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Boho Button Wall Art

Boho Button Wall Art

Hi! It’s Laura Bray with another fun, button-themed guest blog post! The “Boho” trend is still going strong and feathers are still the rage, so for today’s project, I thought I would show you how to create this unique, button-encrusted feather plaque.


Winter Blues Embellishment Bottle
Rustic Feather by Walnut Hollow
• Blue craft paint
• PVC glue


    1. Paint the Rustic Feather with blue paint and allow to dry completely.Boho Button Wall Art 2
    2. Apply a thick layer of glue down the center stem of the feather and pour mini beads over it, press the beads lightly into the glue and allow to dry completely.
    3. Working in small sections of the feather, cover the area in a thick layer of glue, then put blue buttons, in varying sizes in the area. Work quickly. While the glue is still wet, pour sequins and beads over the spaces between the buttons. Let each section dry before moving to the next.Boho Button Wall Art 3
    4. Once you have covered the feather in buttons, beads, and sequins, go back and glue some additional buttons on top of some areas. This helps to fill in any empty spaces as well as give the piece a bit more depth and texture.

Best of our 2016 Button Projects!

2016 is coming to an end, and it’s time to take a look back at the best of our button (and sequin) projects for the year. We hope you enjoy taking a look at the year’s highlights, and find some things you missed – or forgot how much you loved the first time!

Button Monogram

A monogram is just the thing for baby’s room, and buttons add just an extra touch of cute to one. Use traditional pink or blue, or choose a color to coordinate with baby’s nursery for home decor style.

Button Monogram Wall Art for Baby's Room

Button Title by Becki Adams

Guest artist Becki Adams used primary colors to create a giant title out of buttons and sequins on an adorable layout about her children reading. Paired with a bold black and white color scheme, the colors really pop!

Becki Adams Read to Me layout

Buttoned Up Dress Form by Candy Rosenberg

Guest artist Candy Rosenberg used buttons to dress up her signature design icon – a dress form. Using a palette of neutrals along with pale green and peach, Candy created an eye popping “dress” that is at once vintage and modern. This beautiful lady will be at home in your home decor or decorating an art studio!

Button Decorated Dress Form

Sunny Sequin Card

A little sparkly sunshine is always seasonal! This simple sequin collage card using our 28 Lilac Lane sequins will have someone special looking on the bright side of life, and let them know you are thinking of them.

Bright Side Sequin Card

Resin Button Tray

Buttons make a big impact in a big collage. Encase them in resin, and you’ve got a surface that is both practical and pretty. Creating a collage of ivory and pearl buttons gives a gorgeous vintage look to this wooden tray, creating a project that will decorate your party or wedding.

Button Tray

Mixed Media Locket

Our 28 Lilac Lane embellishments are so pretty, you’ll want to wear them – and you can, in this mixed media locket project! Layer charms, buttons and beads to create a one of a kind piece of jewelry. The options are as endless as our 28 Lilac Lane color palette!

DIY Holiday Gift Jewelry close-up

Button Rainbow Card

What is cheerier than a rainbow? Creating this bright button rainbow card to bring some cheer to someone you care about is surprisingly easy. Learn how we did it!

This happy button rainbow card is perfect to bring cheer for any occasion.

Glam Girl Button Frame

With our huge selection of colors, a button collage can be customized to any decor. This project utilized our trendy new Glam Girl Button Bonanza to make a button collage frame that is perfect for a kid’s room – or a grown-up room, too.

Button Frame with Glam Girl Buttons by Buttons Galore

We hope you enjoyed our walk down memory lane of the best of button projects of 2016! We can’t wait to share more beautiful things – and products – with you in 2017!

Best of Button Projects 2016


28 Lilac Lane | Easy Home Decor Canvas by May Flaum

Whether you are looking for a last-minute gift idea, or to brighten your home decor for the new year…this mixed media wall art project by 28 Lilac Lane designer May Flaum is just the thing for your walls. It’s an easy home decor canvas that can be completed in just a few minutes, but packs a visual punch!

easy home decor canvas

easy home decor canvas by May Flaum

Only a few basic supplies are needed for creating this project:

The mixed media technique for this easy home decor canvas is messy and random looking – and therefore very forgiving and difficult to screw up! Just smear the shades of paint in one direction across your canvas – and remember to make sure it is nice and thick for a beautiful textured look.

