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Make an iPhone Purse with Duck Tape and Buttons

Make a Duck Tape  iphone purse with buttons galore and more buttons.  I was struggling with ideas to make for my projects this month featuring buttons. While I was sitting around brainstorming, I started playing with the fancy roll of Duck Tape I had and next thing ya know, I had made a mini purse. Now, I don’t have photos to share showing how I made the purse exactly. That’s what happens when a girl get crafty at 11pm with no plan. However, I’ll tell you how I did it.

I used buttons to create the closing feature on this purse. I hand stitched these buttons in place so they would be more sturdy than a simple adhesive attachment. I think it would be fun to sew extra embellishments and designs on the purse too.


Make a Duck Tape cell phone purse with buttons galore and more buttons

Duck Tape cell phone purse


Make your own iPhone purse

Make your own iPhone purse

Materials I used:

  • Duck Tape
  • Vacation – Coordinating buttons
  • Embroidery thread and needle

– no kidding, that’s it!

How to make your own iPhone purse with Duck Tape and Buttons:

  1. Create a sheet of double sided Duck Tape that is 3 tape strips wide and 11″ long. To make the sheet, tear off 3 pieces of tape that are about 11″ long,  lay them next to each other, overlapping on the side by about 1/4″. Repeate this step and then stick the two large pieces on top of each other.
  2. Fold the bottom up about 4″ and tape the sides. Now you should have a pocket with a flap.
  3. Cut a small hole on each side of the pocket opening.
  4. Using a long strip of duck tape, make a strap for your purse. Roll or fold the strip of tape until it is more like a cord with no sticky side showing. RUn the cord through each hole on the purse pocket. Place tape around the edges of the cord so that it stays in place.
  5. Add your buttons
    1. Sew buttons in place however you’d like.
    2. Wrap thread around the bottom button and leave a piece hanging so you can use it to wrap around the flap button to keep your purse closed.
iPhone purse pocket

iPhone purse pocket


iPhone purse flap

iPhone purse flap


iPhone purse button closeup

iPhone purse button closeup


Fun colors to make your own iPhone purse

Fun colors to make your own iPhone purse


I always carry a super small purse, so you could use this as your wallet or add more pockets to carry more little treasures. I think it would be neat to add a few different Duck Tape patterns too. Get creative with the Duck Tape to make your own fun purse. I’d love to hear what you come up with!


Make an embellished tote with Hand Dyed Buttons

embellished tote

An embellished tote

Hand journaling is becoming more and more popular in mixed media crafts these days. This tote is a basic pre-made black tote I ordered online and embellished with hand journaled muslin, Jacquard Products paints and dyes (for the hand dyed fabric) and finally, fun buttons!

Jacquard products makes a wonderful product called IDye. It comes in both liquid form and powered packets. I used the powdered packets to machine dye white cotton muslin. Once the muslin was dry, I created happy bright colored fabric flowers using various techniques. Instructions for making flowers by hand from fabric can be found in abundance these days. Search for a myriad of techniques on sites like Pinterest.  You can find other ideas for an embellished tote there, too.

How to make an Embellished Tote:

I started with creating a dry brushed background using Jacquard’s Neopaque and Lumiere paints. Starting with one color, I waited for the colors to dry in between coats before adding the next to create an interesting canvas.

Believing that I have the absolute worst hand writing on earth, I was very timid about hand journaling on these muslin strips. I took on the challenge anyway and pinned and sewed them to the front of the bag. Swiping a coat or two of the paints allows them to blend in nicely with the background while standing out at the same time.

An Embellished Tote bag with hand dyed buttons and fabric

Bright, fun, hand dyed buttons  add the final touch to the flowers. They are perfect for this project since the fabric is hand dyed as well. I used three strands of six ply embroidery floss to sew through the holes of each button. I wanted to create the impression that the buttons were sewn to the bright flowers but in reality, I knotted off the threads in the back and glued them on with Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac.

The message of the sentiment speaks well to me. Instead of constantly complaining about how things should be, or how they are not what we envision as “right,” we should lead by example. Show the world what a better place it could be by being just that – better.

Live Life Creatively,



Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason

 Make a Zippered Bag with Buttons

Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise ClasonZippered bag measurements 10×10 bag

Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason


  • *(5) Coordinating Fat Quarter (FQ) Prints or use scraps, minimum 10” x 10”
  • *1 bag “Button Tote Bag Assortment” by Buttons and More, #1138473
  • *(2) 10” x 10” scraps of cotton batting, Warm & Company
  • *Star Multi-Color Machine Quilting Thread, to match fabrics, Coats & Clark
  • *10” Polyester Zipper, Coats & Clark
  • *Rotary Cutting Tools, Olfa
  • *Temporary Spray Adhesive, Sulky (green cap)
  • *Fray Check, Dritz
  • *1/8” wide12” strand cording to match fabric

Supplies for zippered bag:

1/4” foot, zipper foot, multi-purpose foot, scissors, sewing machine, iron

All seam allowances are 1/4”.

