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Button Up Candy Jar

Candy Jars are quick and easy to make so it is a good idea to have several on hand for last minute gifts.  The one pictured below is no exception, it combines buttons and burlap which has great texture.  There is also a small gift tag with a flower button on the front on the front to go along with the burlap flower…..check out the instructions below….




Buttons from Confetti BB87 and Mardi Gras GB127

Burlap 6″ x 18″ 2 colors of choice

Beacon Adhesives Stiffen Stuff

Beacon Adhesive Felt Glue

Sizzix Big Shot

Sixxix Fringe Flower Die

Mason Jar with Lid

1 1/2″ x 3″ cardstock

Scissors, hole punch


Die cut 6 – 8 medium fringe flowers.

Spray both sides with Stiffen Stuff; let dry.

Scrunch each flower piece up to give it fullness.

Pick out your buttons.

Layer flower pieces together gluing between each layer.  Pull a thread from burlap to insert through holes of button and blue to top of flower.

Cut out burlap to fit lid.

Glue burlap to lid and place inside jar band; then place on jar that is filled with candy.

Cut burlap 1 1/2″ x width of jar, fringe by pulling threads; wrap around center of jar and glue in place.

Glue burlap flower onto front.  Fold cardstock in half to form a gift tag, glue threaded button to the front; punch hole in corner.  Pull thread from burlap, wrap around top of jar and thread through gift tag, tie.  Layer and thread three buttons together, glue onto the top of jar.

There you have it; a quick and easy button and burlap candy jar….



Sharpie Markers and Buttons – what a natural pairing!

 Sharpie markers make creating with buttons so much fun.  Our talented designers were sent a variety of Sharpies and asked to create a project around the theme of Weddings, Showers and parties in general.  One of our own designers, Laura Kelly, is getting married next month. so in honor of her event we thought we would give you some inspiration for the upcoming wedding season.

Each of the designers has posted their project on their personal blog.  We love comments and compliments… honestly, who does not?  So to encourage the love we are giving a prize.  Leave a comment on this blog about a project.  It could be your favorite, a delightful color combination or an inspirational use of the buttons and Sharpies.

The list of designers:

Ann Butler            http://www.creativitystirsthesoul.com/2012/06/buttons-plus-sharpies-equals-cute.html

 Allie Gower          http://welltrainedpaper.blogspot.com/2012/06/sharpies-blog-hop.html

Keri Lee Sereika http://pinklemonade.typepad.com/my_weblog/2012/06/buttons-galore-more-sharpie-marker-blog-hop.html

Ryann Salamon  http://ryannmarin.wordpress.com/2012/06/19/buttons-galore-more-weddingbridalshower-blog-hop/

Carla  http://carlaschauer.com/sharpies-and-buttons-tag-tuesday/

Dana http://www.paperdaydream.blogspot.com/2012/06/buttons-galore-teams-up-with-sharpies.html

Laura Bray http://www.katydiddys.blogspot.com/2012/06/wedding-blog-hop-buttons-sharpie.html



Tween Baking Party Favors with Buttons

While I love throwing birthday parties for my children, I often struggle to think of fun party favors that are also useful.  With the popularity of baking-themed parties for the tween girl set, layered jar mixes are a perfect complement to the theme, and won’t become clutter later.

Layered Jar Baking Party Favors using buttons

I focused on the Ebony & Ivory Trim Collage Kit to create most of this layered cookie jar, along with some bright pink fabric and the cake button from the Sweet Treats collection.  There are 12 yards of ribbon in this collage kit, so I could make several coordinating jars from one kit.


Ebony & Ivory Trim Collage Kit
Sweet Treats Buttons
Precision Diagonal Craft Cutters
Pint canning jar with ring & lid, layered cookie mix (instructions found online try www.recipegolmine.com)
Bright pink fabric remnant (approximately 1-4”square and 1-12×1.5” strip for each jar)
Polyester fiberfill (or cotton balls)
Liquid glue
Fabric scissors
Computer printer or white cardstock and black pen
Black and white patterned paper
Black cardstock

  1. Cut circle of fabric approximately 4” diameter.  Place small amount of fiberfill (or 1 slightly pulled apart cotton ball) onto lid, and cover with fabric circle.  Add ring and screw on tightly.  Trim away excess fabric.
  2. Cut 1 length of striped ribbon, approximately 10” and glue around lid ring, trimming away excess.
  3.  Cut 2 pieces of striped ribbon and one piece of stitched ribbon long enough to fit around the jar, approximately 10.5 inches, and glue into place.  Trim excess ribbon.
  4. Accordion-fold and glue a strip of pink fabric in a circle to create 2.5” diameter folded rosette.  Glue striped ribbon and button rosette from kit to center of pink fabric rosette.
    Layered jar cookie mix party favor with button decorations
  5. Remove shank from cake-shaped button using Precision Diagonal Craft Cutters.  Glue black and white pattern kit button to top right, and cake button to bottom right of rosette, and glue embellishment cluster to ribbons on jar base.
  6. Print cookie baking directions onto 1.5” square tag.  Mat directions onto patterned paper (I used my own design) and black cardstock.  Punch hole in tag corner.  Thread ¼” pink ribbon through punched hole, cross through holes of small white button, and thread back through punched hole.  Tie ribbon around jar ring to attach directions.
    Layered jar  mix party favor tag with button decorations

These baking jars are easy to make assembly-line fashion, and are a fun way to send an activity home with guests after a party.  Paired with a fun apron party craft, they make wonderful, useful party favors!


