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Make a Scaredy Cat Halloween Tag with a Beaded Twist Tie!

Halloween is coming fast! But there’s still time to make a few more Halloween projects – like this fun scaredy cat halloween tag! It makes a great decoration on a spooky tree or a fun goody bag attachment.

Scaredy Cat Halloween Tag by Nancy Nally for Buttons Galore

To make my scaredy cat halloween tag, I started with the middle tag below. This is a set of three tags that I made using Distress Spray Stain. I sprayed the three colors of stain on my craft mat in a triangle arrangement, and pressed the first tag into them. That created the tag on the left below. Then I added some water to the mat using my Distress Sprayer, and swiped a tag across my mat again, which got me the tag in the middle that I used for this project. Finally, I took a third tag and swiped it through the color mix that remained on the mat. By that time, the three colors were mixed together enough on the mat that it produced a more brown color, giving me the tag on the right.

Fall Tag Backgrounds

Decorating this tag started with a lot of stamping! I stamped the cat in black and heat embossed it with clear embossing powder. Then I stamped the pumpkin in brown, coloring in the part of the blueprint stamp that I wanted to use and stamping it. To make them look wispy, I used silver ink to stamp the spider webs to fill the top of the tag area.

Once the stamping was done, I stuck down the phrase stickers and the letters to spell “Boo!”

Scaredy Cat Tag close-up by Nancy Nally for www.buttonsgaloreandmore.com

Next I got my PPA Matte Adhesive liquid glue to start adding some beautiful embellishments! Well, first I added a scary one…I cut the shank off of a spider button using button shank removers and glued it onto the spider web on the upper left of the tag. In that spot it looks like the cat is looking at it!

To make the cat’s eyes look really bugged out, I selected two dark colored seed beads from the 28 Lilac Lane “Paws & Pets” embellishment kit and glued them on top of the stamped dots in the cat’s eyes. It makes the cat look even more scared!

28 Lilac Lane candy corn embellishment bottle by Buttons Galore

Finally, I dumped the new 28 Lilac Lane “Candy Corn” embellishment bottle (pictured above) into a craft tray, which is a great way to contain all of the small embellishments while you are looking for just what you need.  With it all spread out I selected several small sequins to glue on to the spider webs, and glued some small seed beads, sequins, and a button onto the bottom of the pumpkin to give it some orange coloring.

Beaded Wire Tie using 28 Lilac Lane embellishments

To really look finished, my tag needed some ribbon through the hole. I selected some gray and some black and strung them through the hole. But instead of tying them off, I made a seed bead “twist tie” to fasten it. I cut a piece of wire several inches long. To start, I looped the wire through and around a pair of beads and twisted it together, clipping one of the ends off. then I began threading seed beads onto the wire in a random pattern until the tie was the length I wanted. To finish the wire off, I once again created a loop with two beads in it and twisted the wire together below that loop. I made sure to cut off the ends very close to the twist and turn them under so no sharp points stick out!

The seed bead twist tie was then wrapped around my ribbon to cinch it tight (similar to a ponytail holder). It brightens up the ribbon and brings something shiny to the top of my scaredy cat halloween tag.

And now my scaredy cat halloween tag was ready to hang on my halloween tree with my other tags! (To see the other tags in the collection, check out the Spooky Halloween Tag and the Fall Pumpkin Tag).


Do you make tags? What occasions do you make them for? Tell us in the comments! 


Top 6 Halloween Crafts to Make with Buttons!

The calendar is about to turn October, and most of us are in full-speed Halloween crafting mode! In case you are still in need of some Halloween crafts inspiration, here’s a round-up of our favorite Halloween crafts using our favorite crafting embellishment – buttons, of course!

Top Halloween Crafts for Halloween using buttons from Buttons Galore

Our autumn frame is super easy to make with no sewing, and will make a great addition to your home decor or your buffet of candy treats. And it’s a great way to use up those fabric scraps!

