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Button up Christmas in July!

July is a great month to get a head start on those Christmas decorations and using BUTTONS in your creations is always FUN!  For this project I am using a Styrofoam Ball, Glitter, Kreinik Thread, Beacon Adhesives and beautiful BUTTONS!


  • Buttons Galore and More Buttons: Fancy Gold Grab Bag GB102
  • 6″ Styrofoam Ball
  • Gold Thread by Kreinik
  • Fast Finish Decoupage byBeacon Adhesives
  • Quick Grip Adhesive by Beacon Adhesives
  • Red Ultra Fine Glitter by Clearsnap
  • Skewer
  • Scissor


Apply Fast Finish Decoupage to entire Styrofoam Ball

Place Styrofoam ball onto skewer.  Sprinkle Glitter to cover; let dry.  Apply second coat of Fast Finish Decoupage; let dry.

Choose thread of choice and buttons.

Wrap thread around ball making 8 sections, then around center to create 16 sections.  Glue white and gold buttons at the top and bottom of ball where all threads meet.  Glue gold buttons around center where threads meet; let dry.

You have a beautiful ornament for your tree or a gift….Enjoy!


Opulent St. Nick Christmas Ornament


It has long been established that nobody likes a skinny Santa, so make him regal and utterly unforgettable with some festive button embellishing!

Suitable for framing – I’m so excited to share with you a super craftilicious project, beckoning for buttons and a place of importance in your seasonal decor!

Armed with  some of my favorite Buttons Galore & More products, and a smattering of extras, then this project is READY for fun…

In case you’ve never par taken in the mini canvas WRAP – {OMG!  So FUN!} Here’s a quick breakdown of how to do, exactly that:

1.) Prepare to wrap a mini canvas by facing the “opening” or backside of the canvas, to the blank, or backside, of desired decorative paper.

2.) Score fold lines around the edge of canvas and cut flaps, so that the ends can be glued onto the “traditional” front surface of the canvas.

3.) Glue flaps down so that paper fits snug and clean around the edges. (The desired printed side should be exposed)

4.) Using a ruler guide, make a small “x” opening across the solid paper, exposing the recession from the original back of canvas.

5.) Crease and work edges so that paper will wrap snugly.  Glue flaps to exposed wood and canvas.

6.) Using two sewing pins at opposing points, push from the inside of opening, so that the pin tip comes through at the two opposing corners.

7.) Cut 1.5′ length of embellishing wire and thread through, following the pin holes, from the inside of canvas “box”, out.  This will be the spine of the ornament.

8.) Cut a small square of coordinating paper to fit inside opening and glue.  Finish the inside lip of the box with decorative tape or paper.  Fill with snowflakes, etc.

9.) Cut a matching acrylic square to fit on top of the entire front of the ornament.  Using clear glue, adhere.  Use clamps, if desired, to make a secure seal.

Glue Santa image to the top of the acrylic and embellish edges with buttons, shanks removed, from Buttons Galore & More,  Gold and Silver Grab Bag.

Create a ribbon flower to embellish ornament:

1.) Cut a length of red and white gingham ribbon, sew the ends together to create a cuff.

2.) Sew a running stitch around one end of the cuff.  Tie off and cut excess.

3.) Tighten ribbon to create bloom.  Tie not and cut excess.

4.) Embellish with transparent button and bakers twine.

Enjoy! {But WAIT – there’s more!}

1.) Make a pretty angel “dangly” for ornament using two Start Up – Angels.

2.) Add color using alcohol ink and a blank alcohol ink pen, to add color directly to Start Up material. {No sanding required!}

3.) Sketch out angel robe in color of choosing.

4.) Add accent values, but allow ink to “do it’s thing”, making sure each color is dry before adding more ink.

5.) Change color by merely wiping pen onto scratch paper, until color doesn’t transfer, then change color.

6.) Build face, hair and suggestion of song book and wing definition.  If results don’t please you, simply wipe surface with alcohol blending solution and let dry.

7.) Don’t overwork – just let the angle appear!

8.) Repeat steps for second angel and sandwich over wire with glue and glue dots, so that painted angels will be visible from both sides of ornament.

Embellish wire with beads of your choosing.  Tie a festive ribbon from Buttons Galore & More Red and White Gingham Ribbon and thread through wire, so that it sits on top of the ornament.  Add more beads or desired accents to the top of the ornament.

