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Little Pink Ribbon Pins

October is the month that we as women remind each other that we love, care and honor ourselves.   The sisterhood of women strengthens this month as we stand together to bring awareness to breast cancer and what it means in our lives.  I don’t think there is a life untouched by breast cancer.  This little ribbon is a crafty project that you can make and wear to participate in not only the awareness aspect but also the celebration of the sisterhood of women.  I glued it together with Aleene’s Max Tacky Adhesive.  I used pink buttons of course.  I attached it to a pillow for the Hands-on-Heart pillow drive.


Here are a few other crafty breast cancer awareness projects that you might like.  This button ribbon was created with buttons and glue!

Button Pink Ribbon

This tie dyed pillowcase fits perfectly in the tote bag that was created with the pink ribbon stamp from ClearSnap by Jen Goode.  You can see lots of great things that were made with her stamp on 100 Directions.



Pink buttons can make a difference I think!  What do you think?




Up-cycle Reusable Shopping Bags for Earth Day – Fifteen MINUTE Friday

For Earth Day (and every day) it is fun to up-cycle your resuable bags!  I did this one with felt and buttons and few quick stitches and LOVE it.


There is really no pattern needed.   Just cut out fun shapes and stitch them to the bag.  Add buttons to make it super fun and stylish.

PicMonkey Collage

Happy Shopping and Saving the Planet,



Upcyled Denim Pocket Purse

Buttons Galore was invited to join the Rainbow Blog Hop 2014 (aka RainbowHop14) with the color indigo.  To become a piece of the colorful rainbow party, I took an old pocked from a pair of kid jeans and turned it into a mini purse, Welcome to the party!


Here are the supplies I started with.


I cut the pocket out first.


Then I stitched on some buttons in the colors from my Laura Kelly collection that worked best (Robin Egg Blue and


It is perfect to hold important things in a bigger bag (ie:  gym bag, backpack, pocketbook, etc.)!

Check out the projects in all of the colors of the rainbow.  Lots of them use buttons!

And you can enter to win a prize too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Rainbows of Creative Love,



Knit Headband with Wood Buttons

I have a secret to tell you. I can’t knit. Three people have tried to teach me and have failed. It’s the one craft I can’t seem to master. But I haven’t let that stop me. I can knit like a pro on a loom. You would be surprised by what you can make, looms aren’t just for hats and scarves. You just have to be more creative. I recently knit a headband on the loom. With wood buttons. Because there isn’t anything better than a nice knit and wood buttons. There is just something so organic about the combination of wood and wool. It’s winter. It’s cozy.

Knit Headband

If you are interested in knitting on a loom, just go to YouTube and search loom knitting and you’ll get tons of tutorials. Here’s a general idea of how I made mine. Did I mention I’m not a knitter? Don’t expect to see anything that resembles a knitting pattern below. This is a seat-of-my-pants tutorial. If you don’t knit, I’m sure you’ll appreciate it.

Headband Supplies

Supplies for Knit Headband with Wood Buttons


  • Take a piece of yarn and wrap it around your head, where you want the headband to sit. Cut it to size. This is the easiest way to measure the length of the headband. Alternately, you can use a measuring tape, but I liked having the piece of yarn. I kept it with me while I was knitting and would just hold it up against the piece to check on the length every now and then. (I told you this wasn’t going to be technical, right?)
  • Then decide how wide you want your headband. Mine is 4.5″ and is quite wide. I wear it more like a hat. Use a 2-3″ measurement if you want to wear it more like a headband.
  • Take your long loom and measure out how many pegs you need to work on in order to get your desired width. Then start knitting.
  • Pay attention to the length, holding your measured yarn up to your length. Once you have reached your desired length, cast off.
  • Whip stitch the ends of the headband together.
  • Sew the wood buttons on to the headband.