Button Loads of Fun! Spring Gift Basket

With spring in the air and Easter approaching it’s that time of year to make baskets and give sweet little gifts.What crafter would not want a basket filled with Buttons Galore & More buttons!  Forget the candy, give her buttons. I made this basket from cardstock, and found a pattern online. You can find patterns from the simple pattern you hand cut by hand, to the elaborate patternthat you cut with your machine.

Layering Buttons

To layer the buttons take 3 buttons from the Button Bonanza Pastel Pack

Tie twine into the smallest button, then hot glue buttons on top of one another.

With Bonanza logo

After you layer buttons adhere to basket using hot glue again.

Then carefully adhere buttons randomly along bottom edge for added flair.

Pour rest of Pastel Button Bonanza into basket and make someone’s day bright and happy!

I hope you have fun with this project- Pinky- Buttons Galore & More Design Team


DIY A Simple spring tablescape with buttons

Hello there!  Today I am bringing you a super simple tablescape idea for spring using buttons, ribbon and clear glass jars…a “button-scape” if you will!  I’m willing to bet we all have a hodge podge of glass containers around the house (mason jars are one of my favorites) along with small spring and Easter themed nic-nacs.  Why not pull them together and make them a cohesive tablescape with the unifying ingredients of buttons, jars and ribbon?

Materials from Buttons Galore and More:

Other items needed:

  • various glass containers/jars/vases
  • spring themed collectibles
  • silk floral picks
  • pink/white gingham ribbon

Are you ready for the super complicated directions????  Just kidding, this process is simple.

  1. Partially fill jars with a single color of pastel buttons
  2. Add a figurine to the jar on top of the buttons
  3. Tie a ribbon around the top of the glass jar
  4. Arrange in a pleasing way on your table or display area

Check out the various items I used in my tablescape…

I loved the glass domed effect of the jars on my little treasures and the buttons are just the perfect pretty stage to show them off with!

Thank you for hopping by my post today!  I hope it inspires you to put your buttons to work this spring!


DIY Sweet Treat Notecards

Sweet treats and tea time come to mind today with this mini notecard set that highlights some adorable themed buttons from Buttons Galore and More!  Perfect for quick birthday notecards, party invitations or a great giftable set for the sweet tooth in your friendship circle!  A few simple ingredients and you have the makings for a sweet greeting!

Buttons Galore and More Product:

With a few simple products from Buttons Galore and More and some other card making items, I was on my way to a stack of cute notecards.

I first paired up my buttons in the Sweet Delights Collection with some stamps that had frame options as well as sentiments if I should choose to add a simple sentiment to the inside of the card.

I stamped out eight frames with chocolate ink on white cardstock and then paired up the buttons with the frames that fit each one the best.

These are “shank” buttons, meaning there is a small loop at the back of the button for sewing/tying onto your project.  In this case, I was going to need a flat back to my buttons so a simple clip of the shank with a pair of pliers was all that was needed.

First a clip just to remove a portion of the shank….

After that first clip, the button layers come apart and you can trim the shank even shorter so it will be flush with the back once reassembled.

Before re-assembling the button layers, apply a bit of craft glue to make the layers stick.

Re-assemble and pinch together so the liquid glue adheres well.

Once all of the buttons are prepared and the stamped frames are trimmed from the cardstock, adhere the buttons to the frames and start matching them with various colorful scrapbooking papers…scraps will work fine.  My papers range in size but are around 3″x4″ each, give or take a slice of the paper trimmer.

I decided these needed some ribbon and pearl pretties.  Tie small satin bows, one for each card and apply a Classic Circle.

Each classic circle has a touch of liquid adhesive on the back and is placed upon the knot of the bow.

Small paper doilies from the bakery section of the craft store have been cut in half to help set a backdrop for the treat-adorned frames.

Anyone hungry for dessert now!???  Thanks so much for checking out my sweet treat notecard idea!


Super Simple – Super Chic Napkin Rings

Button embellished napkin rings

Button embellished napkin rings


I am helping a friend plan and prepare for her wedding and all of the events surrounding it.  The project today is one of the napkin ring ideas I proposed to her.  It is simple enough that her kids can help, not expensive, and very pretty all at the same time.  She wants to go with shades of olive ( his favorite color), peach ( her favorite color, coral and turquoise (mine).  Not that my colors matter at all.  By adding shades of the four colors it helps to expand our options and stretches our budget even further.  By limiting the colors it allows us to many things that we already own.

To make the napkin rings I used scrapbooking paper that had all of her colors.  I buttons I used are Avacado and adhered with a glue dot.


Cut 1.5 inch strips

Cut 1.5 inch strips

Add a glue dot to one end

Add a glue dot to one end

Wrap around napkin

Wrap around napkin

Viola!  Super Chic Napkin Rings

Add buttons with a glue dot and VIOLA!


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