When complete, add ornament to your tree or use in window display to let the big man you’ve been VERY good this year!

Happy Holidays!


Buttons Galore & More products used:

Gold and Silver Buttons – Grab bag

Red and White Gingham Ribbon – 1″

Start Ups – Angels

MU – Clear Round Celebration Buttons

Mini Glue Dots

3 in 1 Craft Glue


Tiny Bright Button Ornaments for Your Tabletop Tree

Tiny, Bright Buttons Ornaments for Your Tabletop Tree


I can’t begin to tell you how much I love these small brightly colored ornaments! Kristin at Urban Paisley shows you how to create a colorful table top tree to chase away any overcast winter day doldrums in her Tiny Button Ornament post.

Do you think I could get away with keeping this one out until Spring?


Santa and Mrs Claus Puppets

Santa and Mrs Claus Puppets


I know this is a little “patting myself on the back” but I thought I’d share a project I recently made and have posted on my blog at vickiodell.com.

There is a Mrs. Claus too and I’m thinking I might go back and add buttons to her dress.

You’ll find all the buttons you need for this project on our website at www.buttonsgaloreandmore.com.


Holiday Decor – Christmas Tree Button Collage

Pretty button collage Christmas Tree by Jen Goode

Christmas Tree Button Collage by Jen Goode


Make your own pretty Christmas Tree decor with buttons. You can add any extras you like including button ornaments and mini garland. I created this holiday button decor using an old placement that I recycled to create the background piece. I love it when a project is completed without sewing a single thing!

Materials you need:


Christmas tree button collage close up

Christmas Tree Button Collage - close up


How to make this Button Collage Christmas Tree holiday decor

  1. Sketch the tree shape on to the finished fabric background. I used a dark green colored pencil on lighter green fabric so the pencil would blend in once I was finished with my collage.
  2. Apply fabric glue all around the inside of the tree shape.
  3. Place green buttons on glue making sure to mix the sizes up while still covering the majority of the space with buttons. Let dry.
  4. Using craft glue, add gold buttons throughout tree to appear as ornaments on the tree.
  5. Measure, cut and adhere red ribbon along each side of the fabric background leaving at least an inch of green fabric on either edge of the ribbon. Glue gold corners on top of ribbon.




Video: Christmas Gift Idea – Crochet Dishcloth Embellished with a Useful Button

Christmas Gift Idea - Crochet Dishcloth Embellished with a Useful Button


I recently made a video that is a great project for quick and easy Christmas gift giving; Crochet Dishcloth Embellished with a Useful Button.

Useful button? How does THAT work? Well, you’ll just have to watch the video to find out! :)




PS. This video started out as a “Freebie” project to our new facebook fans. To get all of the special goodies we offer on facebook please visit our FACEBOOK PAGE


Holiday Glass and Bottle Charms

Button Wine Charms by Carla Schauer


As holiday party season rapidly gets underway, one of the tasks the party host(ess) needs to consider is how guests can keep track of their drink glasses.   One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using drink charm.  Plus, it looks fancier than the plastic cup/black marker method.


I started by using a coil of memory wire, cut into 4 rings with wire cutters.  With a couple jewelry tools,  some frosted beads, and my Buttons Galore & More buttons, I had my charms made  in no time at all.

Supplies and Instructions:

Buttons Galore & More  buttons (Christmas Button Bonanza, Rainforest Button Bonanza, Winter Holiday Micros, and Rainforest Mix Micros)

Frosted and clear star and bicone-shaped beads

Red seed beads

Silver jump rings

Silver wire

Round nose jewelry pliers

Wire cutters

  1. Use round nose pliers to form loop on one end of each memory wire ring. (Photo 1)
  2.  Attach medium buttons in lime, dark green, red, and white to jump rings.  Thread beads, micro buttons and jump rings with attached buttons in desired order half way around ring.  (note:  micro buttons  were threaded directly on memory wire.  Photo 2)
  3.  Layer large and medium buttons in contrasting colors and attach together with silver wire.  Twist on reverse side to secure, then use wire ends to secure layered buttons to charm ring. Continue threading remaining loop with buttons and beads.
  4. Use round nose pliers to create loop in remaining end. (Photo 3).  Join loops together to connect ends.  (Photo 4)



button wine charms by Carla Schauer

Each charm has a different combination of buttons and beads, and each has a unique focal button set.  I used fairly traditional Christmas colors in this set, but the charms can be made to coordinate with any party theme.





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