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“Cute as a Button” Ring Kit Party

Pinable Button Party Badge

It’s party time! BGM Creations and Suzann Sladcik Wilson just launched a new line of Button Ring Kits. I love the Kids Ring Kit and decided to design a craft party for my daughter around making button rings. The kits are super economical at $10 a kit (each kit makes 10 rings). You can have a lot of kids over without breaking the bank-especially since the finished rings can also be the party favors.
Ring Party
It’s pretty simple to get inspired when you pick a button theme for a party. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Crafting can be messy, so I created workstations for each child. I cut up some craft paper into placemats, doodled on it, and then glued some buttons down. I opened up the ring kit packaging and made the kits match my party by adding silk flowers (with buttons glued in the center) and ribbon to the kits. I transferred glue into smaller size tubes, which makes it easier for little hands to squeeze. Of course, the glue tubes also got a makeover by adding scrapbook paper, ribbon and buttons to them.
Kit Decor

You really don’t need to plan much to do at the party except make rings, because the girls love all the combinations they can create. Just make sure you have enough kits on hand for each girl to make more than one ring!
Ring Assembly

We had cupcakes for a snack (because crafting makes a girl hungry!) I just bought cupcakes at the bakery and then dressed them up for the party. You can create super cute cupcake picks with a lollipop stick, buttons and ribbons.
Cupcake Topper copy

Or just decorate a cupcake wrapper with some buttons. Or do both (more is more around here). We also glued some buttons onto some plastic silverware to add even more button goodness to our party.
Cupcakes & Silverware copy

This party is so simple! I didn’t even wait until my daughter’s birthday to throw it. We just invited a few girls over to have some crafting fun. All the projects here only took me about an hour to get ready, but it looked like I spent days getting ready. The best part? Seeing how happy my daughter was making button rings!
Rings II

For more crafty lifestyle tips come and visit me on my blog at www.laurabraydesigns.com.
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DIY Craft a Rainbow

This is a really fun activity for kids, for kids of all ages that is.   You can use this project as a guideline to create using a variety of bright materials but I, of course, love BUTTONS!  You can find all of the colors of the rainbow in buttons in my Laura Kelly collection for Buttons Galore!


To create a rainbow of colorful fun, use a piece of waxed paper and create the arcs with Aleene’s Tacky Glue.


Then add objects in the colors of the rainbow to create the beauty.  Buttons works GREAT but so do other embellishments and random things from around the house.


Ta Da!  Once it is totally dry, cut it out and hang it up.  It works great on a glass window or door.


Happy Being Bright and Cheerful,



Adorable Little Ornament – Fifteen MINUTE Friday

Welcome to the Black Friday Cyber Sale, and to the Linky Party organized by our designer Laura Kelly using  Sculpey Polymer Clay products and her line of our buttons to create “Adorable Little Ornaments”.

For today’s project, I am sharing as a part of a linky party featuring adorable little ornaments made from clay and buttons.  Lots of designers and bloggers were sent Sculpey products and Laura Kelly’s buttons to create these adorable little ornaments.


How to make the button ornament

I used Sculpey clay in red and white to form a stocking, molding with my fingers.  When I was done stuck then end of an 8 inch long piece of wire into the top in two places to create holes that I would later need.  While the stocking was baking (following the directions in the packaging) I twisted the wire up and added a few Radical Red and Apple Green buttons along with my signature ribbon (black with white polka dots).

When the stocking was out of the oven and cooled, I added the wire using a tad bit of super glue on each end into the holes.  Wah-lah…an adorable little ornament.


There are lots of ornaments being shared in the party.  Check them out.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

…and enter to win some clay and buttons of your own!

Happy Creating,


And now for the sale…


Choose from our entire line at www.buttonsgaloreandmore.com Place your order during the following times using these  codes:

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Button Up A Clay Wreath

This week’s project is extra special because it was created by a KID.  It is also a speedy fun craft for the holidays that is a project for the awesome blog party known as Craft Lightning!

Zoe used Pluffy Clay by the makers of Sculpey to create the wreath.  She rolled up little balls of clay then put them together and pressed down to get the to attach.



She used the red in the package to create the bow then we baked it for a few minutes to get it to harden.


