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Homemade Button Garden Markers

HomemadeGarden Markers, Pea Marker

It’s spring time and that means planting time! All the gardeners I know are pouring over seed catalogs and dreaming about their summer crops. Today I have a super quick, super fun homemade project that will help you remember which pot you planted lettuce in and which pot has the peas: Button Garden Markers!

The fun thing about this project is that it really inspires creativity. I used orange buttons for carrots, green buttons for peas and lettuce, and red buttons for tomatoes. But the possibilities are endless.  Purple buttons for bunches of grapes, yellow for squash. What else can you dream up? The possibilities are only limited by the size of your garden!

Homemade Button Garden Marker SuppliesSupplies:

  • Unfinished, small wood plaques.  (Mine measure 3″ x 2″)
  • Craft paint or markers
  • Buttons – Check out some of Buttons Galore and More’s Button Candy Bags for inspiration and match them to whatever you are planting!
  • A wooden dowel 1/4″ diameter by 12″ longHomemade Carrots & Lettuce Garden Markers


Decide which veggies you need to mark in your garden and gather up the appropriate buttons. For this tutorial, I’ll tell you how I made the Carrot Garden Marker.

  1. Paint the wooden plaque in light white wash using white paint. Allow to dry.
  2. Lay-out 3 orange buttons on the plaque. Use a small, medium, and large button to give the tapered appearance of your carrot. Glue them in place.
  3.  Using paint or permanent markers, add some green leaves to the top of your carrot. You can also draw a black decorative border around the edge of your plant marker and write the name of the crop if you wish.

See? I told you it was easy. Now – a word to the wise. This is a crafty project and it looks really cute, but remember if you are using these outside, they will need to be protected. I would recommend using paint and glue that you know can stand up to sun, heat and rain, or sealing them with a waterproof sealer.


Button Embellished hand painted Bunny Characters

Depending on what part of the world you’re living in, it may or may not seem like Easter is right around the corner.  Where I live, Mother Nature has been up to her old tricks: there have been days where I’m not sure if it’s time for Christmas OR Easter, but I’ve had it on the brain, so Easter Craft is WHAT I’m sharing with you today, these adorable hand painted bunny characters.

Beautiful buttons from Buttons Galore & More, Rose Garden, button tote collection, was such a splendid influence, so with a little help from some seasonal friends, and some re-purposed tin scraps, I met the Easter Bunny and his gal pal, halfway down the bunny trial: CHECK IT OUT!

The thought of our standard Easter display feels a little out of date, these days.  Since I’m crafting with SUCH extraordinary buttons from Buttons Galore & More,  I decided to conjure some images of Peter Cotton Tail, to make something “keepsake” and classic feeling, created with my own two hands.  It all started with some sketching…

And then CUTTING!  Scissors indicated for metal, cut this material easily.  Using a standard, crafting felt pen, I made my marks, that could easily be removed by rubbing.  From 5 individual squares of 4 x 6″ galvi/tin, I cut bunny body parts…  To be ENJOYED, not harmed! {!}

These individual pieces will be joined with simple brads, with long shanks, once painted and embellished.  Careful planning in the early stages is the best way to ensure a great results to your seasonal {and ANY!} craft decor project.

Mixing a desired shade of “bunny” creamy brown, I gave each piece two coats of paint.  Bunny “details” were added, as desired. Once dried, they were then painted with clear, crystal adhesive, then dried completely.  When dried, the edges were sanded.  More adhesive added where desired.

Once pieces were dried, they were assembled using a “metal friendly” punch, and then fitted with a brad.  Once in place, the brad was lightly smashed with a craft hammer to give a more vintage feel.  I’m hoping these guys will grow old with my family, so I need them to stay sound.   With the character’s parts, functioning, buttons were added to embellish and complete a classic flavor to these Easter Characters.  Adhered with Beacon’s 3 in One Craft Glue, with careful storage, these fabulous details should last for years!

I’m rather smitten with lil’ Easter Girl!

But SHE appears smitten with Peter Cotton Tail!

Aren’t they the cutest pair!

I hope they have inspired YOU to look at your personal inventory of “leftovers”, toss in some incredible buttons from Buttons Galore & More, and make a seasonal treasure for you and YOUR family to enjoy for years to come!   It was a pleasure to share this fun button embellished spring project with you!   Have a splendid day!

Buttons Galore & More Products Used:

Rose Garden Button Tote – HB104

Class Button Tote – HB108

3 in 1 Craft Glue

Cross Promotional Items –

Loden Colored Twine




Upcycled Vintage Jell-O Mold

Vintage Jell-O Mold Sun Catcher

Design Team member Vicki O’Dell has a (nearly) weekly blog post about her thrifting finds and the projects she makes with them. This fun and funky suncatcher from a vintage Jell-o mold is a perfect example of the fun crafts you’ll find on vickiodell.com.

Of course it’s embellished with buttons from Buttons Galore and More … a Button Bonanza in Purple Passion to be precise.


Button Birdhouse

This is a quick and easy project to do with your children, but you could also do a few for yourself too.  Match the button colors to your decor and you’ll have a striking piece of art for your home.

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