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Learning To Sew with Buttons on a Fall Hoop Project

I’ve had the joy of teaching sewing in our community for the past few years to children of all ages. When people discover that I teach sewing to children, the first question they always ask is “what is a good beginner project?” This little hoop project is always my number one go-to project for anyone who has never used a needle and thread and wants to learn to sew. Even better, including buttons in the project ensures that they will also walk away with a great life skill for those days when a button pops off their shirt at the most inopportune time – and you know we’ve all been there!

learn to sew with a fall hoop project

First up, let’s talk supplies. You will need the following to complete the two hoops:

Now that you’ve gathered up all your materials, let’s get started and learn to sew! First, you need to find something to make a roughly 8-inch circle. Find a bowl or something round to trace around and cut your blue felt into two circles.

Next up, let’s set them in your embroidery hoops. This is often the most daunting thing for new stitchers, but all you need to do is make an embroidery hoop “sandwich”! Unscrew the bolt just a little and separate the hoops into two parts. Take the part without the bolt and lay it on your workspace. Then lay your blue felt circle on top of the bolt-less hoop and sandwich them all together by setting the hoop with the bolt outside the bottom hoop and the felt. Tighten up the screw and pull on the edges of the felt just a little to make everything tight.

learn to sew fall hoop project

Now, print out the pattern page with your initial on it and cut out the correct initial for you. Use the paper pattern to cut out your initial with whatever color felt you would like. Then gather up your Sunflower buttons, the felt flowers, and your initial. Lay them all out on top of the hoop in whatever design you like best.

learn to sew fall hoop project

Now it’s time to stitch down your initial. Take your white thread and needle. Thread your needle and make sure to put a knot on the end! We are going to stitch down our initial with a running stitch.

learn to sew fall hoop project

learn to sew fall hoop project

First up, bring your needle up from the bottom and pull gently until your knot stops the thread. Don’t pull too hard or you will pull your knot all the way through! Then bring your needle back down about a pinky finger width from where you started and pull the thread all the way through. Then bring your needle back up and then down as you stitch along the middle of your initial letter. Always remember to “follow your thread” and stitch with a rhythm of up and down.

learn to sew fall hoop project

Lastly, grab your Sunflower buttons and lay them on top of your felt flowers. These are shank style buttons and can be a little more tricky for little hands to sew. Start out by bringing your needle up from the bottom and pull it all the way through till the knot stops you. Then take your button shank and thread it onto the needle and thread. Let it fall all the way down and then put your needle back through the top of the felt, pulling the button tight to the felt as you pull the thread from underneath. Continue to sew the button on a few more times and then move down to the next flower.

To finish off my hoops, I like to take a hot glue gun and glue the rim of extra felt around to the inside of the back. But sometimes I like to leave it open like a little ruffle fringe! Your choice!

Put a pretty ribbon through the top and you are done!

learn to sew fall hoop project

To make the tree, gather up a scrap of brown felt and cut out a little tree trunk. You have the option of sewing down your tree trunk with a running stitch or you can use some craft glue to glue it down.

learn to sew fall hoop project

After gluing down the trunk, grab your green thread, a needle and the Apple Pickin buttons from the pack and stitch those down in random spots above your tree trunk. These are the same shank style as the sunflowers. Next, pour out your bag of Green Haberdashery buttons and choosing those that fit best, stitch down green buttons around your apples to fill in the tree.

learn to sew fall hoop project

After you sew all the button “leaves” down, take your apple basket and apples and stitch those down near the bottom of the tree. Add a little ribbon for hanging, finish the back by gluing the felt edge to the back or leave it like a ruffle.

learn to sew fall hoop project

And there you go, two little Fall inspired hoops – these are perfect projects for beginning stitchers!

learn to sew fall hoop project




Adorable Little Ornament – Fifteen MINUTE Friday

Welcome to the Black Friday Cyber Sale, and to the Linky Party organized by our designer Laura Kelly using  Sculpey Polymer Clay products and her line of our buttons to create “Adorable Little Ornaments”.

For today’s project, I am sharing as a part of a linky party featuring adorable little ornaments made from clay and buttons.  Lots of designers and bloggers were sent Sculpey products and Laura Kelly’s buttons to create these adorable little ornaments.


How to make the button ornament

I used Sculpey clay in red and white to form a stocking, molding with my fingers.  When I was done stuck then end of an 8 inch long piece of wire into the top in two places to create holes that I would later need.  While the stocking was baking (following the directions in the packaging) I twisted the wire up and added a few Radical Red and Apple Green buttons along with my signature ribbon (black with white polka dots).

When the stocking was out of the oven and cooled, I added the wire using a tad bit of super glue on each end into the holes.  Wah-lah…an adorable little ornament.


There are lots of ornaments being shared in the party.  Check them out.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

…and enter to win some clay and buttons of your own!

Happy Creating,


And now for the sale…


Choose from our entire line at www.buttonsgaloreandmore.com Place your order during the following times using these  codes:

8am – 10am EST – 50% OFF – Code 50OFF

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Fall Bear Card

I have had such fun looking at Fall papers and designs, and fell in love with this Fall Bear and decided to paper piece with buttons to make a Fall Bear Card.

Fall Bear Card



Supplies for making Fall Bear card:


  1. Prepare a card base – 4.25×5.5 from Green Cardstock.
  2. Create a panel with patterned paper from Doodlebug Design. Wrap Bo Bunny dotted ribbon around this panel and attach panel to card base.
  3. Cut and prepare pieces. Assemble and adhere to card.
  4. Add Apple from “Off to School” assortment, “Micro Buttons” for the Eyes and tie some twine through the  “Heart of Color” button for the Bow.



Back to School Homework Organizer

It’s back to school time already!  How can that be?  Every year I promise myself I’ll be more organized, so this year I designed a homework organizer for my daughter to keep all her homework supplies in.  It’s so cute, I think my daughter might even be motivated to do her homework!

Make a Back to School Homework Organizer with Buttons Galore

Supplies for homework organizer

  • Wood crate
  • Paint-I used Apple Barrel Paint in Parrot Blue
  • Red Buttons
  • Glue
  • Red glitter
  • Markers
  • Small piece of green felt
  • Letter stencil

Instructions for homework organizer

1. Paint the crate.  Set aside to dry.

Make a Back to School Homework Organizer with Buttons Galore

2. Once crate is dry, sketch an apple shape on the front of the crate.

Make a Back to School Homework Organizer with Buttons Galore

3. Fill the shape with buttons, using glue craft glue to secure the buttons onto the crate.

4. While glue is still wet, sprinkle glitter over the apple shape.  This will fill in the holes between the buttons and give it some sparkle.  Instead of loose glitter, you can also use glitter glue to fill in the spaces.

Make a Back to School Homework Organizer with Buttons Galore

5. Using a marker, draw a stem on your apple.

6. Cut out a small leaf shape from the green felt and glue it onto the stem.

7. Using letter stencils and markers, spell out school or your child’s name onto the crate.

Make a Back to School Homework Organizer with Buttons Galore

Thanks for getting crafty with me today!  For more button crafts, stitching and lifestyle ideas visit me on my blog at www.laurabraydesigns.com.

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