Here’s a helpful tip. If you are like me, you might think that using the round, hat loom would work for this project, but it won’t. Casting off leaves you with a wonky side edge. Trust me when I tell you to the scarf loom is best for this project.

If you are even more resistant than I am to knitting, you can also sneak off to the store, buy a knit headband and stitch a few wood buttons on to it. That counts as handmade too. At least in my world it does!

Knit Headband II

Want to see other projects I’ve knitted with my loom (and yes some have wood buttons)? Visit my Pinterest Board.

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Sweet Rubber Band Bracelets

Rubber band bracelets are all the rage with kids these days.  Some crafters use a special loom to create the bracelets, but you can also use your fingers and  some super cute novelty buttons to create a closure for your bracelet. This is definitely a kid-approved project as my daughter was wildly impressed that she could now make rubber band bracelets that stood out from the crowd.

Make a Sweet RUbber Band Bracelet with Buttons Galore & Laura Bray

Supplies for Rubber Band Bracelets:

  • Bands in colors of your choice.  You can buy packs of the bands at your local craft store, or just use hair bands.
  • Novelty buttons.  For my sweet set, I used the Sweet Delights collection.

Rubber Band Bracelet


1.  With your fingers, squeeze one of the bands in half and thread it through the shank of your button.


2. Squeeze another band in half and weave it through the loops of the band that you pushed through your button.

Make a Sweet RUbber Band Bracelet with Buttons Galore & Laura Bray

3. Continue weaving your bands together until you get the length you want.  Don’t forget the bands stretch!

4. When you get to the end of your band, take the two last two loops and wrap it over the button.

Step 3

Thanks for crafting with me today!  For more crafts, lifestyle tips, and button projects, visit me on my blog at Laura Bray Designs.


Visit Laura Bray Designs at www.laurabraydesigns.com





ScrapFest – Jumbo Baseball Bottle Cap

Allie Gower has created a fun Jumbo Baseball Bottle Cap using the Baseball Button Assortment, an Archiver’s Exclusive.

ScrapFest – Jumbo Baseball Bottle Cap

Archivers Logo

Buttons Galore is heading to Archivers Mall of America for ScrapFest 2013.

Join us for fun make and takes each day of ScrapFest.

Create a fun Baseball themed embellishment with Baseball Buttons.

 Supplies for Jumbo Baseball Bottle Cap:

  • Baseball Buttons, an Archiver’s Exclusive
  • Bottle Cap – Maya Road
  • Baseball, Number and Killebrew created using the Silhouette Design Software
  • Adhesive – Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive, Glue Dots


  1. Die cut pieces. Assemble using Craft Glue. Adhere baseball to bottle cap and add number and “Killebrew” on top. Let adhesive set up.
  2. Add baseball and bat buttons using Hot Glue or Glue Dots.

Project note – Add a pin back so you can wear this, or add a magnet to the back and honor your favorite player on the fridge!

Please note that all of these supplies used to make the ScrapFest projects are readily available in your local Archivers, and many of them are available in the Archiver’s Annex Online. Projects will be on display in the Archiver’s at the Mall of America.

See more of Allie’s work at her blog, My Card Party.


Button pumpkin onesie – Baby’s First Halloween

Pumpkin Onesie

Babies are so adorable when they are dressed to celebrate the holidays.  This pumpkin onesie creation for Halloween is super cute as well as quick and easy.


Directions to make the pumpkin onesie:

All you need is a onesie, embroidery floss and a large Outrageous Orange button .  If you want to put your pumpkin on a green onesie and you can’t find one, you can dye one.  That is what I did first.  I used Rit Dye’s Apple Green and tie dyed it in a mason jar.

 Button Pumpkin Onesie

It is best to embroider the stem and vines first and then add your button.  My favorite floss is embroidery floss by Coats and Clark!  I think the little pumpkin is just simply so adorable. So make your little pumpkin a onesie today.


Happy Pumpkins, Buttons and Stitching,


Pumpkin Onesie Bottom




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