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Canvas Favor Bags

Completed bag 3 (768x1024)

Its time to look forward to cooler days and falling leaves and all the rest of the great things that Autumn ushers in. As a transitional season, Autumn is one of my favorite seasons and it always inspires me to create something new. I love the rustic feel of Fall projects. Its so easy to use canvas, hemp, jute, wood and other natural materials to make something that looks and feels like Fall. That’s why I decided to try my hand at creating these canvas favor bags.

Completed bag detail (768x1024)Inspired, I sat down with my fabric, wool felt scraps and buttons recently and decided to make a bunch of sewn fabric circles recently. Not really knowing what I was going to do with them, I have since used them to make wall art, pillows and now these little Autumn inspired canvas favor bags.

Materials used for Canvas Favor Bags:

1/8 yard of natural cotton canvas

Wool felt and fabric scraps

Inkjet cotton fabric

Burlap Scraps

Buttons Galore and More Laura Kelly Hand Dyed buttons

14″ hemp

Sizzix BigShot die cutting machine and Bigz Leaves Die

Rotary cutter and self healing cutting mat, scissors, sewing machine and thread, hand sewing needle and thread, heavy duty hole punch

Cut canvas (1024x775)

To make a canvas favor bag, cut two canvas rectangles that measure about 6″ x 8.” Pin small scraps of burlap rectangles to the center of one of the canvas rectangles.

pinned burlap

Use your sewing machine and thread to zig-zag stitch the burlap to the one of the canvas rectangles.

machine stitch burlap (768x1024)

stitched burlap (1024x768)

Add elements such as die cut leaves to your canvas favor bags. Fuse webbing to the back of a fabric scrap and die cut a leaf shape.

die cutting leaves (768x1024)

die cut fabric leaves (768x1024)

Peel away the paper backing and fuse the leaf shape to the canvas.

peel away paper backing (768x1024)

Machine stitch the leaf shape and inkjet fabric sentiments printed from your computer with a straight stitch.

inkjet sentiments (768x1024)

stitch appliques (768x1024)

Now the real fun begins! Use hand dyed buttons from Buttons Galore and More to embellish your canvas favor bag. I used Laura Kelly’s hand dyed buttons and one of my previously created fabric circles to embellish these canvas favor bags. Sew them on with a hand sewing needle and thread.

Buttons Galore and More (768x1024)Place the canvas rectangles right sides together and machine stitch using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Leave the top of the canvas favor bag open and start sewing about 1 1/2″ down so you have material to create a top fold.

sew right sides together (768x1024)

Use an iron on steam to steam the seams open.

steam seams open (768x1024)

Turn the bag right sides out and fold the top down to create a cuff.

turn right sides out (768x1024)

form cuff at top (1024x768)I created a simple handle by punching holes through the fabric layers using a heavy duty hole punch and inserting a piece of hemp through the holes.

make handles (1024x768)Fill your canvas favor bags with candy or other small treats. Surprise a neighbor by hanging on their front door for a nice Autumn surprise!

Live Life Creatively,





Fancy Straws with Buttons

We are on vacation at the beach and I am loving this opportunity to create in a new environment. We love to make up new drink concoctions when we are on vacation and I love to decorate them and make them fancy.  Here is today’s special…Popsicle drinks with fancy straws!


I used my Ad-tech hot glue gun (never leave home with out it) and buttons from my Laura Kelly mix to create a fancy straw collection for our drinks.  We stirred them with Popsicles and sipped through the straws. They were yummy and decorative and lots of fun.  Buttons are a great way to decorate when you are in a hurry or don’t want to spend a lot of time on something that might end up getting thrown away.  The color selection in the Laura Kelly mix is really festive and bright.


We made two versions of the drinks, one for kids and one for adults.  Which ones do you think look yummier.


Happy Creating Fun Drinks and Decorations with Buttons,




Mini Flowerpot Card Holders

It is always nice to have a personalized touch when celebrating special times.  These little flowerpots turned place card holders add that special touch and they are really simple to make.  You only need a few things to make them (spray paint, mini terracotta pots, clothespins, buttons (Radical Red and Black Beauty were used on these pots, hot glue).

Spray paint the pots a solid color.  I used Krylon’s Cherry Red to match the picnic basket set.


Glue on the clothespin upside down to hold the cards.  You can paint it the same color or make it different.  Add a button (or more) and you are ready to personalize.


