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Back to School Homework Organizer

It’s back to school time already!  How can that be?  Every year I promise myself I’ll be more organized, so this year I designed a homework organizer for my daughter to keep all her homework supplies in.  It’s so cute, I think my daughter might even be motivated to do her homework!

Make a Back to School Homework Organizer with Buttons Galore

Supplies for homework organizer

  • Wood crate
  • Paint-I used Apple Barrel Paint in Parrot Blue
  • Red Buttons
  • Glue
  • Red glitter
  • Markers
  • Small piece of green felt
  • Letter stencil

Instructions for homework organizer

1. Paint the crate.  Set aside to dry.

Make a Back to School Homework Organizer with Buttons Galore

2. Once crate is dry, sketch an apple shape on the front of the crate.

Make a Back to School Homework Organizer with Buttons Galore

3. Fill the shape with buttons, using glue craft glue to secure the buttons onto the crate.

4. While glue is still wet, sprinkle glitter over the apple shape.  This will fill in the holes between the buttons and give it some sparkle.  Instead of loose glitter, you can also use glitter glue to fill in the spaces.

Make a Back to School Homework Organizer with Buttons Galore

5. Using a marker, draw a stem on your apple.

6. Cut out a small leaf shape from the green felt and glue it onto the stem.

7. Using letter stencils and markers, spell out school or your child’s name onto the crate.

Make a Back to School Homework Organizer with Buttons Galore

Thanks for getting crafty with me today!  For more button crafts, stitching and lifestyle ideas visit me on my blog at www.laurabraydesigns.com.

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Rit Dye and Buttons oh my!

Create colorful back to school projects with Rit Dye and Buttons Galore and More. We are co-hosting a blog hop with Rit Dye featuring back to school items for students of all ages. Below you will find directions to this project, links to the other projects and a Rafflecopter entry form to win a GREAT prize package valued at over $100.

Create a wooden gift box for the teacher and add a gift card to their favorite school supply store.   The box can be reused on the teacher’s desk to hold miscellaneous items.

It is easier than you would thing to dye wood.  Rit has a page dedicated to tips on dying wood and wicker.

Back to School Rit Dye Project with Buttons

Materials to create a Rit dyed wooden gift box:

  • Wooden box available at local craft stores.
  • Rit Dye in Aqua
  • Glue Gun and glue sticks
  • Back to School Buttons, Tutti Fruity
  • Misc.  Paper towels, plastic grocery bag, sand paper, disposable container for dye.

Directions to make the wooden gift box:

  1. If the box has rough edges you can sand them smooth with sandpaper.  Wipe off dust with a damp paper towel.
  2. Dip the box in heated dye.  Tap to remove excess.
  3. Place a paper towel on a plastic bag.  The paper towel is used to gather excess dye.
  4. Once the wood is dry you can add the button embellishments.

If you would like to order any buttons from the site click this link to the Buttons Galore and More store and enter the discount code of RIT20 for 20% off your order.  Use all caps or the code will not work.

Don’t forget to enter our Rit Dye and Buttons Galore and More Giveaway

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If you want to view the designers blogs you can also click the links below.


Apple of My Eye Storage Jar


Teachers are so important and appreciate them lets them know it.  There are lots of great ideas of way to show your teachers how much you care about them but this one is fun because you can make it and then fill up the jar with treats!


I filled the jar up with Sharpie Markers because I think almost every teacher would LOVE to get a jar full of bright fun colors of my favorite permanent markers.

To make the apple, I used a pattern and cut out an apple from black foam core.  You can get the pattern here is the free printable download (that also has a word search to keep your kids busy while you use the hot glue)!


I covered it with Radically Red buttons from my collection and made the stem with ribbon then attached it to the jar, all with Adtech hot glue.


When it was done, I started thinking of all of the things that could be put in the jar that teachers would love!  What do you think they would like most?

For another fabulous way to use the apple made of buttons, visit my blog.

Happy Creating,




Fifteen MINUTE Friday – Boxtops for Education Collection Jar

It is August and that means back to school time. Boxtops for Education is a fabulous program that helps lots of schools with funding to purchase things for the students and classrooms.


Sometimes finding a place to keep them until the children take them in is the tricky part. Here is a fun way to upcycle a Mason Jar into a fun home for the cutout Boxtop pieces until it is time to send them in. Use hot glue and add buttons, ribbons and whatever else you have around the house that is fun to decorate the jar in a way that you like having it out as a reminder to clip and save.

If you fill the jar up, here is a fun sheet to tape the cutouts to for sending them in so you can hang on to your jar.


