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Craft ideas using novelty buttons, clear buttons and buttons in every color of the rainbow for all holidays and occasions of the year. Many of these projects are very easy to customize for any season or holiday!

Holiday Glass and Bottle Charms

Button Wine Charms by Carla Schauer


As holiday party season rapidly gets underway, one of the tasks the party host(ess) needs to consider is how guests can keep track of their drink glasses.   One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using drink charm.  Plus, it looks fancier than the plastic cup/black marker method.


I started by using a coil of memory wire, cut into 4 rings with wire cutters.  With a couple jewelry tools,  some frosted beads, and my Buttons Galore & More buttons, I had my charms made  in no time at all.

Supplies and Instructions:

Buttons Galore & More  buttons (Christmas Button Bonanza, Rainforest Button Bonanza, Winter Holiday Micros, and Rainforest Mix Micros)

Frosted and clear star and bicone-shaped beads

Red seed beads

Silver jump rings

Silver wire

Round nose jewelry pliers

Wire cutters

  1. Use round nose pliers to form loop on one end of each memory wire ring. (Photo 1)
  2.  Attach medium buttons in lime, dark green, red, and white to jump rings.  Thread beads, micro buttons and jump rings with attached buttons in desired order half way around ring.  (note:  micro buttons  were threaded directly on memory wire.  Photo 2)
  3.  Layer large and medium buttons in contrasting colors and attach together with silver wire.  Twist on reverse side to secure, then use wire ends to secure layered buttons to charm ring. Continue threading remaining loop with buttons and beads.
  4. Use round nose pliers to create loop in remaining end. (Photo 3).  Join loops together to connect ends.  (Photo 4)



button wine charms by Carla Schauer

Each charm has a different combination of buttons and beads, and each has a unique focal button set.  I used fairly traditional Christmas colors in this set, but the charms can be made to coordinate with any party theme.





Button Art

Button Art


Our Design Team Member Laura Bray needed a little inspiration for using up some gold and silver buttons from our Gold and Silver Grab Bag … so she grabbed a can of spray paint and created some adorable wall art. You can read all about how she did it in her blog post Button Decor.

I think that one or two buttons in a small frame would be an excellent idea for an ornament too, don’t you?


Kid's Crafts- Button Embellished Photo Ornaments


About this time of year, my kids get the itch to start making gifts for friends, teachers, and grandparents. I came up with a kid-friendly craft that will enable them to give a gift they’ll be proud of- and it’s a great way to share those wallet-size photos from school pictures!

I used a manual die-cutting machine for this (the Spellbinders Grand Calibur) because my kids, ages 6 and 10, know how to use it independently and frankly the results are great! But you can use hand punches if you like, instead.


  • Manual Die Cutting Machine and Nesting Dies (I used Scalloped Circles) OR
  • Hand Punches 1.5″ and 3″
  • Feltie Sheets (stiffened felt) OR Foamies
  • Elmer’s Craft Bond Glue OR Foamie Glue (you DO need special glue for foamies, FYI)
  • Buttons (I used Ocean Blue and Gold and Silver Grab Bag)
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Start-Ups Angels
  • Permanent marker

First, have your kids cut large circles in 3 1/2″ or 4″ size for the bases. Then, cut the “wreath” portion by positioning the 3″ or the 3 1/2″ die and centering the 2″ die into the middle. Use a piece of painter’s tape to keep it from shifting around while you run it through the machine.


Save that area that is punched out- we’ll use it on the back!

Next, cut a piece of ribbon at least 6″ long and glue it to the base.


Take your wallet-size photos and position them so the face is centered in the middle. Cut away the excess with scissors. use a dab of glue to secure the photo to the wreath, then add more glue to the entire thing and glue it to the base.

Now to decorate! Use a little more ribbon to make a bow, and add a decorative button. Then glue little buttons around the wreath as ornaments.

While that’s setting up, write the child’s name and year on the Angel Start-up and glue it to that center from the first step. Lastly, glue that to the back of the ornament so that both sides are festive.



You’ll have such a good time crafting together as a family, and the kids will be so proud that they made the gifts themselves!



Button Snowball for Home Decor

Button Snowball by Laura Bray

These super simple snowballs, made of buttons, are perfect for a romantic Christmas decor theme.  Hang them in your tree, stack them in a bowl, tuck them into a wreath or give them as gifts.


