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Easy DIY Decorated Candle with Buttons & Ribbon!

Hey, y’all! Lorrie here with a fun new DIY decorated candle project that is super easy but makes a great gift!

I’ll admit it – I am a candle addict! I have a ton of them in my own home, plus they are my go-to gift for lots of different people: teachers, co-workers, friends, in-laws. You name them, and they have probably gotten a candle from me! Since I do love giving them, I am always on the lookout for deals on candles, because as much as I love them the one downside is that sometimes they are a little expensive. I have found that after the holidays, lots of stores have great prices on candles. I usually buy several to give throughout the year. But sometimes, those candles can be a little boring. They may be just a plain jar candle, or like I used for this project, just a 3-wick pillar candle. But with a little ribbon and some Pet Shop Button Basics buttons from Buttons Galore & More, these plain candles can go from “meh” to “wow” very quickly! Continue Reading →


Festive Button Votive

BG_CandyVotive Festive button

This quick craft is festive and FUN!

Materials needed for festive button votive:

Directions for festive button votive:

1.  Create 5-10 button stacks.  To create the stacks by using hot glue  gun to adhere the buttons to one another. **Please use caution when using a hot glue gun. **

Each stack should have no more than 3 or four buttons.

Once the button stacks are cool, carefully adhere them to a glass votive with the hot glue.

Place a candle in the votive and you are ready to let that little light shine some joy in the world.


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