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Button Flower Table Decor for a Bridal Luncheon

Your Wedding Day is coming up.  Now, it’s time to throw a thank you Bridal Luncheon for the gals who’ve been helping you make your big day special.

Previously this month, I posted a tutorial on the Buttons Galore & More blog on how to make a Bridesmaid Gift Box.  So, to continue with my bridesmaid theme, I’m sharing coordinating Button Flower table decor that can be an easy way decorate your Bridal Luncheon table.

 purple button flower tutorial

Button Flower Table Decor for a Bridal Luncheon

To coordinate with the Bridesmaid gift box,  I made some button flower table decor using a Fiskars punch and adhered them on to  C.U.T.E drinking straws.  I love how these straws come in a variety of colors.  There so cute that it’s almost hard to put them in to a drink.


Button Embellished Flowers using a Fiskars Flower Punch

  • Punch flower petals using Fiskars punch.
  • Ink Edges of Flower using Colorbox ink
  • Assemble petals together with adhesive of choice
  • Curl edges of petals to make into flower shape
  • Apply Smooch Glitz to flower petals
  • Add a Button Galore & More button to center of flower


Simple Bridal Luncheon Table Decor Using Buttons




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Wedding Decorations – DIY Candle Wraps Two Ways

Looking for DIY wedding decorations for your wedding?  These candle wraps with buttons are perfect for your ceremony.  Plus there are two different looks to choose from.  These wedding decorations can be modified to work with any style.

Wedding Decorations Wedding Candle Wraps

Materials needed for candle wrap wedding decorations:

Wedding Decorations Wedding Candle Wraps

 Directions for making candle wrap wedding decorations:

For the blue candle wrap, cut a sheet of paper so that it fits your candle.  Punch out a pattern of windows in your scrapbook paper with the Fiskars Everywhere Punch.

Wedding Decorations Wedding Candle Wraps

Cut a sheet of tissue paper slightly smaller than your paper and tape to the back.

Wedding Decorations Wedding Candle Wraps

Use various stamps to decorate each window of your candle wrap.

Wedding Decorations Wedding Candle Wraps

Wrap the candle and secure with tape in the back.  The candles I am using are wax sleeves that accept battery power tea lights.  There is no threat of fire when using these types of candles.  Add random buttons from the Something New button pack around your candle wrap.  Use hot glue to secure your buttons.

Wedding Decorations Wedding Candle Wraps

Add this one to the center of your wedding table for a beautiful centerpiece.  A collection of these would look great at your wedding reception.

Wedding Decorations Wedding Candle Wraps

Now for the second version just to show that these can be customized to any wedding theme.  For this version, again I cut the paper to size.  This time I used my Fiskars Everywhere Punch to make an elongated hole.

Wedding Decorations Wedding Candle Wraps

I cut some sheet music to size and taped it to the back of the paper over the window.

Wedding Decorations Wedding Candle Wraps

Stamp the blank shape with the monogram of your choice.  Then thread through some ribbon.  Glue the shape and the buttons to the ribbon ONLY.  Do not adhere to your wrap in this step.

Wedding Decorations Wedding Candle Wraps

Wrap the paper only around your candle first and secure with tape.  Then add your ribbon and secure with hot glue.

Wedding Decorations Wedding Candle Wraps

You can change up the paper and buttons on your candle wraps to match your wedding theme.  These are a quick and easy addition to any wedding decor.  Not getting married anytime soon?  These could also be customized for any season or home decor.  Grab your buttons and get started on your wedding decorations today.


Handmade Wedding: Doily Pinwheels

I am in love with doilies.  Seriously, I think everything looks better with a doily.  And, as Spring and Summer approach, I’ve also got pinwheels on my mind.  So, when I was brainstorming some wedding ideas to share with you, I decided to combine my two loves.  Of course I threw in a button for good measure too!  These doily pinwheels would be great wedding favors or, if you want to give your wedding a whimsical touch, why not line the ceremony aisle with them? I can’t imagine a better way to walk into life as a newlywed than between pinwheels.  After all, doesn’t your groom make your heart spin?

Doily Pinwheels Beauty Shop

Supplies for Doily Pinwheels:

Doily Pinwheels Handmade Wedding: Doily Pinwheels

Instructions for Doily Pinwheels:

  1. Fold the paper doily in half. Open it and fold it in half the other way. Open it up and lay it flat.
  2. Cut along the fold marks, stopping 1″ from the center of the doily.
  3. Take one corner of each cut edge and fold it towards the center of the doily.  Attach it with a dab of glue. Continue folding other three cuts.
  4. Glue the pinwheel onto one end of the straw.
  5. Glue a button into the center of the pinwheel.