  • 2″ Styrofoam balls (You could use even larger balls and make large, dramatic, snowballs too!)
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Buttons Galore & More Gold & Silver Grab Bag buttons
  • White glitter flakes


  1. Using hot glue, apply buttons to styrofoam ball.
  2. Fill in spaces around buttons with glitter flakes to give the snowball sparkle


If you want to use the snowballs as ornaments, thread a ribbon through the ball, using a long doll needle.  Be sure to add the ribbon before gluing on the buttons!




Outside of the Box – Mixed Media Keepsake Box for the Holidays


The buttons are OUTSIDE of the box, friends!  {And… inside, too!}  For your creative consideration, I’ve mixed things up with a crafty menagerie of buttons, Start Ups, Ribbon and more!


Buttons Galore & More products used:



Just to help set the Christmas mood, I created a “beyond the box” scrapbook project, within…  {wait for it…!} a darling altered box!  The PERFECT assignment, to help stimulate crafty projects to give this season… {or KEEP for yourself!} Armed with assorted materials from Buttons Galore & More, and miscellaneous extras, just kicking around the craft room…  I made this fun, interactive memorabilia box to share with all of you!



Spray paint and embellish metal box with color and papers of choice.  Contemplate BUTTONS!



Reduce and print photos on a small scale to create accordion album to fit into mini canvas.  Choose several photos to highlight your subject and print at normal scale.



Wrap mini canvas so that the backside is covered completely by the paper. Glue flaps to the front of the canvas, as tightly as possible.  Using a sharp blade, score an “x” across the covered backside of the canvas, exposing the inside.  Fold triangular flaps down and secure with glue to create an open box type of frame.  Cut a piece of chipboard to cover the entire frame and screw two sets of hinges to the front of the chipboard, after it’s been decorated, to create a “lid”.



Embellish cover of canvas box with a stunning button of your choosing!



Acclimate small scale pictures to work in an accordion motion.  Secure with glue and tape.  For opening, pull attachment, add button, glued and sewn with clear thread, for strength.



Customize clear buttons with clear, dimensional glue and decorative paper.  Cover underside of button with glue, place on desired pattern from paper and gently push the excess glue out from under the button, then let dry.  Once dry, cut the excess paper away from the button, re-poke the holes and embellish with baker’s twine.



Create packing tape transfers with desired printed images to fit onto Start Up shapes.  Apply directly to Start Ups with clear glue and let dry.



Embellish box, as desired.



Yes, indeed!  I’ll say the Holidays are off to a mighty happy start!  Let the CRAFTING begin!



Thanks for letting me share this joyfully button festooned project with you!





Button Napkin Rings for Autumn


Autumn button napkin rings and candle by Jen Goode

Autumn button napkin rings and candle by Jen Goode


Buttons are such a great embellishment for your table settings. Grab yourself a bag of Autumn colored buttons and make a center piece and some festive napkin rings and let the family gatherings begin! I made this set of 4 button napkin rings and embellished a glass candle holder with the same button set.


Materials you need:

How to make fall button napkin rings:

  1. Cut your fabric to the length and height you prefer. Glue the ends together to make the ring.
  2. Add buttons as you’d like, attaching with fabric glue. Add additional layers of buttons on top of buttons for added interest using the craft glue.

To embellish the candle jar, simply use the craft glue and place buttons as desired. Hold the jar sidewise for a few minutes to prevent the buttons from slipping before the glue has a chance to dry.


Autumn button napkin ring detail Jen Goode

Autumn button napkin ring detail Jen Goode




Chenille Flower Ornaments – GiveAway – CLOSED

chenille stem flowers - ornaments


I spotted these super adorable chenille stem flower ornaments on Pinterest recently and KNEW I had to share them with you. They were created by the super talented  Diane Gilleland of Crafty Pod.

Not only are they ornaments but they could be turned into a brooch or ring to wear or even lovely package and card embellishments. Sooo many uses for such an adorable project!

Learn how to make your own Chenille Flower Ornaments with Diane’s complete tutorial and pick up a Button Bonanza Christmas Bag to make plenty of Chenille Flowers for everyone!

Want a chance to win a free Button Bonanza Christmas Bag? Just leave a comment on this post by Wednesday 11/2/2011 at 5pm for a chance to win one package. We will draw a random comment and announce the winner on our Facebook page Wednesday evening.

  • Please be sure your email is attached to your comment so that we can contact you.
  • If the Button Bonanza Christmas Bag prize is unclaimed by Friday at 9am an alternate winner will be selected.


To see some of the photos Buttons Galore and More pins please visit our Pinterest Profile.

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