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Beautiful Handmade Bridal Shower Invitations

Black and white button bridal shower invitations

Black and white button bridal shower invitations

Hello, Pinky here with hand made Bridal Shower Invitations.

Step 1. Trim Black embossed cardstock to 4X6″ Trim white embossed cardstock to 3.75X5.75″. Layer onto each other.

Step 2. Blank Craft Shape Frames & Glitter It Glue, adhere ultra fine silver glitter to frame. Set aside to dry.

Step 3. Print up BRIDAL SHOWER to fit inside frames on plain white cardstock. Trim and adhere to frames.

Step 4. Adhere 2 LOVE buttons to frame (I used hot glue gun).

Step 5. Using Beacon Zip Dry, adhere white 2.5″ lace

Step 6. Adhere White Pleated Rosettes to corner of cards.

Step 7. Print invitation information (at 3X5″) and adhere to back.

These are going to add that perfect handmade touch to any wedding/bridal shower. It really expresses how much you care and will be a wonderful hit!


How to Make a Button Closure for Card Makers

Button Closure

Button Closure


Create a cool closure for your handmade cards by sewing on two buttons.  The card above is a a birthday card.  You can use this technique for any occasion.  Very few tools are involved and  little skill is needed.  It is quick and easy yet it makes the card feel extra special.


Button closure untied

Button closure untied


Needle with large opening

Embroidery floss in color of your choice

Paper cutter

Mouse pad


Contemporary Christmas Button Jar


12 x12 Cardstock of your choice

Pattern Paper of your choice

Rubber stamped sentiment of your choice



1.  Cut paper to 6×12.  Make a score line 3 inches from each end.  Fold flaps in so that they meet in the middle.

2.  Trim pattern paper to 5.5 x 11.5 and adhere to card.

3. Stamp sentiment and add to center of card.

4. Measure in one inch on each flap.  Place card open on mouse pad and use needle to make holes for floss.

5. Using floss sew on one button.  Tie knot to secure and trim off excess.

6.  For the second button cut a generous piece of floss.  Sew on button and tie a knot.  Do not trim off excess.  Use it to fasten the card closed


Inside of card

Inside of card



Make a Button Snowman Ornament

Button Snowman Ornament

Button Snowman Ornament

Need and ornament for a gift, package topper or an ornament exchange?  Why not make your own this year.  Button Ornaments are a great and inexpensive solution.  I made a few dozen while catching up on my favorite tv shows.  The buttons I used come in a great storage jar that also makes it easy to craft on the go.  For me on the go is not in my crafting cave.  I also made a cute wreath using green and red buttons.  Stop by http://365daysofcrafts.com after Halloween to check it out.

To make this cute and simple snowman you will need:

a wire cutter

14-20 guage wire. approx. 24 inches

one orange bead ( barrel or bicone)

two brown or black beads for mittens

Various size black buttons (5- 8)

White buttons ( 18-26)

I used buttons from a jar in the Portrait Collection



Cut a 12 in piece of wire.  Make a loop or add a crimp bead  at the bottom. Stack white buttons on to desired height.  Wrap a six inch piece of wire around to form arms.  Attach beads for mittens and cut off any excess. Cut off a3 inch piece of wire and attach orange bead as the nose.  Stack on more white buttons and then add largest black button to form brim of hat.  Stack on more black buttons to make hat.  Use the remaining wire to form a loop as shown.


Tada!  A snowman button ornament.  If you would like to see more of my work please visit  http://365daysofcrafts.com

Toodles, Niki



Vintage Party Favors

Vintage Party Favor

I love this party favor idea from Melody Nuñez. Simple yet sophisticated.

Please visit the Vintage Party Favor Tutorial to find out how to make them for your own gifts or party favors!


Make a Party Favor and Thank You Card

Thank You Card and Party Favor

Thank You Card and Party Favor

 Read more about making this adorable Thank You Card and Party Favor project on 365 Days of Crafts.


Shine On! (A Card of Encouragement)

Recently, my son participated in an Invention Convention- and when he didn’t win a prize, I could tell he took it kinda hard. So I whipped up this little card to encourage him to “Shine On” and not get discouraged.

To make it, I cut 2 circles from Core’Dinations cardstock Gemstones Collection and mounted them at the top of the card. Then I applied a Wacky Tacky Tape star shape and sprinkled silver microbeads on top. I finished it off with a white button threaded with a little embroidery floss, held in place with a mini Glue Dot.

To create the texture at the bottom, I “stacked” three rows of patterned and solid ribbon from the Retro Blue Button & Ribbons collection and adhered it with Zip Dry. I made a text block and brackets with more cardstock and used my trusty Dymo Label Maker to create the words.  A few more coordinating buttons finished off my design.

You could also use the sentiment, "Reach High."

I really love this color scheme, and it would be lovely for either a boy or a girl…and could easily stand in for a graduation card, too! Now wouldn’t it be a lovely card to send to someone who needs a little “pick-me-up?”

To see another card using another color scheme and a flower/ladybug motif, visit my blog, CraftTestDummies.com.


Graduation Card Idea

Graduation Card Idea

Here is another AMAZING card from our design team member Elise!

If you’d like to read about how it was made please visit her blog at Mamacow Creations.


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