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Reversible Halloween & Thanksgiving Fall Countdown Calendar

It’s hard to believe it, but fall is creeping upon us and with Fall comes holiday after holiday. Here is a fun and fairly easy fall countdown calendar project to count down the days till Halloween and/or Thanksgiving using some easy to find craft materials and of course…buttons!

Here’s what you need to make this fun, reversible witch and scarecrow fall countdown calendar.

First, print out your patterns and cut out the felt according to the directions on the patterns. You will have 1 brown hat, 1 black hat, 1 green face and 1 tan face. If you are sewing your project together, go ahead and sew around the curved part of the face. Don’t forget to leave the top open! You will then need to sew your black button eyes onto the green face and onto the tan face.

If you are gluing your project, go ahead and glue the two faces together and then glue the black buttons for eyes onto each face. Let dry well before going on to the next step.

Cut out a wiggly, carrot shaped nose for your witch, along with a circle nose for your scarecrow. Attach them to your faces with craft glue. Use the black permanent marker to draw a mouth for each.

Next, if you are sewing your hats together, sew up and around the two sides, leaving the straight edge of the hat open. Then slide your face inside the two pieces of your hat and sew together; making sure to sandwich all the layers of the felt together when you are sewing.

If you are gluing, glue the hat pieces together and then slide the face inside the hat. You can attempt to glue these parts together, but I would recommend leaving them unattached. They will appear one piece when you attach it to the cork board.

Heat up your hot glue gun and while it’s heating, separate your button pack. The witch hair uses 31 of the purple and green buttons and the scarecrow uses 28 of the orangeĀ  from the Trick or Treat Button Basics BCB129. Glue the buttons on the thumb tacks and let them cool off.

And there you have it! Attach your witch to your cork board with straight pins and either start out with all 31 buttons, taking one off each day until Halloween arrives, or add a button each day as it gets closer! Whichever you prefer!

Once Halloween is past, flip over your witch and start counting down the days till Thanksgiving!

fall countdown calendar

Thanksgiving and Halloween are coming fast…make your fall countdown calendar today!


Halloween Crafts: Candy Corn Treat Cups

Candy Corn Treat Cups


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays each year! I love to make little gifts and treats for the kids’ friends, co-workers, teachers, etc. These cute as a button Candy Corn Treat Cups are fun and easy to make in an afternoon with the kiddos!



You probably have most of the supplies needed already around your house. I used White Buttons from the Noel Button Tote plus Yellow and Orange Buttons from the Scary Button Tote. I like to spearate my buttons by color and organize them in these cute plastic jars I found at the craft store, that way whenever I need a specific color it is right in reach. The Button Totes have a great variety of sizes, which makes them perfect for this project. The rest of the supplies needed are: Americana Paints from DecoArt in White Wash, Jack-O-Lantern Orange and Moon Yellow, peat pots (or small terra cotta pots), a hot glue gun, red line double sided tape, black crepe paper streamers, a chenille stem and ribbon.


Paint a 1″ wide stripe of White Wash at the bottom, a 1″ wide stripe of Moon Yellow at the top and a 2″ wide strip of Jack-O-Lantern Orange in the center of each cup. Lay your buttons out on your work surface and glue them on to each painted stripe in a random pattern.



Poke a hole in either side of your cup along the top edge. Insert each end of the chenille stem in to each hole, twist to secure.

Place a 10″ length of double sided red line tape down on your work surface (I work on a cutting mat so the red line tape won’t stick permanently) and remove the red line backing. Pleat your crepe paper streamers along the entire length – you will use about 20″ of streamer to make the pleats nice and full. Remove from work surface and adhere to inside top edge of cup. Tie several lengths of ribbon to handle, fill with treats and give as a gift!

Happy Halloween Crafting & Thanks for stopping by – Beth Watson


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