Autumn Frame

Whether you are planning a hospitality gift for your party hosts, or dropping some fresh baked pumpkin spice brownies at the neighbor’s, this fall pumpkin tag is a warm and friendly way to say “hello” to someone special!

Fall tag

When it comes time to hand out candy, our spooky button eye bags will be the talk of the neighborhood or your kids’ classroom! They are so simple to make that the kids can help!

Spooky Button Eye Ghost Bags - great for Halloween Treat Bags

Pumpkins are seasonal decor that can go from early fall all the way through to Thanksgiving. This decorative pumpkin will add a beautiful touch to your home or porch all season!

Happy Fall pumpkin

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without some bats! These button bats are more cute than spook, and will look great hanging from the ceiling, staked into a plant, or stuck to a wall.

Halloween Button Bats

If you aren’t quite ready to give up all the color in your world for the browns of fall, we’ve got the perfect card for you! This fall card brings nice bright pink and orange to a cheery “happy fall” sentiment.

Happy Fall card

Looking for buttons for your Halloween projects? Don’t miss our brand new Scary Button Bonanza, Trick or Treat Button Basics, and Fall Festival Button Basics!


Cute Ghost Ornaments to Make in 15 Minutes for Halloween!

Spooky trees are a fun way to decorate for Halloween. To keep it from getting too spooky and scaring my daughter, I’m decorating mine with some cute ghost ornaments that only take 15 minutes to make!

Make cute ghost ornaments for Halloween in only 15 minutes! | Nancy Nally for buttonsgaloreandmore.net

Supplies Needed:

To begin making these, I first had to raid my kitchen for a 10″ dinner plate to use as a circle template! I laid the plate out on the white fabric and drew around it with the fabric marking pencil. Then I cut the circles out, just inside the lines I had marked.

Make cute ghost ornaments for Halloween in only 15 minutes! | Nancy Nally for buttonsgaloreandmore.net

Next, to find the center of the ghost ornament, I folded the circles into quarters. I threaded a needle with white embroidery floss. Then I stitched up through the center of the fabric and back down, leaving a loose loop. I tied the threads together on the reverse side. (The side with the knot became the inside of the ghost.)

To create the pouffy head of the ghost, I balled up some fiberfill to about the size I wanted. Then I gathered the fabric around it, centering the hang loop at the top. I wrapped some embroidery floss around it to tie it off, leaving a small (about a half inch or so) opening so that it isn’t gathered too tight.

The final step was to sew on the buttons for the ghost’s eyes. I threaded my needle with black embroidery floss and used the opening at the center of the fabric gather to pull my needle through when I needed to sew from the underneath side.

Make cute ghost ornaments in 15 minutes! | by Nancy Nally for buttonsgaloreandmore.com

Whether you make just one or a whole tree full, these cute ghost ornaments are a 15 minute treat that will make your Halloween extra festive!


Make a Spooky Halloween Tag with Trick or Treat Button Basics!

Today we’re taking a walk on the creepy side of Halloween, with a spooky Halloween tag that makes a great attachment for a treat bag or can be a unique holiday greeting by itself!

Spooky Halloween Tag by Nancy Nally for Buttons Galore


1. Create the background of the Halloween tag by spraying the three colors of Distress Spray Stain in a triangle arrangement on a craft mat and then dragging the tag across the ink. Allow to air dry, or dry with a heat gun.

2. Ink the edges of the paper elements with matching ink to hide the white edges, and glue them in place.

3. Using Archival ink, stamp the creepy cat on top of the background and paper elements.

Tip: If the stamp image is incomplete where the paper layers meet, use the fine point end of the Distress Marker to fill it in!

4. Draw a line for the spider web in the upper right corner using the brush end of the Distress Marker and a ruler.

Spooky Halloween Tag close-up

5. Thread black embroidery floss through the green button and tie off.

6. Use a button shank remover to cut the shank off from the back of a spider button.

7. Glue all of the buttons into place using the PPA Matte Adhesive. (Make sure to center the orange one over the hole in the tag.) Let dry.

