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Wear a Hemp & Button Bracelet for Spring Break!

It’s spring break time in a lot of places and that means time to head for the beach! Let’s make some fun vacation jewelry just for the beach – a fun hemp & button bracelet!

Hemp Button Bracelet


  • Buttons Galore “Vacation” Button Tote
  • Hemptique “Sea Glass” Hemp Cord Assortment

This hemp & button bracelet uses one of our Buttons Galore Button Totes that is called (appropriately) Vacation.  It’s a fun mix of fuschia, turquoise, light orange, and light green.

Vacation Button Tote

Making this button bracelet is super fast and easy!

To start, choose a large button for the center of your bracelet. Select two coordinating medium sized buttons with four holes for the sides of your bracelet, and set them aside.

Cut two long lengths of hemp. Thread one length of hemp through one of the holes in the large button, and pull it through until the ends are even. Pull one end of the hemp tight, and start tying half knots around that strand with the other strand. Stop at ten knots, or adjust for your desired bracelet length. Repeat this process for the other side of your bracelet.

Place the smaller buttons onto the bracelet by threading each of the threads on each side through two of the holes in a button. Pull the button tight against the knotted section.

Finish your hemp & button bracelet by creating slipknots to create an adjustable and removable bracelet band, or just tie your bracelet on permanently until vacation is done!

How to Make A Hemp & Button Bracelet


Dyed Boho Bracelet DIY

Buttons and Boho Bracelets … Say that three times fast.

This Dyed Boho Bracelet DIY is extra fun and special. Why BUY when you can DIY? Right?

We’ve all been having a lot of fun with the Rit Dye, and I had a lot of Moda Jelly Roll Strips left, so I was playing around with braiding and made this Boho style bracelet. It’s actually braided, but it has that vibrant, Boho feel.

Boho Bracelet


It’s funny, I work with buttons a lot, obviously … but it had been a while since I’d sewed. My fingertips would highly recommend you use a thimble!


Boho Bracelet


Dyed Boho Bracelet DIY Instructions:

Take three dyed Moda Jelly Roll strips and braid them. Determine placement for the buttons on your wrist and add the buttons. For specifics on how I dyed my fabric, please see my Rit Dye Blog Hop Post. It was really very easy! The strips naturally fray a bit and will fold and show different bits, it really adds to the look of the braid.

Knot your braids at each end. Tip – use a clip board to hold your strips and leave plenty of extra length at each end so that you can knot the ends and also tie it on your wrist.

Supplies for creating bracelet:

  • Rit Dye – Aquamarine, Kelly Green, and Fucshia
  • Buttons – Vacation
  • Thread – Coats & Clark


You will also need needles, and as suggested by my fingertips, a thimble! I hope you enjoyed this Dyed Boho Bracelet DIY.

Have you hopped with us? There are so many fun projects with buttons and dye that you won’t want to miss.


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