Cutting Instructions for Zippered Bag:

From each FQ, cut (1) 2 1/2” x 10” strip (front of bag)

From one FQ, cut (1) 10” square (back)

From one FQ, cut (2) 10” squares (lining)

From cotton batting, cut (2) 10” squares

Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason

All seam allowances are 1/4”.

1.  With 1/4” foot, sew each 10” strip RST, along 10” side, Press

zippered bag

2. Layer backing (face down), batting, lining (face up) Spray Temporary Spray Adhesive between layers. Repeat with front and lining.


3. With darning foot and feed dogs lowered, quilt bag using loopy design. Repeat with backing layers. Use matching lining thread in bobbin.

  1. Trim Front bag approximately 10” x 10” and then trim Back bag the same size.


Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason

5. Position various buttons to front bag, in random places. Sew with machine or by hand. I used my machine and the variegated thread, it changed with the color of each button! Apply Fray Check to back of each button to secure.

Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason

6. With Zipper foot, sew zipper RST onto front of bag along top raw edge.

7. Sew zipper RST to back of back. Use pins if necessary.

8. With the Multi-purpose foot, zig-zag along zipper edge.

9. Turn bag over to Right side and topstitch along zipper edge.

Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason

10. Upzip zipper! (for turning right side out) With 1/4” foot, and RST, sew bag along all three sides. Backstitch at each end. Zig-zag along seam allowances.

Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason

11. At corners of bag, match up side seam with bag bottom seam, pin on either side of seam. Check inside of bag to make sure they line up. Sew a seam, approximately 1 1/4”, from tip of corner . Backstitch at each end. Zig-zag and trim. Turn bag RSO.

Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason

12. Thread cord through zipper pull and tie a knot. Thread cord through three different buttons and tie a knot. Trim cording even. Apply Fray Check to ends. Enjoy!

Fall Zippered Bag with Buttons by Denise Clason

Denise Clason has been an artist/designer for over 35 years, selling her creative and beautiful designs to friends and teachers at an early age.  She continues to design and has  been published and licensed in the craft, decorative painting, sewing and quilting industries.  Along the way she has designed product for several manufacturers.  Denise is the author of 9 books. Her latest book, “Sewing Vintage Aprons” was published by All American Crafts”, released June 2011. Another two books were published by Krause Publication’s, “New Country Quilting,” released Spring 2005 and “Quilted Bags & Totes,” released Fall 2006. Denise is a Designer Member of The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA).  Please contact her at denise@deniseclason.com or visit her website & blog: www.DeniseClason.com. She would love to hear from you!


Pinterest Pin of the week – Beautiful Button Handbag

This buttoned handbag is simply beautiful.  If you have a little bit of time and basic sewing skills you could create it yourself.  Check out the buttons in our haberdashery line.

Buttoned handbag


Messenger Bag with Embroidered Table Runner

Thrifting Thursday - Messenger Bag with Embroidered Table Runner

I found this adorable table runner while cleaning up my Mother In Law’s house a couple of weekends ago. For some reason she had only worked half of it and then put it away to never be worked on again.

I felt bad cutting it up but it didn’t quite fit on the front of this messenger bag. So I cut it to fit and then cut the lace from the edge and sewed it back on. Same thing…only smaller.


I sewed a small heart shaped doily to the lower corner and embellished it with buttons from a Button Bonanza bag in Bubblegum. Finally, I stitched again around the outside edge of the heart with pink embroidery floss and put embroidery floss through a couple of the buttons.

I haven’t decided if it’s finished or not. I’ll have to sit with it for a day or two and decided if I need to add anything more.

What do you think? Is it finished? If not what would you add?


Child’s Button Embroidery Sampler

Do you remember how much you loved to sift through your mom, aunt, or grandmother’s button boxes? I still play with my buttons all the time, and I know I can always keep my five year old daughter busy with buttons. I recently came up with a project that takes button play beyond just looking at buttons, but also uses them as a creative tool. The end result is a darling little sampler of all my daughter’s favorite buttons and artwork. It’s truly an heirloom piece that will be cherished for years to come. Here’s how to make a button embroidery sampler with your child.

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