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DIY T-Shirt Pumpkin Decor

Last week we made autumn scarves out of t-shirts (that we stole from Daddy’s drawer) using Rit Dye and we had a bunch of leftover scraps.  Not being able to bear throwing away such beautifully dyed fabric, I decided to stitch up a DIY pumpkin and see how it would turn out for Halloween decor.  It took less than 15 minutes and I think it is quite adorable and will make for some fun decorating.

Easy To Make T-Shirt Pumpkin


I matched up the fabric and drew on the top the shape of a little pumpkin.  Then I cut the shapes out at the same time so they would match up for stitching.  I stitched around the outside and stuffed the guts with a grocery bag.  I love to use recycled items when I am crafting.  I stitched on a two button stem (using Laura Kelly Bold Brown buttons) which I think really puts the mini decor into the “cute as a button” category.  Now I want to make about 5 more because they look like they are growing on the vines when I put them outdoors.


I also really like the way it looks outside on the fairy wall in the back yard.  Maybe I will spray it with the stuff I use to waterproof my boots and leave it out to see how long it makes it in the weather.  I think that a bunch of them around the fairy wall would be really fun and magical over the next few weeks.


I used the white scraps from the t-shirts too to make…a ghost of course.  I am sharing that project on my blog today.


Happy Fifteen MINUTE Crafting,



Button Bats

Bats are definitely not cute in my opinion but Button Bats are!  Especially when there made “spooky cute” using Buttons Galore Haberdashery Buttons.

button bats


These bats are simple to make and can be a fun addition to any Halloween decor.


how to make button bats

How to make button bats:

  1. Cut Bat using a template or cut file.
  2. Thread black and white twine through Haberdashery buttons.
  3. Adhere various buttons to center of bat using Ultra Thin Glue Dots.
  4.  Add faux stitching around bat using white gel pen.



Supplies Used to Make Button Bats:



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A BOOtiful Halloween Banner

Do you have an upcoming Halloween Party that could use a BOOtiful Halloween Banner?

Or maybe you would just like to add some flair to your home for all those cute little Trick or Treaters. A Halloween Banner is easy to make and can make all the difference in your holiday decor. This BOOtiful Halloween Banner is created using paper crafting supplies that you probably already have.

I generally start with a solid base for my banners. This BOOtiful Halloween Banner has a chipboard base that is covered in white cardstock.



Here is what I used to create this BOOtiful Halloween Banner:


When I create anything that may have some wear and tear. I make sure that I use the proper adhesives. For projects like this BOOtiful Halloween Banner, there is nothing better than Glue Dots to keep everything exactly where you want it.


Thank you for stopping by and I hope your Halloween is filled with fun, candy and maybe even a BOOtiful Halloween Banner.



Spooky Spider Popcorn Trick-Or-Treat Box

EEEK!  It’s a great big SPOOKY Spider.  No wait, it’s just a popcorn box in disguise.  This Halloween treat box is a creation that I made for the Halloween Movie Popcorn Box Party Hop.


There are more than 30 popcorn boxes in this blog hop party that have been transformed into creations for Halloween.  Lots of them use buttons from Buttons Galore as each of the designers was provided with a little package of Halloween colored ones from Laura Kelly’s collection.

Materials used for Spooky Spider:


Directions for the Spooky Spider:

I painted this one with Plaid’s Folk Art paint (Multi Surface Licorice) and then embellished with wires for legs and Laura Kelly’s Black Beauty buttons for feet and eyes.  To get the wire into the sides, I poked holes with a sharp screw in hook.  To fill it up and make it yummy, I added a mixture of popcorn that I shook up in chocolate and black sugar.  I also added in some chocolate covered cherry Jelly Bellies to make it a little more fun.


Check out the many other fabulous projects.  Lots of them were done by our awesome Buttons Galore design team members and others by creative designers, artists, and bloggers.

Happy Popping Around,




Monster Mash Halloween Card

Paper crafting can be fun and easy with novelty buttons.  A few pieces of paper and a sentiment to convey your message, ribbon, a touch of buttons and VIOLA!  A quick, cute and simple card you made yourselfHalloween button card

Material for Monster Mash Halloween Card:

Stay tuned for the next card in this series.  It is equally as cute and just as simple as this one to make.  Check out the website for sales on the buttons.


wooden pumpkin crafts – DIY a Photo Frame


Wooden pumpkin crafts are great for autumnal home decor.  I created a whole patch of pumpkins for display in my home.  I am in love with the pumpkin frame and the way it stands out in the patch.  I guess it is partially due to the adorable photograph I placed in the frame .  It is my oldest son and the photo is from 14 years ago, but I really do think the frame is adorable too.


Materials for Wooden Pumpkin crafts:

  •  The frame is from the dollar section in your local craft store.
  •  Rit Dye in two colors (Tangerine and Apple Green) liquid or powder
  •  Burlap trim, fabric scrap and rosette
  • AdTech Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Covered working area, rubber gloves and sand paper



Directions to make the Wooden Pumpkin Crafts:

  1. Sand any rough surfaces.  Dust off any excess.  Dip dye the wooden frame in Rit Tangerine dye.  Allow the frame to dry completely on a covered surface.
  2. Dip dye the  trims in Apple Green Rit dye.  Allow trim to dry completely.   Use  the  hot glue to attach the trim around the frame to create a band.  Attach the fabric scrap strips as the leaves and tendrils on the top of the frame.
  3. Using the hot glue gun, create a stack of brown buttons to resemble a stem.



I created a button stack for a stem with my Laura Kelly Bold Brown buttons and love the way the stem turned out.

Stem created with buttons dyed buttons for fall craft wooden pumpkin crafts

To find out more about making a whole patch of wooden pumpkin crafts, visit my blog post today.

Happy Decorating for Halloween,




Button pumpkin onesie – Baby’s First Halloween

Pumpkin Onesie

Babies are so adorable when they are dressed to celebrate the holidays.  This pumpkin onesie creation for Halloween is super cute as well as quick and easy.


Directions to make the pumpkin onesie:

All you need is a onesie, embroidery floss and a large Outrageous Orange button .  If you want to put your pumpkin on a green onesie and you can’t find one, you can dye one.  That is what I did first.  I used Rit Dye’s Apple Green and tie dyed it in a mason jar.

 Button Pumpkin Onesie

It is best to embroider the stem and vines first and then add your button.  My favorite floss is embroidery floss by Coats and Clark!  I think the little pumpkin is just simply so adorable. So make your little pumpkin a onesie today.


Happy Pumpkins, Buttons and Stitching,


Pumpkin Onesie Bottom




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