Next, use your palette knife to smear a shape into the paint. Use liquid adhesive to add your embellishments and gold leaf on top of the smeared shape. Finally, spritz with gold mist for an extra touch of shine!

easy home decor canvas

easy home decor canvas by May Flaum

It’s that simple to create beautiful wall art! And don’t forget that May’s mixed media technique on this easy home decor canvas can be adapted very simply to many color schemes and shapes. Try the 28 Lilac Lane Hello Sunshine bottle with shades of yellow and white paint to create a beautiful moon for a nursery wall. Or create a heart in shades of pink using Pretty Princess to add a touch of artsy elegance to a dorm room. The possibilities are as endless as our color palette of 28 Lilac Lane embellishment bottles!


Decorate with a Simple Glam Girl Button Frame!

We recently announced six new Button Bonanza assortments for fall – great mixes of colors that are seasonal and trendy. Today I’m here to show you a beautiful button frame project with what is probably my absolute favorite of the new mixes: Glam Girl!

Glam Girl Button Bonanza by Buttons Galore

This lovely assortment of pink, turquoise, butter yellow, and dark blue is oh-so-trendy and so versatile for a variety of projects!

This button frame project would make a gorgeous addition to the decor in a teen/tween’s room (and it’s easy enough for them to make themselves). Or it could add a pop of color to a flea market decor in a living room or bedroom!

Glam Girl Button Frame by Nancy Nally for www.buttonsgaloreandmore.net

The steps to completing this project are super simple.

To begin this project, paint the unfinished wood frame with the Pink Dogwood paint. The soft pink color provides a delicate background to fill in between the buttons in the collage, and coordinates beautifully with the shades of the Glam Girl buttons.

How to make a Glam Girl Button Frame by Nancy Nally for www.buttonsgaloreandmore.net

Once the paint is dry, then it is time to start the button collage! My tip for doing this is to work in sections laying down an inch or two long section of the white glue and filling it in with buttons. Once it is dry, then start the next section. This technique prevents a huge mass of buttons that are sitting in still-wet glue from accidentally being shifted as you work your button collage into place.

Button Frame with Glam Girl Buttons by Buttons Galore

The key to a nice balanced button collage is to spread out the larger buttons, and to try to avoid placing the same colors next to each other too much. With only four colors, it’s not possible to avoid it entirely, but I mostly managed to avoid more than two that were connected to each other of the same color.

Creating a button frame collage like this can be a bit time-consuming, but also a relaxing and fun project! And the end result is a button frame that will be enjoyed for years to come!



Use Resin to Create a Beautiful Button Tray

Most of what we do here on the Buttons Galore blog are simple, fast projects. But occasionally, we like to bring you a more complicated project that really shows how amazing – and beautiful – buttons can be. Today we’re sharing one of those projects, a vintage-look button tray that will look perfect in a farmhouse, shabby chic, or vintage french country style decor.

Button Vintage Tray


To start my button tray, I painted the unfinished tray with two coats of chalk paint. I sanded with fine grit sand paper in between coats, and also after the top coat.

The next step is tedious work, but one I actually enjoy because I find it a very zen process. I dumped my various packages of buttons out of the surface of my work table and painstakingly began selecting ones to fill in the bottom of the tray. It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle that you don’t have a picture for!

Note that this step is just a “dry fitting” process with no adhesive involved. (Make sure that kids and pets are kept at a safe distance where they can’t disturb your work!) The buttons will be held in place by the epoxy resin.

Button Vintage Tray collage in process

To seal the buttons into the bottom of the tray and provide a flat cover over them, you’ll need an epoxy resin product. I used EnviroTex Lite Pour Over. It comes in two bottles that are poured together into a mixing container and stirred to make the resin, which is then poured over the tray. I used the 16oz package size and used almost all of it to fill my tray to the bottom of the handle cut-outs.

