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Make a Button Mosaic Sun for Your Walls!

Today we’re sharing another project from our booth at Creativation. This button mosaic sun that I created brought a little bit of my home in the sunshine state to the show floor in rainy Phoenix!

Button Mosaic Sun

This sun looks yellow, but we call it….mango! It’s made with our “Mango Madness” color blend of buttons. This blend of delightful shades of orange and yellow is perfect for sunshine-y projects of all kinds.

Mango Madness Color Blend

Although they don’t look at first like they are at all the same color palette, I combined the Mango Madness color blend with a 28 Lilac Lane embellishment bottle called “Candy Corn“. I only used seed beads. flat back pearls, and sequins from the Candy Corn bottle. Used in small doses with these tiny items, the colors work well together.

candy corn embellishment bottleButton mosaics (or collages) are such a fun way to use buttons, and this one creates a beautiful piece of wall art home decor when you are done!

Button Sun Mosaic Construction

To get the full tutorial on how to make this piece of sunny wall art (or learn how to adapt this technique to make your own design), visit my website Craft Critique.

Sun Button Mosaic

This project can be adapted to a lot of different shapes…how about an apple for teacher? Or a heart or flower for a tween room? The possibilities are endless! What will you make?


Braided T-Shirt Bracelets with Buttons

bracelets 1

Braided T-Shirt Bracelets, we are seeing this unique idea for repurposing old t-shirts everywhere! After having experimented many times making several in different colors and styles, I think this is my best version. The secret? The buttons. I first made a batch of these to wear to my Zumba classes. No matter how sturdy the construction seemed to be, after a few sweat sessions, they kept falling apart.  So finally I decided to give it another try but added buttons to the mix this go-round.

strips of t shirts

To make the Braided T-Shirt Bracelets:

First you will need to cut strips of some old t-shirts. I cut mine into a strips measuring approximately 2″ x 10.” I used about five but you can use 2 or 3 more or less depending on how large you want the end result to be.

secure with safety pin To keep your strips in place while braiding them, secure the ends with a safety pin.

braid stripsStart to braid the strips working in bundles of two or three strips at a time.

continue to braidContinue to braid to the end, tightening the braid as you go along.

cut off excess

Decide how big your bracelet needs to be to fit your wrist and cut off the excess end if needed.

secure with threadSecure the end of the bracelet with a hand sewing needle and thread.

color blends

To secure the braided bracelet, I chose these Color Blend Buttons by Buttons Galore and More.

sew buttons to braceletI spaced them somewhat evenly on the braided bracelet and sewed them down with the hand sewing needle and thread. This is what will keep your bracelet in tact during heavy periods of wear and tear and sweat, like dance class!

finish bracelet

Finish your bracelet with a button, sewing the ends together.

bracelets 2Live Life Creatively,




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