When it came out of the oven, we used hot glue to add a few Laura Kelly Radically Red buttons and wah-lah…an adorable wreath ornament.


Happy Crafting for The Holidays,



Button Pumpkins Fall Craft

My button pumpkins are the perfect fall craft.   They are quick and easy to make plus make a fun little addition to any of your fall decor.  Grab some buttons and lets make some pumpkins.

Button Pumpkins -- make your own DIY craft pumpkins from just buttons and glue.  Learn how to with this tutorial.

Button Pumpkins Supplies

  • buttons (orange is required but green is optional)
  • green twine (if you don’t have green buttons)
  • hot glue

Yes that is it!

Button Pumpkins -- make your own DIY craft pumpkins from just buttons and glue.  Learn how to with this tutorial.

Button Pumpkins Instructions

Sort your orange buttons and find some that are various sizes.  When stacked they should be sphere shaped.  Hot glue the buttons together.

Button Pumpkins -- make your own DIY craft pumpkins from just buttons and glue.  Learn how to with this tutorial.

If you have some green buttons, find two mini sized ones that are the same size.  Hot glue those on top.

Button Pumpkins -- make your own DIY craft pumpkins from just buttons and glue.  Learn how to with this tutorial.

No green buttons?  Hot glue a couple of orange buttons on top that are mini size.

Button Pumpkins -- make your own DIY craft pumpkins from just buttons and glue.  Learn how to with this tutorial.

Then use hot glue and the green twine to wrap those two buttons for a stem.

Button Pumpkins -- make your own DIY craft pumpkins from just buttons and glue.  Learn how to with this tutorial.

You can have an entire field full of these mini button pumpkins in no time at all.  Use them in your fall decor or to give out as party favors.  This is also a great craft to do with older kids (be careful with the hot glue!).  Who doesn’t want some little button pumpkins?

Button Pumpkins -- make your own DIY craft pumpkins from just buttons and glue.  Learn how to with this tutorial.



Spooky Spider Popcorn Trick-Or-Treat Box

EEEK!  It’s a great big SPOOKY Spider.  No wait, it’s just a popcorn box in disguise.  This Halloween treat box is a creation that I made for the Halloween Movie Popcorn Box Party Hop.


There are more than 30 popcorn boxes in this blog hop party that have been transformed into creations for Halloween.  Lots of them use buttons from Buttons Galore as each of the designers was provided with a little package of Halloween colored ones from Laura Kelly’s collection.

Materials used for Spooky Spider:


Directions for the Spooky Spider:

I painted this one with Plaid’s Folk Art paint (Multi Surface Licorice) and then embellished with wires for legs and Laura Kelly’s Black Beauty buttons for feet and eyes.  To get the wire into the sides, I poked holes with a sharp screw in hook.  To fill it up and make it yummy, I added a mixture of popcorn that I shook up in chocolate and black sugar.  I also added in some chocolate covered cherry Jelly Bellies to make it a little more fun.


Check out the many other fabulous projects.  Lots of them were done by our awesome Buttons Galore design team members and others by creative designers, artists and bloggers.

An InLinkz Link-up <—– click link for more ideas

If you want to enter the contest to win a $100 gift card so you can buy some movies to watch while eating popcorn, go for it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway <—- click link to enter a giveaway

Happy Popping Around,



Button Pumpkin

How about a Button Pumpkin for your door? This will be fun to do with the kids.

I used Hot Glue, but the kids could easily use a Craft Glue or Glue Dots.

Button Pumpkin

Supplies for Making Button Pumpkin:


  1. Cut paper pieces for pumpkin. Lightly trace center of pumpkin as a guideline. 
  2. Place buttons on bottom half – the outer edges, and glue into place. Add small buttons on top of other buttons for added interest and to hide some of the paper.
  3. Create the center panel. Adhere buttons. Attach to pumpkin using dimensional foam tape – you may need a few layers.
  4. Add stem and leaf. Draw “veins” on leaf and shade to add interest.

Project Note:

If you do use hot glue and you have a lot of strands of glue and messy areas, just hit them with a hair dryer or heat embossing tool – they’ll melt away – easy peasy. If you do not have an electronic cutter, print one offline onto cardstock or trace, or be brave and draw one by hand.

Enjoy. Happy Fall Y’all!


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