I filled the pots with my husband’s favorite organic mints for our picnic outing.  There are so many creative things you could put in the pots, even flowers!  For more ways to create a picnic basket ensemble, you can find in a previous Fifteen Minute Friday the project for the napkins.


You can also visit my blog today today for directions on making the recycled glass jar heart candle.

Happy Friday,




Water Bottle Favors


Sometimes creating the perfect party favor that equally serves as a decoration is simple to button up.  This project can be used to create color themes for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, etc…  Here is a really simple, quick and decorative way to create favors that are great for summertime.


Remove the label on the water bottle.   Using ad-tech’s hot glue, add a little message and a button or two from Laura Kelly’s bright collection of colors along with a ribbon tied in a bow and you have a bright, cheery favor that is sure to be a hit.


For more fun party decorating ideas with the prom theme, visit Laura’s blog.



Mason Jar Fairy Lanterns


Spring sprang and summer is on the way which means warmer weather and more time outdoors…whether playing, celebrating or entertaining.  This little recycled mason jar acts as a great fairy lantern that can be used as a candle jar, party decoration or a jar to be filled with goodies for favors.

To make it you will need assorted Laura Kelly buttons, wire that it easily bendable (I used electrical fence wire from the garage) and feeds through the button holes and pieces of ribbon (5 inches long) and a mason jar without the lid.


To make it simply feed the wire through the buttons twisting and turning to create bright and colorful design then tie the ribbon pieces in knots along the wire.  Twist the wire to go around the top of the jar then use the remaining length to create a handle, twisting the wire through the piece that went around it to secure.

It is simple, fun and easy and makes for a great quick project that you can complete in around fifteen minutes!  It is one of those creations that has lots of great uses and ways to spread bright joy and light.


Quick and Easy Place Cards Ideas

Quick and easy place cards ideas!

Do you need place cards for your next event? Create some with just buttons and paper. Here are some quick and easy place cards ideas.

Quick and Easy Place Cards Ideas





These are easy to create.

I’ve cut my cards 3X3″ and folded them in half. The image below shows how the easy grass border is made and attached. This month we’re lucky enough to be playing with Fiskars products, so of course I used my Fiskars orange handled scissors. Thanks, Fiskars!


Quick and Easy Place Cards Ideas - Making the Grass Border


The cloud is a die cut that I inked. To finish off these quick and easy place cards, just add stickers. I love these adorable, chunky butterflies from Buttons Galore’s Butterfly Kisses Collection. I like to use Beacon’s 3-1 glue to make sure they stay put. Buttons Galore has several kinds of adhesive to offer in their Adhesives section.

Quick and Easy Place Cards Ideas Close Up Green

Quick and Easy Place Cards Ideas Close Up Orange


Supplies Used

Tools Used

  • Fiskars scissors
  • Sizzix Vagabond and cloud die

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you will find that our buttons are a great embellishment for all of your paper crafts.


Button Up Candy Jar

Candy Jars are quick and easy to make so it is a good idea to have several on hand for last minute gifts.  The one pictured below is no exception, it combines buttons and burlap which has great texture.  There is also a small gift tag with a flower button on the front on the front to go along with the burlap flower…..check out the instructions below….




Buttons from Confetti BB87 and Mardi Gras GB127

Burlap 6″ x 18″ 2 colors of choice

Beacon Adhesives Stiffen Stuff

Beacon Adhesive Felt Glue

Sizzix Big Shot

Sixxix Fringe Flower Die

Mason Jar with Lid

1 1/2″ x 3″ cardstock

Scissors, hole punch


Die cut 6 – 8 medium fringe flowers.

Spray both sides with Stiffen Stuff; let dry.

Scrunch each flower piece up to give it fullness.

Pick out your buttons.

Layer flower pieces together gluing between each layer.  Pull a thread from burlap to insert through holes of button and blue to top of flower.

Cut out burlap to fit lid.

Glue burlap to lid and place inside jar band; then place on jar that is filled with candy.

Cut burlap 1 1/2″ x width of jar, fringe by pulling threads; wrap around center of jar and glue in place.

Glue burlap flower onto front.  Fold cardstock in half to form a gift tag, glue threaded button to the front; punch hole in corner.  Pull thread from burlap, wrap around top of jar and thread through gift tag, tie.  Layer and thread three buttons together, glue onto the top of jar.

There you have it; a quick and easy button and burlap candy jar….



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