8. Thread twine from the back through the button and ending at the back again, to tie off the tag.

9. Enjoy your Halloween tag!


Make a Wicked Halloween Card with 3D Bat Buttons!

That September chill is in the air, and that means pumpkin spice, apple cider…and Halloween on the horizon! Our 3D buttons make great accessories for your themed cards, and I’m here today to share an idea you can make with bat buttons from our Halloween Value Pack.

Halloween Value Pack by Buttons Galore

Our Halloween Value Pack includes approximately 50 assorted buttons. The buttons range from 1/2″ to 7/8″ in size and include shank and sew-through buttons. Designs include fun options like pumpkins, monsters, spiders, bats, and everything you need for your Halloween-themed projects!

Wicked Halloween card with bat buttons by Nancy Nally for Buttons Galore


  • Buttons Galore Halloween Value Pack
  • PPA Matte Adhesive
  • Tim Holtz idea-ology “Materialize” 8×8 paper pad
  • Tim Holtz idea-ology “Curiosities” Ephemera
  • Tim Holtz idea-ology Small Talk Occasions stickers
  • Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Ink (Pumice Stone)
  • Blank Card Base
  • Embroidery floss (black)

To create the base of the card front, cut a 4.25″ by 5.5″ piece of the black and orange paper. Adhere to the front of the card base. Cut a 3.75″ by 5″ piece of the text paper, and adhere it centered on top.

Select the bingo card and wicked flashcard from the ephemera pack, and adhere them angled in the corners of the card front. Adhere the skeleton ephemera on top of them.

Wicked Halloween card with bat buttons by Nancy Nally for Buttons Galore

Tie embroidery thread through the large black button from the Halloween Value Pack and glue it on top of the bingo card using PPA Matte Adhesive. Use the PPA Matte Adhesive to also attach the bat buttons from the Halloween Value Pack on top of the “wicked” flashcard.

To finish the card, select some sentiment stickers from the Small Talk sticker set and stick them down in the upper left corner underneath one of the bat buttons.

This quick and easy card is a fun way to say “boo!” to someone for Halloween! Who do you want to send a friendly scare to this year?


Make a Halloween Card with Fall Festival Button Basics!

This week, we’re introducing you to six new Button Basics assortments! One of the new assortments is a vintage fall palette called Fall Festival, perfect for making fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving projects.

Fall Festival Button Basics by Buttons Galore

Fall Festival is a mix of brown-tinged tones of green, orange, and yellow, along with coffee shades of brown.

I decided to pair Fall Festival with Graphic 45’s new Halloween in Wonderland collection to make a retro fun Halloween card!

Trick or Treat halloween card by Nancy Nally for Buttons Galore

Supplies Used:

trick or treat halloween card close-up

I used tiny orange buttons from Fall Festival, to visually “attach” the faux bookplate that is printed on the label from one of the cut out sheets in the Graphic 45 “Halloween in Wonderland” collection.  The buttons highlight it as the sentiment block for my card, and Fall Festival’s color tones coordinate beautifully with the paper collection.

All of my buttons on this card are attached with PPA Matte adhesive, my favorite liquid adhesive for working with buttons and embellishments. It’s just the right consistency – thick enough to hold an embellishment in place, but not so thick that you can’t move it around to get it where you want it. It holds securely, and dries perfectly clear so there’s no need for anxious moments it a little spreads out from underneath your embellishment!

trick or treat halloween card construction

When making a project like a card, I frequently like to start with the most important elements of the design first, and then build around them. That means that I often am starting with elements that will be on top – like this sentiment block – and then working down in my design as I fill in around it. To do this, I lay pieces out without adhering them as I work.

