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Make button snowman gift tags and two other christmas gift tags

Button snowman gift tags with buttons and felt are easy to make. These cute gift tags will take your gift giving to the next level and when the gifts are unwrapped, the tags can be used as tree ornaments. I love it when things can be multi- purpose. The nice thing about a button snowman is that he can be used past Christmas.

Snowman Gift Tags

Here’s how to make button snowman gift tags:


  • Two pieces of felt cut into a 3″ x 5″ rectangle
  • Three white buttons. 1 Small, 1 medium and 1 large sized look the best
  • Glue
  • Scrap pieces of black felt , cut into a 1 small square, 1 small rectangle, and two long rectangles
  • Scrap piece of orange felt, cut into a 1 small triangle
  • Embroidery floss and basic embroidery supplies
  • Printer paper, cut to approximately, 2.25″ x 4.25″
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon


  • Glue buttons onto felt. The smallest button is the head of the snowman.
  • Glue on small black square of felt for the top hat.
  • Glue on small black rectangle of felt for the brim of the hat.
  • Glue on two long rectangles as arms.
  • Glue on small orange triangle for the carrot nose.
  • Print or write on printer paper (this is where you would write the “to” and “from” of the gift.
  • Stitch the paper onto the second rectangle of felt.  You can either hand-stitch it or use your sewing machine.
  • Place the blank backs of the felt rectangles together.  Stitch (I used a running stitch) or glue together.
  • Punch a hole into the top of the tag, and run a ribbon through it. Attach it to your gift or hang it on the tree.

Snowman Tag Tutorial

After making the button snowman gift tags, I came up with a few other tag ideas:

Ric Rac and green buttons make a cute Christmas Tree tag.

Christmas Tree Holiday Gift Tag

Isn’t the back cute?

Christmas Tree Holiday Tag Back

Some garland really makes this Christmas Ornament gift tag sparkle!

Christmas Ornament Holiday Gift Tag

Have fun and let your holiday spirit take control!

Holiday Gift Tags

Thanks for taking the time to look at the button snowman gift tag and the other ideas too.


Holiday Gift Container Embellished with Christmas Buttons & GIVEAWAY!

The Christmas season is getting closer, and along with the season comes cookie baking.  Giving baked goods as a gift becomes even more festive when delivered in a handmade gift box embellished with themed Christmas buttons.

Holiday Candy Gift Container with Themed ButtonsDirections to make a gift box with Christmas buttons:

I began with an unfinished wooden box I purchased at a craft store, and painted using “Santa Red” (how appropriate!) on the inside of the lid and the outside of the box.  I also painted the inside of the box base a dark green to match the felt.

Red Painted Wood Gift Box with Holiday Buttons

I lined the lid of the box with a circle cut from dark green felt, glued in place using Fabri-Tac Adhesive.  The dark green showing through the tree cut-out in the top of the box made the perfect showcase for the Christmas buttons.

Felt Lid Lining of Holiday Candy Gift Box with Buttons

To embellish the felt tree using the Christmas buttons, I began by removing the shanks from the candy cane and peppermint swirl candy buttons using the Button Shank Remover and gluing them to the felt using the Fabri-Tac Adhesive.  I also glued on three of the micro buttons to simulate ornaments.  I glued the star to the tree top without removing the shank, since it fit nicely into the cut out area.

Button Embellished Holiday Gift Box Lid

A red and green stitched grosgrain ribbon glued around the lid added another touch of texture to the wooden gift box, and I used a gift-shaped Christmas button as a final accent and to cover the ribbon ends.

Button Embellished Holiday Candy Gift Box Front


With a little paint, some felt, and some Christmas buttons, you can make a gift of goodies even more personal.  Make several at a time before the holiday season is in full swing, so they’re ready for y0ur fresh baked holiday gifts.

Thanks for stopping by,


November 16 is National Button Day.  Leave a comment here with your favorite button collection an you could win themed Christmas buttons.  Comments must be received by Sunday night at midnight est.


Christmas button craft ideas – Easy and simple DIY

Christmas button crafts ideas!

Christmas button craft ideas have been overflowing from my mind lately.  I love so many of the buttons from the Christmas Holiday section at Buttons Galore and More that I had a difficult time deciding which to use first.

 button crafts ideas materials:

I used a Christmas Tree from this fun set and a gift button from this set.






Directions to easy Christmas button ornament:

I made a quick and cute ornament using paper scraps. I think this would be fun to hang on a Kraft bag, place on top of a box, or hang on your Christmas Tree. I simply took strips of scrapbook paper and made a simple design, adding a button from the Star of Wonder set.


Directions for an easy  button craft ideas:

Here I took some more scraps and created a bow and box, embellished with a button from the Christmas Presents set in the center. I took two additional strips and glued them to the scalloped circles to create the tiny gift box. I would love to make lots of these, attach some magnets and use them on my fridge to create an Advent Calendar – I have such fun crafting with the little ones I babysit.