Happy Fifteen Minute Friday,



Sew a Button and Burlap Pencil Case

Sew a button and burlap pencil case for the guy in your life. It’s just right for the high school graduate who is heading off to college in the Fall or it would also be a great Father’s Day gift.

button and burlap Button & Burlap Pencil Case II

I know I’m always trying to keep my husband organized and he’s always looking for pens and pencils. Do you think there’s any chance a button and burlap pencil case is going to help?  Naw, I don’t think so either, but it’s fun to make!

Supplies needed for a button and burlap pencil case

  • Burlap cut to 7.5″  x 8″
  • Velcro (R) Brand Sew-On Fasteners cut to 7″ long
  • Ribbon cut to a length of 8″
  • Buttons – the Haberdashery line has some great masculine colors!
  • Basic sewing supplies

Instructions for sewing a button and burlap pencil case

1. Sew ribbon onto burlap parallel to the side that measures 8″. Place it approximately 1.25″ from the edge of the burlap.

Ribbon Onto Burlap

2. Sew the Velcro (R) Brand fasteners onto the 7.5″ inch sides. (These will be perpendicular to the ribbon.) I like to leave the top of the case without finishing it. The rough edge gives it a more masculine touch!

Sew on Fasteners

3. Fold in half, right sides facing (the side that you sewed the ribbon onto is the “right” side). The 7.5″ edges should be even. Press with an iron.

4.  Sew the short sides closed.

Sew Closed

5. Clip the corners and turn the bag right side out.

Sew On Button

6. Sew buttons onto ribbon. I know it’s a bit harder to sew them on when the case is sewn, but it’s best to leave this step for last, so you can see the best placement for them.



Teacher Appreciation Gifts – Make Upcycled Button Rulers

Teacher Appreciation Gifts are pondered often in this house.  You want something they can use and need.  Being a former teacher I know it is not another apple themed gift.  Well, this quick, bright and happy project really measures up! Just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week.  With the loop on the end it is easy to hand and even easier to find.  The bright buttons really make a difference.

Upcycled Button Ruler

Materials Teacher Appreciation Gifts :

You will need a wooden ruler (or a yardstick), Laura Kelly colored buttons, a 6 inch piece of ribbon and HOT GLUE (My fave is Ad tech)!

How to make Teacher Appreciation Gifts:

While your hot glue gun is warming up, lay out your buttons in the pattern that you want to use in the length of the ruler.  You can stack them a bit if you like the depth.

One at a time, glue, the buttons to the ruler, straight down the middle so the numbers can still be read.

Once your button are securely adhered, create a loop with the ribbon and glue it to the back to create a way to hang it up.  If you want to cover the ribbon with more buttons, go for it.  I did.  :)


You can also line the ruler with ribbon first and then add buttons.  It makes cute Teacher Appreciation Gifts  too.


Happy Celebrating Teacher Teacher Appreciation.  Celebrate with gifts for Measuring for Accuracy and Simply Creating Bright & Fun Things!


Upcycle a Can into a Pretty Pencil Holder with Buttons

This project will keep the kids busy and help the environment! Upcycle your empty food cans into containers for various storage and use buttons to create a fresh, fun look. You can create any kind of pattern or look with just a few easy-to-find materials. I created a pencil holder out of a spaghetti sauce can.

First, I covered  it with some fabric. Then I embellished the top edge with a swag design of pink and purple buttons. (Optionally, you can line the inside of the can as well.) I’ve created a number of different pencil and school supply containers using fabric or paper, so whichever you like best will work great!

upcycled can to pretty pencil holder

upcycled can to pretty pencil holder

Materials you need to upcycle the can:

Steps to make your own button embellished upcycled can pencil holder:

  1. Measure and cut fabric to fit the outside of the can.
  2. Cover the can with your choice of fabric & adhere with glue.
  3. Add a swag pattern to the top of the outside edge of the can using glue and twine.
  4. Adhere buttons in place, alternating colors.
  5. Make small bows of twine and glue at the top of each swag.
glue twine to can

glue twine to can

create a scalloped swag design with twine

create a scalloped swag design with twine

add buttons to twine

add buttons to twine

add more buttons

add more buttons

make a bow out of twine and glue on the can - I got a little too much glue on my fingers

make a bow out of twine and glue on the can – I got a little too much glue on my fingers

The best part about upcycling empty cans is that they are small.  This allows you to use your left over craft scraps to make some neat, decorative containers. Mix and match your scraps with your favorite button colors to create a whole collection of pretty pencil holders and other organizing containers. Plus these are easy enough that your kids can make their own too!


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