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Nature Mobile

My family hikes or goes for a bike ride every weekend and, inevitably, we always return home with a leaf, feather, or pine cone.  The natural bits and bobs were piling up on the table, so I decided to create a nature mobile.  I love how we can now display our finds in a piece of artwork and nothing is glued down, so we can change it out whenever we want.

Nature Mobile Close-Up


  • Buttons from the Autumn Grab Bag
  • Twine
  • Twig
  • Doily
  • Leaves, acorn caps, feathers, anything you find outside that inspires you!
  • Torn pieces of muslin fabric dyed with Rit Dye in Tan

Nature Mobile


  1. Cut a piece of twine to about 16 inches in length.  Tie each end of the twine to the ends of your twig. Put aside.
  2. Cut pieces of twine to the length you like.  I love to cut mine and varying lengths to give the piece interest.
  3. Begin by threading buttons onto your twine.  I found that wrapping a piece of tape around the end of the twine makes it easier to push through the button holes.  Once the button is threaded onto the twine, move it along the twine to where you want it to hang.  Make a knot below the button to hold it in place.
  4. Tie feathers and leaves onto the twine.
  5. Tie torn pieces of dyed muslin onto twine.
  6. Once you are happy with the placement of your materials, tie one end of the twine to the twig.
  7. Repeat the process with at least two more lengths of twine.
  8. Once all the twine is attached to the twig, drape a doily over the twig.
  9. Hang on a wall, a tree outside, or even your ceiling.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Find out how to make another nature display on my blog, Laura Bray Designs.

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Summertime Picture Frame-Sunflower & Wood buttons

Wanna make a Summertime picture frame for your home?    Here’s a simple frame embellished with a handmade Sunflower, garden sign and a Haberdashery Carved Wood button.

You could choose any flower to embellish your frame but a Summertime Sunflower really does make a beautiful impact.


Summertime Picture Frame


I always enjoy seeing  the Sunflower fields as we drive across country during our vacation.   They really are a beautiful sight.   One day,  I’ll convince my hubs to actually stop along the interstate to take a photo in the field.   He just can’t appreciate a purty photo op.  Men.


A Haberdashery Wood Button makes the Perfect Sunflower Center

To make the Sunflower picture frame:

I used my Silhouette and a Lori Whitlock cut file to cut out the  3D Sunflower then inked the edges of the leaves and flower with Colorbox ink and added a unique  Haberdashery carved wood button  to the center.   It really is the perfect center for a Sunflower!

I’m totally in  love with all the  Haberdashery Wood Buttons you can find in The Button Shop too.   They’re all so unique in design.


On the other side of the frame, I hand cut out a garden sign and grass, stamped a sentiment and hot glued the grassy sign onto a dowel.  A perfect Summertime frame to display Summer memories in.

Supplies Used For Sunflower Picture Frame:


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Flower pot Flowers

It is springtime and that means gardening, planting, flowers and sunshine.

Polkadot Flower pot Flowers

If you are working towards creating a colorful flowerpot garden, here is a fabulous QUICK and easy way to add bright colors.


To make the Flower pot Flowers :

grosgrain ribbon, bright Laura Kelly colored buttons, hot glue (I use ad-tech high temp) and wooden skewers!

Use grosgrain ribbon loops to create petals and then hot glue gun buttons to the centers to add color and hold them together then hot glue the to the non pointed end of the skewer.  Flip them over and hot glue a button to the backside so that if they turn around in your garden they will still look cute.


What a fabulous way to create color in fifteen minutes.  These flowers withstand the weather and last all season long.  Of course they are pretty indoors too.  You could even make a whole pot of just these and never have to water.


If you want to know where the polka dotted flower pots came from, hop over to my blog and find out.

Happy Fifteen Minute Friday with Flowerpot Flowers!


Mason Jar Fairy Lanterns


Spring sprang and summer is on the way which means warmer weather and more time outdoors…whether playing, celebrating or entertaining.  This little recycled mason jar acts as a great fairy lantern that can be used as a candle jar, party decoration or a jar to be filled with goodies for favors.

To make it you will need assorted Laura Kelly buttons, wire that it easily bendable (I used electrical fence wire from the garage) and feeds through the button holes and pieces of ribbon (5 inches long) and a mason jar without the lid.