My preferred adhesive is Beacon’s 3-1 Adhesive, available on the Buttons Galore & More site. It sets quickly, but gives you time to reposition, and it dries clear. Buttons Galore & More has many additional adhesives to choose from. Additional supplies used include Paper – October Afternoon, Scalloped Circle Die – Spellbinders Paper Arts, Circle Punch – Marvy Uchida

Thanks for joining me today. use up your stash and add some fun new elements.  Please use these Christmas button craft ideas.  I hope you enjoyed these simple, inexpensive ideas for the Holidays.


Make a Little Christmas Button and Felt Wall Hanging

Wall hangings for Christmas? Sure! Make these little wall hanging decor pieces using the new Christmas buttons from Buttons Galore and More. You can make them as gifts or wall art yourself. They’re also a great craft to do with the kids, no sewing required! If you like to sew, stitch everything together instead of using glue.

Pretty little Christmas button wall hanging decor

Pretty little Christmas button wall hanging decor by Jen Goode

Materials you need:

Christmas button decor closeup

How to make Christmas button and felt wall hangings:

  1. Cut 4 squares, approximately 1.5″ wide, out of green felt. The squares do not need to be exact.
  2. Glue each square on to white felt. Trim white leaving about 1/8″ showing around edges.
  3. Glue each green and white square onto red felt creating a single large square. Trim to one single square. leaving approx. 1/2″ red border around the entire square.
  4. Glue 1 holiday button in the center of each green square.
  5. Using red felt, make 2 hanging loops and glue to top back of piece.
  6. Embellish with ribbon and extra holiday buttons as desired.
  7. Finish with a dowel through the hanging loops and a ribbon to hang.

Christmas button wall hanging craft


14 fun Christmas crafts with buttons

BGM-14-Christmas-crafts with buttonsMake 14 fun Christmas crafts with buttons

14 fun Christmas crafts with buttons, that is right… 14.  Take some time and check out the links below to see all of our crafts with buttons.  Our creative team worked hard in July to bring you some fun new inspiration and there will be even more fun Christmas crafts with buttons coming in October.

The links listed below are to 14 fun Christmas Crafts that you can make.

Country Chic Christmas Wreath

Styrofoam and buttons Christmas Money Tree

Christmas Home Decor

Vintage style Christmas Decorations

Needle Felt Wall Art

Aqua Christmas Wreath

Styrofoam Christmas Ornament

St. Nick Ornament

Table Top Tree Ornaments

Christmas Puppets

Christmas Tree Wall Art

Wine Glass Charms

Red Wall Art

Kids Christmas Ornaments

I hope you enjoyed looking at the wide variety of Christmas crafts with buttons.  Stop by the store if you would like to purchase the button, ribbon and glue supplies used in these projects.  We have daily deals and weekly coupons.  Stop by often as there are new items on the way.




Make a money tree – Easy DIY STYROFOAM Christmas craft with buttons

Money doesn’t grow on trees!!!….or does it?  Check out this fun and easy way to give a money tree gift in a creative way.

Today I am excited to use a Styrofoam plus BUTTONS from Buttons Galore!  Check out the supplies…

Materials to make a money tree:

Directions to make a money tree:

Begin by wrapping your cone in bills and securing the corners with sequin pins.  Once you have all of the foam covered you can embellish to your heart’s content with buttons, colorful seamstress pins, tinsel chenille and more!  Important to note that non of the items were adhered with adhesive because in the end this money tree is meant to be harvested so make it easy for the recipient to wrap and just use pins.

I love the glow on the “lights”!

Thanks for joining me today! I hope you will make a money tree for your next gift.  No matter if it is a Christmas money tree, birthday money tree or a graduation money tree, the recipient will surely love a tree made of money.  I know I would.


Creating Easy Home Decor Using Buttons and STYROFOAM

Howdy all! I am so sorry to keep you waiting all month for my home decor project! I have had a SUPER busy summer and this month just was the busiest of them all. But tonight, JUST BEFORE JULY IS OVER I have a fun home decor idea for you that is quick, easy and can be easily customized to fit your home’s Christmas decor! So let’s get busy!!! And hey, now’s a great time to start working on holiday decor because it’s best to be prepared now and now hurried later, right? So HAPPY CHRISTMAS IN JULY Y’ALL!!!!
Supplies Needed: STYROFOAM Cone, Two Tones of Butt ons, Acrylic Paint and Paint Brush, Glitter, Hot Glue, wood circle for trunk or other trunk material.


Begin by placing a pool of paint onto a piece of scrap paper as a palette for easy clean up.


Apply a full coverage layer of paint to entire surface of cone.


While the paint is still wet, liberally cover surface with glitter.


Find a button the same size as the top of the cone.


Build a stack of buttons in graduating size and hot glue together to be a "tree topper".


Once the paint has fully dried, hot glue the topper to the top of the cone.


Randomly glue buttons all along the outside of the cone in various sizes and shades of green.


Glue a line of large Ivory buttons along the bottom edge.


Hot glue the piece of cut tree limb to bottom as a tree trunk.


Ahhh your brand new hip and happening home decor project ready for the mantle, table top or anywhere else in your home!



I would LOVE to see your home decor pieces! Please share a link here so I can come to your blog and see how you decorate for the holidays!!! And hey if you happen to have a great button project that is just a HUGE BONUS! :) Enjoy!


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