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Make Easy Adorable DIY Candy Earrings

DIY candy earrings
I love wearing fun holiday jewelry, but sometimes it can be expensive or difficult to find! Especially considering the limited amount of time you can wear cute holiday jewelry! Buttons make really great jewelry options, and it’s so easy and inexpensive to make your own earrings using your favorite holiday buttons. I turned these sweet “Candy Treats” 3D Buttons into some simple, but adorable DIY candy earrings in just a few minutes!  With all of the cute Buttons Galore 3D holiday buttons, there are so many adorable options for your own holiday style! Continue Reading →


DIY Dangle Earrings For Every Occasion

DIY dangle earrings
Hi! It’s Anaya from the Buttons Galore & More Design Team. With the holidays fast approaching, you’ll surely want to dress to impress for all of the upcoming parties and celebrations. If you’re like me, you get tired of showing up in the same old boring earrings. Well, today I’ve got the perfect project for you – DIY Dangle Earrings! Continue Reading →


Party On Sequin Pendant Necklace

Who doesn’t love an invite to good party? I know I do! When you walk through the door (fashionably late, of course) you can be the center of attention in this quick, easy to make sequin pendant necklace! Continue Reading →


DIY Flower Button Brooches for Fall Fashion Cheer!

DIY Flower Button Brooch

Hello button lovers! This is Katie from the Buttons Galore & More Design Team, and today I have a fun DIY flower button brooches project if you are someone who is just not ready to make that transition into the fall season!

Now, as a fall season girl at heart, I know making flower button brooches sounds a bit weird in September. However, there are those folks who just love spring and summer. If this is you, then these flower button brooches should make the fall season a bit more bearable and make those warm cardigans a bit cuter! Continue Reading →


More Handmade Button Rings…”variety is the spice of life”, right?

Well I hope you enjoyed my ring tutorial yesterday. I really enjoyed putting it together. I especially love when people try out my tutorials and then let me know how it worked for them! :)

Today I just have a quick post to share with you. Here I wanted to show you a few more button rings I have made. First I will show you all three, then I will expound on them just a bit for you.

Here you can see that you can use buttons of all shapes and sizes. There’s no “right size” button for making a ring!

When I found the first one on the left in the Gold Bulk Button Pack I was thrilled that it wasn’t GOLD! LOL I was so excited to see it was silver because I am generally a “silver/copper/bronze” kinda gal… the only gold I typically wear is my wedding band and engagement ring. This button measures almost an inch and three quarters at the widest part!!! Suuuuch a fun “cocktail ring” size.

Here it is on my hand. Fun right??

Well then I thought I would also make one from the sweet dainty little Cameo Button in the Genuine Vintage Button Tin. It’s just so little and cute compared to the ginormous one in the picture above, isn’t it?
I have some really cute colored buttons that I plan on doing another ring soon with…I hope you will come on back to see them! Please be sure to comment with a link to your button ring creations. I would love to see what you have done either on your own or using the tutorial I created! Have a great day!

P.S.  Be sure to check out our “Pin it to Win it Contest” that runs all the way through April 27th!!!


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