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Button and Burlap Hostess Gift

I have a hostess gift to share today using Buttons Galore and More buttons and a cute flowerpot die-cut shape. Of course I’ve included burlap to fit with our monthly theme!

Button flowerpot Candle hostess gift

I used the following materials:

  • Buttons from the Buttons Galore and More Spring Blossom Grab Bag
  • Nestabilities Flower Pots die from Spellbinders (smallest)
  • Raspberry Hemp Cording
  • Terra Cotta textured cardstock
  • 22 gauge and 16 gauge wire (kelly green)
  • Light blue burlap
  • Liquid Craft Glue
  • Double sided tape or adhesive dots
  • Wire cutters and round-nose pliers

Flowerpot Die from Spellbinders for button bouquet

I started by cutting the smallest Flower Pot die from the Terra Cotta cardstock using my die-cut machine. The die embosses the cardstock at the same time as it cuts.

Button Flowers in flowerpot die-cut

Then I folded over and glued the top part of the die-cut to create the top of the pot, and tied a hemp cording bow. I selected flower-shaped and round buttons with interesting patterns in several colors from the Spring Blossoms Grab Bag for the flowers.

I cut 5 pieces of 16 gauge wire (smaller gauge numbers=thicker wire) to the lengths I wanted for flower stems, then set them aside. I cut 5 pieces of 22 gauge wire and threaded the thin wire through the buttons (connecting stacked buttons), with open ends toward the back of the button. I added a dot of glue to the back of the button, pressed the thick wire stem into the glue, and twisted the thin wire ends together securing the wire stem to the button flower.

Once all my flowers were secured to their stems, I arranged them on a 2″ strip of light blue burlap long enough to wrap around the glass candle jar and glued them in place. Once the flower pot was glued on top of the flower stems, I attached the wrap onto the jar using double sided tape. (Wrap must be removed before using candle, so make sure this adhesive isn’t permanent.)

This type of wrap also works well on vases for a fun summer home decor project. I’ll be using mine for a game night prize!


Upcycled Spring Floral Bouquet – An Earth Day Project

Upcycled Spring Floral Bouquet

Burlap and buttons make a great wrap for a bouquet that will last longer than a week. I love fresh flowers, but they do not love my budget. A more budget friendly idea is the tin can that I repurposed.

Tools and Materials:

Sizzix Tattered Florals and Leaf  Die Cut

Beacon Adhesive – FabriTac

Jute Cording,  Burlap, Styrofoam, Krylon Spray paint, Westcott Scissors and kraft knife.

Buttons – Tangerine Tango, Class


Clean and dry tin can. Spray paint can. Let dry and repeat.

Use Krylon to Paint Can

Place floral foam inside can.

Place Floral Foam inside

Cut burlap to fit. Adhere burlap with Quick Grip.

Cut Burlap to Fit Can

Slide buttons on to jute cording. Wrap cording around container. Adhere buttons into place. Add a second layer of buttons where desired and glue into place.

Recycled Can - Earth Day Project

Add flowers into container.

This recycled tin can vase will work for any type of flowers, fresh or hand made.


Homemade Button Garden Markers

HomemadeGarden Markers, Pea Marker

It’s spring time and that means planting time! All the gardeners I know are pouring over seed catalogs and dreaming about their summer crops. Today I have a super quick, super fun homemade project that will help you remember which pot you planted lettuce in and which pot has the peas: Button Garden Markers!

The fun thing about this project is that it really inspires creativity. I used orange buttons for carrots, green buttons for peas and lettuce, and red buttons for tomatoes. But the possibilities are endless.  Purple buttons for bunches of grapes, yellow for squash. What else can you dream up? The possibilities are only limited by the size of your garden!

Homemade Button Garden Marker SuppliesSupplies:

  • Unfinished, small wood plaques.  (Mine measure 3″ x 2″)
  • Craft paint or markers
  • Buttons – Check out some of Buttons Galore and More’s Button Candy Bags for inspiration and match them to whatever you are planting!
  • A wooden dowel 1/4″ diameter by 12″ longHomemade Carrots & Lettuce Garden Markers


Decide which veggies you need to mark in your garden and gather up the appropriate buttons. For this tutorial, I’ll tell you how I made the Carrot Garden Marker.

  1. Paint the wooden plaque in light white wash using white paint. Allow to dry.
  2. Lay-out 3 orange buttons on the plaque. Use a small, medium, and large button to give the tapered appearance of your carrot. Glue them in place.
  3.  Using paint or permanent markers, add some green leaves to the top of your carrot. You can also draw a black decorative border around the edge of your plant marker and write the name of the crop if you wish.

See? I told you it was easy. Now – a word to the wise. This is a crafty project and it looks really cute, but remember if you are using these outside, they will need to be protected. I would recommend using paint and glue that you know can stand up to sun, heat and rain, or sealing them with a waterproof sealer.


Spring Fling Button Garland

Spring Garland button art by Laura Bray

Spring Garland button art by Laura Bray

Has Spring arrived where you live?  If not, why not whip-up a few Spring Fling Button Garlands to drape around the house until the real thing makes its appearance?  Or use the garlands for your Spring holiday decor.

Spring Button Garland by Laura Bray

Spring Button Garland by Laura Bray

This project is versatile as you can be completely in charge of how you make it based on your skill level and materials available.  It’s all about the flowers.  The most important thing to remember is that this garland looks best with felt flowers and button embellishments, but you can create the flowers however you want.  I used my die cut machine to create the felt flowers and layered a couple of different sizes and colors together.  My color inspiration came from Buttons Galore & More’s Citrus Button Jar.  I just pulled some buttons out of the bag that inspired me and then matched my felt accordingly.  You can also just buy some felt flowers and then bring them up a notch with buttons.  Because buttons make everything cuter!



  1. Make or buy felt flowers.  To make a 50″ garland, you will need  3 large (3.5″) flowers, 4 small (2″ ) flowers and some felt flowers shapes or circles for the backs of each flower.
  2. Glue buttons to center of felt flowers.  Add embroidery to felt leaves and flowers if you desire.
  3. Fold ric rac in half and lightly mark center line.  Lay the ric rac flat on your work table.  Now, we want to center a large flower over the halfway mark on the ric rac.  Take the felt backing piece (a flower shape in the same size or a slightly smaller circle shape) and apply glue and lay it under the ric rac as shown in the photo below.
  4. Now take your top flower piece and attach to the felt backing, with the ric rac running through the middle.


5.  Using the same technique, attach a smaller flower to the right of the large flower.  Space the flowers approximately 3″ apart.  Make sure you glue all the flower fronts to the same side of the ric rac!

6.  Continue attaching flowers, to either side of the large, middle flower until you reach the ends of the garland.  Remember the pattern is to keep alternating large and small flowers.

Hang your garland and enjoy!

Project Designed by Laura Bray.




Composition Book – Summer Journal

journal and pencil boxes

A few months back, I made some boxes to hold my colored pencils. I loved the design so much that when I was doing my summer journal, I chose to make a matching journal to coordinate with my boxes. Cute, huh!

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