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How to Make a Cute Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow

Halloween is coming soon – can you believe it?! You can make this fun Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow in less than 30 minutes. This is one spider web your little girls won’t mind having on their heads because it’s just so cute! It’s easy to customize too, using the same technique with different kinds of fabric, different colors or different accessories.

How to Make a Cute Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow

Supplies needed to make a Cute Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow:

Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow Supplies

Step one:

Cut circles in the tulle and black fabric. You will need two  3-4″ black satin circles, and one 1″ black circle. You will also need to cut six 3-4″ circles from the white tulle as well. I used a styrofoam cup to trace my circles. It was the perfect size.

Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow - Tulle Circles

Lots of fabrics will melt great for this project, but I find cotton fabrics don’t melt as well as the synthetic blends. My favorites to work with are satin or chiffon fabrics. This is a great project to use scraps, and you should use whatever you have on hand. It doesn’t take much!

Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow Fabric Circles

Step two

Use a black marker to draw spider webs on the tulle circles. Be sure to put a piece of paper under the tulle so you don’t end up with black spider webs all over your work surface.

Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow Tulle Spider Webs

Step three:

Assemble the fabric circles. I use hot glue to assemble mine, but you could easily sew them together if you prefer. Place a dot of hot glue in the center of each circle and press two circles together.

Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow Assembly

Stack the two black circles on the bottom, and the white tulle circles on top of those with a dot of hot glue between each layer.

Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow Assembly

Step four:  

*Please use caution when working with an open flame.  The melting fabric is hot to the touch.  Always keep a bowl of cool water next to your work station when working with a flame in case of burns or fabric that accidentally catches fire.*

Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow Melting

Using a small candle flame (I use a small tea light candle), melt the edges of the tulle and satin fabrics. Carefully hold the fabric down next to the flame. Don’t get it too close.  It just needs the heat from near the flame to curl and melt the fabric.

Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow Melted Tulle

The tulle is very easy to burn. It does not need much heat to curl and melt. A little bit of charing on the edges of the tulle just adds to this cute Halloween spider web hair bow though!  Satin fabric needs just a little more heat to curl and melt. Please be careful not to get your fingers too close!

Step five:

Use glue to attach the adorable 3D Spider Button to the center of the Spider Web Hair Bow. Glue some sequins from the Trick or Treat Bead and Sequin mix to the bow. I used black sequins from the mix and some black seed beads.

Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow 3D Spider Button

Step six: 

Attach the alligator hair clip to the back of your spider web bow using hot glue and the 1″ circle of black fabric.

Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow Alligator Clip

Isn’t it the cutest little spider web you’ve ever seen? I love how the adorable little spider buttons have a cute little heart shape on their backs. Even my spider phobic four-year old didn’t mind wearing this cute little spider in her hair!

Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow

You can easily change this technique to suit any style or holiday! Chiffon is my favorite fabric to melt. The curl is fantastic! Change the color of the fabric and the tulle and add other fun embellishments for endless combinations! I want to make one with red chiffon, white tulle, and these adorable 3D Candy Cane buttons for Christmas!3D Candy Cane Buttons

Which 3D buttons would you put in your hair bows?

How to Make a Cute Halloween Spider Web Hair Bow


Fifteen Minute Fashion: How to create these adorable Button & Burlap Rosette Hair Bows

Hi there and welcome back!!! Today I have alot of info to share so get comfy! :) First I wanted to tell you about our June theme, then I have a really cute tutorial for you on how to make these delightful burlap & button rosette hair bows.

Our theme this month if you didn’t guess by my intro project is Buttons & Burlap!


Keep any eye out for our Buttons & Burlap Challenge Contest coming later in the month...if you don't have any burlap or buttons you may just want to go get some...just thinking out loud here. ;)



So this month we were given  a theme where we as designers have been challenged to work with Buttons & Burlap. I think you will really enjoy what the  design team has cookin’ for you! And today, I have the first project and it comes with a FULL STEP BY STEP PHOTO TUTORIAL!!! Yay!!! Who doesn’t love a good tutorial? So let’s get started. The supplies I have used are:

Buttons – I think my two came from various Button Jar assortments.
Burlap – you can find this at most big box craft stores and it’s CHEAP!
Westcott Brand Rotary Trimmer, Cutting Mat, Steel Ruler & Tiny Thread Snips
Large Needle
Twine or Yarn
Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pens
Ribbons & Trims
Hot Glue Gun & Hot Melt Glue



Begin by cutting a 1.5" strip of burlap in your choice of color...length is not all that important but these were approximately 12" long.


Use a large needle threaded with twine or yard and sew a large basting stitch about .25" from one edge.

Pull on the ends of the twine used to create a gather. Tie a knot to the back of the rosette and spread the ruffles so that they are evenly spaced along the tied circle of twine.


Remove outer few bands of burlap to create distressed edges



Use hot glue to attach hair clip to back side of rosette


Create polka dots on surface of button using Sharpie paint pen


Tie a length of green twine through the buttons and tie in a knot on the under side trim ends with sharp snips


Liberally cover entire knot with hot glue


Press onto front center of rosette to finish hair bow


Alternate button idea - try out all the various color/pattern themes you can think of! Get creative!!!


Just a quick shot of the two side by side.

And finally my adorable little model (my daughter :) ) who was just over the moon to be getting such “high fashion hair bows” today when Momma was done working…. :)



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