EnviroTex Lite

The trick to getting a perfect surface on your resin is to use a handheld kitchen torch to pop the bubbles that come to the surface of the resin as it hardens in the early stages. (The bubbles are caused by the mixing of the resin.)

Popping Bubbles in button tray epoxy

After that, it just takes some patience to let your resin harden and after about two days you’ll have a beautiful button tray that can be used for serving or display!

Button Tray

In this close-up look, you can see how the resin floats over the buttons and provides a solid glass-like surface in the bottom of the tray. I poured the resin to the bottom edge of the handle cut-outs. A few buttons shifted from the pouring of the resin, and one was even sticking up though the top of the resin. I just used a disposable chopstick to nudge them back into the correct position.

Button Tray close-up

I used a combination of our “White” Button Bonanza“White Wash” Button Basics, and “Ivory/Pearl” Haberdashery Buttons (pictured below) to fill the bottom of my tray. As long as you mix them throughout the project, it doesn’t matter if you mix the different products together to fill your button tray. And don’t feel limited to white in your color palette – this project would look great in a variety of colors, from pastels to holiday brights!

Haberdashery buttons

This button tray project is a bit time consuming but will bring years of beauty to your home! If you’ve made something with epoxy and buttons, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Button Tray using Buttons embedded in epoxy resin | by Nancy Nally for www.buttonsgaloreandmore.com


Button Magnets are Fast & Fun Decor!

When you think of button magnets, you probably think of cute, brightly colored accessories for a classroom or a sewing room. But with the right button selections, button magnets can also be sophisticated accessories for flea market or farmhouse vintage style home decor.

Button Magnets

Supplies needed:

Button magnets are so simple to make! Start by selecting buttons to create a coordinated set. Don’t forget to make sure they are all at least a little bit larger than the magnets that you plan to use! Next, cut the shanks off any that buttons that need it. (The buttons will attach more securely if you get the backs as flat as possible, so it pays to give some attention to detail on this step.) Glue the buttons to a round magnet using adhesive or a hot glue gun, pushing the buttons nice and flat on the magnets. Once the glue is dry, your button magnets are ready to use!

The trick to achieving a sophisticated look with button magnets is in the color and button selection. This “Wedding” Button Bonanza is full of creams and gray tones that are the perfect complement to many currently trendy home decor paint colors. They are subtle, and understated. Combine them with the metals of the Haberdashery set, and you have created an effortless  collection that looks like grandma’s random button bag yet is perfectly coordinated.

Button Magnets

These button magnets will look fabulous on a variety of surfaces – magnetic chalkboard, galvanized metal (see above), white board, even your fridge! They are an affordable way to create DIY wedding decor (hang up reception table assignments with them) or to add some style to a functional office board. What will you use them for?


Make a Rainbow Canvas with 28 Lilac Lane!

Wanting an uplifting, fun, and carefree kind of project this week I pulled out the entire 28 Lilac Lane line, some paste, liquid adhesive, and a 6×6 wood board to make a rainbow!

Rainbow Love Canvas with buttons by May Flaum

Did I really say the entire line? Yes, yes I did! I wanted to create a rainbow of buttons, beads, sequins, and pearls across this canvas and I wanted to have a wide variety. Beginning in the middle with green and working towards the edges, I just love the finished piece! Some charms from various kits as well as a few chipboard letters finished off my project before I used a glossy sealant to complete this piece. Note that I worked in layers, meaning that I built a base layer then went back over it several times to add more pieces and details. This project was such fun to make, and I love that it features at least one thing from every bottle and kit.

Rainbow love canvas close-up

Rainbow Love Canvas close-up

Want to make this with fewer items? Using the Dragon Fire, Pumpkin Spice, Hello Sunshine, Oh Christmas Tree, Winter Blues, and On Lilac Lane bottles would get you a lovely rainbow as well. I hope I’ve inspired you to create a bit of a rainbow with your next craft project, and get those fun buttons on display. For complete details and instruction be sure to watch my video below!


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