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Sew a DIY Button Headband for a Pretty Accessory!

Adding buttons is a beautiful way to add some color and detail to just about any clothing item. On this button headband that I made for my daughter, the buttons create a pretty pink contrast to the turquoise and add some shine and texture.

Button Headband

Supplies Needed:

This project is a great way to use up scraps! To begin, I cut a 14.75″ x 4″ piece of quilt fabric. Then I cut a 13.5″ x 3″ piece of the interfacing. I then took them to my ironing board and followed the package directions to fuse the interfacing centered onto the back of the fabric. Before turning my iron off, I folded the piece in half along its length and ironed that fold in place as well.

Button Headband

Then I returned to my sewing table and got out my ruler and a fabric marking pencil. I marked dots 3″ from the ends of the interfacing on each side, and marked a .75″ wide measurement centered in the middle of the interfacing’s narrow end. Then I used these markings to draw lines to follow to create the taper on the ends of the headband. I also made some markings to show where my sewing should stop on the long edge that isn’t folded, so that the headband could be turned right side out.

Button Headband

Next I measured around my daughter’s head and figured out how much elastic it would take to make the headband fit her nicely. To figure this out, I took the measurement of her head and subtracted the length of the interfacing (which would be about the finished length of the headband). That gave me the distance that the elastic needed to cover. Then I added about a half inch to that number and cut my elastic to length.

I laid my elastic inside the folded fabric with the ends sticking out between the two lines that I had drawn. I then pinned it into place to hold it securely into position while I sewed.

Button Headband

I then sewed on the lines I had drawn and across the end of the headband, reversing across the elastic a few times to make it extra secure.

Then, I pulled the fabric so it was bunched up on one end of the elastic, positioned the other end of the elastic, and pinned it in place to sew.

Button Headband

When I was done, I was left with a fabric tube with a hole in the side that was being gathered up by the elastic inside of it.

Button Headband

I used the opening I had left to turn the headband right side out, and after a bit of pressing, was able to fold under the raw edges of the opening and pin them together.

Button Headband

To seal the opening and make the edges of my button headband lie nice and flat, I topstitched around all the way around the edges on my headband. My headband was done…but very plain!

So to fix that, I sat down with a container of the “Strawberry Cheesecake” Color Blend buttons. These shades of pink range from bubblegum to barely there, but all are gorgeous! They are perfect for projects for little girls (and big girls) of any age. I got out a needle and thread, and one and a time sewed a row of buttons along the length of the headband. Yes, by doing this step last the sewing will show on the back side of the headband, but it won’t be visible while being worn. And doing the sewing after the headband is finished makes it easier to ensure the buttons end up exactly in the center, which is a detail that will be seen.

Button Headband

This button headband project is slightly time-consuming but definitely worth the effort! My daughter doesn’t want to take off her beautiful new accessory, and buying a similar one in stores would be much more costly. DIY a button headband for someone special today!


DIY Bridesmaid Headband – Tiffany Blue Wedding

Something borrowed, something blue.  This cute, DIY bridesmaid headband is perfect for your wedding.  I love the “Tiffany” blue of the ribbon and the Buttons Galore & More Wedding Glitz buttons give it lots of sparkle.  This headband is a great wedding project.  It would look great on your bridesmaids, flower girls, or even as a alternative to a veil for a bride.DIY Bridesmaid Headband - Tiffany Blue Wedding

Supplies needed for a DIY Bridesmaid Headband:Wedding Headband Supplies


Instructions for making a DIY Bridesmaid Headband:

1.  Using scissors, cut 3 circles, measuring approximately 6 inches in diameter, from the tulle.  This doesn’t have to be perfect!  Cut them freehand and let the edges be a little ragged.  This will give the headband a soft, romantic look.

2.  Cut 12 inches of ribbon.  Twist and roll it into a flower shape.Roll a ribbon flower


3. Using the Lumiere paint, apply a dab of glue to the side of the headband and attach the tulle circles to the headband.  It should be placed 1-2 inches from the top, center of the headband.

4. Again using the Lumiere paint, attach the the ribbon flower and some additional Wedding buttons to the headband over the tulle.  Add as much or as little bling as you like!Wedding Headband Glue on buttons and flower


Tip:  Lumiere 3D Dimensional Paint works great for this project as it works as both a glue and design element.  When the paint dries it gives you a 3D pearl effect-perfect for a wedding.



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