I started by creating my background, and then putting in place the sentiment and the border that I wanted to anchor it. This of course, left me with a lot of open area made up of that super busy tiny checkerboard pattern. It overwhelmed my sentiment so I needed to tone it down.

trick or treat halloween card 2

To fix this, I cut a block of a lighter, larger pattern and inserted it behind the sentiment block. Then I used a piece of decorative chipboard from the “Halloween in Wonderland” collection to fill a bit more of the space and add some color. A purple striped corner frame sticker completed the design.

I did all of that without adhering anything except for the purple sticker! So what do you do when you have everything arranged just how you want – but nothing is adhered? I grab my phone and just snap a picture like the one above. Then I can take the design apart to glue everything down, and use the photo as a guide to get everything back how I wanted it! It’s just another way we can turn the camera that is always in our pocket into a creative tool.

Halloween card with Fall Festival buttons and Graphic 45 papers | by Nancy Nally for Buttons Galore



New Product Reveal: Seasonal & Trendy Button Bonanzas

Today we are thrilled to share with you some gorgeous new products for crafting and sewing – six new seasonal and trendy Button Bonanza color mixes!

New Button Bonanzas for Fall & Christmas 2016 from Buttons Galore

Our six new Button Bonanza totes, available today, include two new trend mixes, a Halloween mix, and three new Christmas and winter holiday mixes! Let’s take a closer look!

First up is Coral Reef, full of beautiful heathered blues and pinks that are reminiscent of this year’s colors of the year. Also, there’s a touch of white for some neutral to pair them with.

Coral Reef Button Bonanza by Buttons Galore

Coral Reef is great for baby projects, of course…but also so much more! These on-trend tones are great for stylish fashion projects, coordinating with many of the latest paper crafting collections, and so much more.

Up next is Glam Girl. This collection combines several very hot color trends into one gorgeous color palette that will make your projects look girly and glamorous! Navy, the neutral of the moment, anchors a palette of yellow, aqua, and rose pink to create Glam Girl. Yellow is THE home decor color at the moment.


This palette of trend forward colors will work well year-round for all sorts of projects. Glam Girl is especially perfect for quilting, papercrafting, and feminine fall fashion projects!

Now, let’s talk holidays! The weather may still be hot, but cooler days are coming soon and with them the fall holidays. We’ve got the perfect new Button Bonanza for all of your Halloween crafting: Scary! It’s a mix of seasonal orange shades, with some black thrown in for extra scare!

Scary Button Bonanza by Buttons Galore

The Scary collection will take you from fall to Halloween to Thanksgiving with a perfect shade of orange for every project. Whether it’s treat bags, table decor, or a scrapbook page of your adorable trick or treater – it’s got to be Scary!

Christmas will also be here before you know it! Our three new Button Bonanzas for Christmas cover a wide range of popular color schemes for winter holidays.

Our Tis the Season Button Bonanza is a classic holiday color scheme – rich reds and deep greens, with a few contrasting lighter green shades to create perfect Christmas greenery!

Tis the Season Button Bonanza by Buttons Galore

This versatile combination is great for making ornaments & cards, wrapping presents, festive sewing projects…Tis the Season!

Blue, red, and white is also a popular winter color scheme and for fans of that palette, we bring you Winter Wonderland! Two different shades of blue – one light and one dark – paired with deep red and topped off with white and brown neutrals make Winter Wonderland perfect for everything from cute Christmas projects to winter snow scrapbooking!

Winter Wonderland Button Bonanza by Buttons Galore

Winter Wonderland is a really versatile addition to your embellishment collection – when the winter is over, use the red, white and blue buttons for patriotic projects!

Finally, we have what may be The Merriest collection of all – a mix of pink, pale blue, lime green, and cranberry with white neutral. This fun combination is a great match for kids’ projects and for many of season’s more whimsical papercrafting collections. It’s a lighthearted alternative to the more traditional shades of green and red.

The Merriest Button Bonanza by Buttons Galore

All of these new Button Bonanza products are available today in the Buttons Galore online store (and for wholesale order as well for our retail clients). We can’t wait to see what you all make with them!


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