Tip: Match the button and the stripes of the straw to your wedding colors.  If you can’t find straws to match, use wood sticks and paint them to match!





DIY Bridesmaid Headband – Tiffany Blue Wedding

Something borrowed, something blue.  This cute, DIY bridesmaid headband is perfect for your wedding.  I love the “Tiffany” blue of the ribbon and the Buttons Galore & More Wedding Glitz buttons give it lots of sparkle.  This headband is a great wedding project.  It would look great on your bridesmaids, flower girls, or even as a alternative to a veil for a bride.DIY Bridesmaid Headband - Tiffany Blue Wedding

Supplies needed for a DIY Bridesmaid Headband:Wedding Headband Supplies


Instructions for making a DIY Bridesmaid Headband:

1.  Using scissors, cut 3 circles, measuring approximately 6 inches in diameter, from the tulle.  This doesn’t have to be perfect!  Cut them freehand and let the edges be a little ragged.  This will give the headband a soft, romantic look.

2.  Cut 12 inches of ribbon.  Twist and roll it into a flower shape.Roll a ribbon flower


3. Using the Lumiere paint, apply a dab of glue to the side of the headband and attach the tulle circles to the headband.  It should be placed 1-2 inches from the top, center of the headband.

4. Again using the Lumiere paint, attach the the ribbon flower and some additional Wedding buttons to the headband over the tulle.  Add as much or as little bling as you like!Wedding Headband Glue on buttons and flower


Tip:  Lumiere 3D Dimensional Paint works great for this project as it works as both a glue and design element.  When the paint dries it gives you a 3D pearl effect-perfect for a wedding.



Bridesmaid Gift Box using Buttons & Glitter

A Bridesmaid Gift Box idea – So your big day is coming up and you want to give your Bridesmaids a handmade gift from the heart since they’ve been puttin’ up with your Bridezilla attitude.

How about making them an elegant Bridesmaid gift box using buttons and glitter?  You could even personalize the Bridesmaid gift box more by using your wedding colors or even their favorite colors.

Bridesmaids gift using buttons

Simple and elegant Bridesmaid Gift Box made by using buttons and glitter.

Supplies Used to make a Bridesmaid Gift Box:



How to make a Bridesmaid Gift Box:


Sand Paper Mache Box

  • Spray Paint Paper Mache Box white.
  • Ink randomly around edges of painted box with Colorbox ink.
  • Distress edges and rim of painted box using a sanding block.

mod podge glitter buttons

  • Paint a layer of Mod Podge on to lid of box.
  • Quickly sprinkle glitter over Mod Podge, let dry.
  • Spray a clear coat over top of lid to seal glitter in place.


Purple Glitter and Teal Buttons


  • Using hot glue, add button colors of choice on top of lid.
  • Wrap box with coordinating ribbon.


button bridal shower gift

Fill up your pretty Bridesmaid Gift Box

Now that your elegant Bridesmaid gift box is made,  it’s time to add something sentimental inside for them to remember your special day and how they helped you to get there. Maybe a piece of jewelry, a gift card to their favorite eatery or even an IOU for a night out on the town after your big day.




Sharpie Markers and Buttons – what a natural pairing!

 Sharpie markers make creating with buttons so much fun.  Our talented designers were sent a variety of Sharpies and asked to create a project around the theme of Weddings, Showers and parties in general.  One of our own designers, Laura Kelly, is getting married next month. so in honor of her event we thought we would give you some inspiration for the upcoming wedding season.

Each of the designers has posted their project on their personal blog.  We love comments and compliments… honestly, who does not?  So to encourage the love we are giving a prize.  Leave a comment on this blog about a project.  It could be your favorite, a delightful color combination or an inspirational use of the buttons and Sharpies.

The list of designers:

Ann Butler            http://www.creativitystirsthesoul.com/2012/06/buttons-plus-sharpies-equals-cute.html

 Allie Gower          http://welltrainedpaper.blogspot.com/2012/06/sharpies-blog-hop.html

Keri Lee Sereika http://pinklemonade.typepad.com/my_weblog/2012/06/buttons-galore-more-sharpie-marker-blog-hop.html

Ryann Salamon  http://ryannmarin.wordpress.com/2012/06/19/buttons-galore-more-weddingbridalshower-blog-hop/

Carla  http://carlaschauer.com/sharpies-and-buttons-tag-tuesday/

Dana http://www.paperdaydream.blogspot.com/2012/06/buttons-galore-teams-up-with-sharpies.html

Laura Bray http://www.katydiddys.blogspot.com/2012/06/wedding-blog-hop-buttons-sharpie.html



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