To make it simply feed the wire through the buttons twisting and turning to create bright and colorful design then tie the ribbon pieces in knots along the wire.  Twist the wire to go around the top of the jar then use the remaining length to create a handle, twisting the wire through the piece that went around it to secure.

It is simple, fun and easy and makes for a great quick project that you can complete in around fifteen minutes!  It is one of those creations that has lots of great uses and ways to spread bright joy and light.


Make Pretty Dragonfly Decor for your Wedding

You can add your own pretty handmade art to every guest table at your wedding reception with just a few steps.   Use the Buttons Galore and More blank craft shapes to create mini masterpieces that coordinate with your wedding theme. You can use these pieces to embellish candle votive holders, make into wedding party gifts or even as jewelry for the bride and bridal party. I played with different colors and color combinations, use what works for your event theme. I used  the idea of dragonfly decor.

Wedding Votives with Dragonfly  Decor Art by Jen Goode

Wedding Votives with Dragonfly Decor Art by Jen Goode


Materials you need Make Pretty Dragonfly Decor for your Wedding:

Start Ups are mini canvases for your own art

Start Ups are mini canvases for your own art


Steps to make your own Make Pretty Dragonfly Decor for your Wedding:

  1. Make sure to cover work space with paper to prevent spraying in unwanted surfaces.
  2. Create a stencil using a decorate punch or use a pre-made stencil. I used a tiny dragonfly paper punch to create this image.
  3. Spray adhesive on one side of the stencil and adhere to the craft shape.
  4. Spray Smooch Spritz, one color at a time on to the craft shape. You can blot the ink with a tissue to lighten it, blend it or to remove it.
  5. Use the heat gun to set color between applications.
  6. To blend colors, spray two to 3 colors before blotting or applying heat.
  7. Finish the piece of art, remove the stencil and then liberally spray Champagne Smooch Spritz and applying heat. This will give an overall sparkle to the entire piece, even on the stenciled area.
  8. Thread organza ribbon through the craft shape holes and tie around a glass votive holder.


Spray layers of Smooch Spritz to add color

Spray layers of Smooch Spritz to add color


Finish with Champagne Smooch Spritz

Finish with Champagne Smooch Spritz


Don’t be afraid of adding more color. If you don’t heat set, you can wipe off some of the excess color and start over. Although you may not be able to wipe off all the color, you will be able to remove quite a bit of it.

If your stencil comes loose from the heat gun use, simply reapply with more adhesive spray.

Most importantly, have fun creating your own personalized dragonfly decor!

Dragonfly Art sparkles

Dragonfly Art sparkles


Add color layers to other Start up shapes

Add color layers to other Start up shapes


Wedding votives with handmade Dragonfly art by Jen Goode

Wedding votives with handmade Dragonfly art by Jen Goode



Craft Wars Inspiration – Junk Drawer Chic -Margot Potter

Tuesdays, we like to feature people we find on the internet.  Margot Potter aka, the Impatient Crafter, is the crafty inspiration today.  Often, we select designers because of a really cool craft technique or because of a fantastic use of buttons.  Well,  her garden craft piece is both.  I would like to call her creation JUNQUE-TASTIC!  Margot shares a tutorial with you on how to create the beautiful finish on the wood.  I think it would make any garden that much happier.

Margot Potter’s inspiration was Craft Wars, the new TV show.  If you have not watched the show you really should.  It is not a traditional craft show.  It is a crafting competition.  It is on Tuesday nights at 10pm.

  To view the full tutorial please visit Margot’s blog – The Impatient Crafter  Not only will you see the full tutorial for the Craft Wars Inspired Junk Drawer Bird house but you can view many of Margot Potter’s other work too.  She also has a list of the other Craft War Vets who participated and their projects.


Giant Button in New York City

I was at a show last week and spotted this giant button in New York City. I really wanted to be able to get a giant set of chalk markers to color in some fantastic, vibrant art on it. You know, liven it up a bit, add some personality. A big black button is just begging for some color!

I didn’t get closer, so I’m not sure what that little building is the button is sitting on. I’m also a little confused why there are 5 button holes instead of just 4, but regardless… how fun is that!?

Giant button in NY City

Giant button in NY City


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