing for your Wedding using Buttons Galore & More buttons for your wedding favors.


Napkin Rings with buttons – A Mixed Media Masterpieces Shabby Chic Style


Mixed Media Napkin Ring Ideas

Mixed media shabby chin napkin rings with buttons

My love of mixed media runs deep. Very deep. Seldom is there a project that I complete without adding paint, sewn elements, stamped components and especially glitter. When I opened up a delightful assortment of buttons from an ordinary corrugated shipping box last week. my heart leapt when I discovered these fantastic carved wooden buttons from Buttons Galore and More from the Haberdashery line. I immediately started rifling through the remainder of my goodies and discovered these fabric covered Cozy Brads and these amazing camoes.

productsI grabbed some wooden napkin rings, some Gem-Tac Glue by Beacon Adhesives, some art glitter and some Neopaque paints from Jacquard Products so that I could make these fantastic wooden napkin rings.

Directions to make the napkin rings:

I played with the arrangement several times before coming up with one that suited me. I used the button shank remover to remove the wood shank from the wood carved buttons and the cameos. I also discovered that is could be used to remove the flange from the fabric covered brad.

sand wood pieces

I carefully sanded the pieces before setting about painting them. I nail file works well with wood napkin rings since it allows you to get inside the ring in order to sand away the rough areas.

stamped piecesOnce the front of the wood disks are dry enough and while you are waiting to add additional coats to the napkin rings, use an ornate motif and solvent ink to stamp the front of the napkin rings.

add glitter to edges

Coat the edges of the disk with some of the gem-tac glue and sprinkle on glitter to give your napkin rings some extra sparkle.

arrange buttonsNext arrange your buttons as before and glue down using the gem-tac. I also added an appetizing sentiment stamped with alphabet stamped and solvent ink. I placed the de-flanged cozy brad in the center of the carved wooden brad.

gem tacSewn elements were added in the form of small scraps of hand dyed fabric that were gently stitched and then glued to the rings.

sewn elementsUse Neopaque in black to add a very heavy dry brushed coat to the napkin rings.

dry bushed ringsFinally, use a generous amount of gem-tac to glue the embellished disk to the napkin ring.

gluing rings to disksEnjoy your artfully buttoned embellished shabby chic napkin rings!!

finished rings 2Live Life Creatively,




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