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Pumpkin Pillow Wrap

finished pillow wrap 1Its October! Time to think about refreshing your indoor decor with all things fall, spicy and harvest. One of the easiest ways to have found to give my decor a facelift is with pillows. Still easier pillow wraps! This easy to make pumpkin pillow wrap will have whet your appetite for making pillow wraps for every season. With an all seasons color like green, you can make pillow wraps for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Here is my Autumnal version. Creating the pillow cover from scratch requires basic sewing experience but you can use a purchased pillow already covered and add your Pumpkin Pillow Wrap to it.

Materials and Supplies

Square Pillow form in a size of your choice

Two green fabric squares that match your pillow form size plus 1/2″ seam allowance on all sides

Enough white felt to wrap around the pillow form snugly

Laura Kelly Hand dyed buttons from Buttons Galore and More in Outrageous Orange and Bold Brown

DMC Color Infusions Memory Thread in Light Green

Self adhesive Velcro Strips in White

Hand sewing needle and thread in white and light green

Brown embroidery thread (6-ply), embroidery needle

Scalloped edged scissors, rotary cutter and self-healing mat, scissors, sewing machine and thread, fabric marking pen

Cutting out the felt for the pillow wrapillow wrap (1024x768) - CopyFirst, cut out the felt using the rotary cutter and mat. Trim the edges with the scalloped edged scissors. This will give your felt nice clean ornate edges that don’t have to be sewn.

Draw a circle on the pillow wrap Use the fabric marker to trace a circle in the size of your choice. Remember that you will be sewing the hand dyed buttons to fill the entire circle so plan accordingly. Thread your needle and start the sewing the buttons on to create the pumpkin by pulling the thread from the back to the front. Just like you would sew on a button.

Continue sewing pillow wrapContinue to fill in the traced circle, using the traced lines at a guide to make your pumpkin. Use the smaller buttons in the package to fill in the smaller gaps.

completed circle of buttons (1024x768) - CopyFinally, a complete circle of hand dyed buttons on your pillow wrap that we will now add details to resemble a pumpkin!

Add a button stem (768x1024) - CopyUse some brown buttons (2 or 3) depending on the size of your pumpkin to create a stem.

DMC color infusionsTo create vines, I used Color Infusions Memory Thread by DMC in a light green. This can either can glued down or couched down with coordinating thread and a hand sewing needle. I find the couching down method to yield a neater and less messy result.

Embroidery stitches

Thread your embroidery needle with three strands of the 6-ply brown embroidery thread. Use the fabric marker to write a sentiment onto the Pumpkin Pillow Wrap just under the pumpkin and back-stitch the sentiment.

iron fabric for pillow coverIron your squares of fabric for the pillow cover front and back. Place the right sides together and machine stitch the left, top and right sides together using a 1″ seam allowance. Leave the bottom of the pillow open for turning and stuffing with the pillow form. Steam the seams open with the iron set on a steam setting and turn right sides out. Iron again and insert the pillow form into the bottom.

insert pillow formSew the bottom of the pillow closed using a whip stitch, the hand sewing needle and thread.

whip stitch 1

whip stitch 2Add a strip of Velcro to the back of your Pumpkin Pillow Wrap as a quick and easy enclosure. I opted for the self adhesive version the sew on version will work as well.

Velcro Now you have a Pumpkin Pillow Wrap that will not only be adorable for the Fall season, but it can be switched out seasonally very easily. Thanks for letting me share. Happy sewing!

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Button and Felt Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath

I’m not into the traditional, spooky look of typical Halloween décor.  I like cute and cute means buttons and felt.  I created this Halloween wreath with that in mind.  I love how the black and white reminds me striped witch’s stockings!


  • 10″ Styrofoam wreath
  • Black and white felt, cut into 8″ x 2″ strips
  • Orange felt
  • Black buttons
  • Glue
  • Flower shaped die and die cutting machine.  (optional)

Instructions to make a button and felt Halloween wreath

  1. Wrap the black and white strips of felt around the wreath, alternating between the black and white felt. Glue into place.
  2. Die cut flower & leave shapes from white, black, and orange felt.  If you don’t have a die cut machine, simply cut the shapes by hand.
  3. Glue the flowers and leaves onto the wreath.

Halloween Wreath Close-Up

4. Glue buttons into center of flowers.  Tip: If you want the flower centers to have little extra pop, slide white-topped pins into the button holes.  So cute!

Thanks for crafting a cute Halloween with me today!  For my holiday inspiration, visit my blog at Laura Bray Designs

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Button Pumpkins Fall Craft

My button pumpkins are the perfect fall craft.   They are quick and easy to make plus make a fun little addition to any of your fall decor.  Grab some buttons and lets make some pumpkins.

Button Pumpkins -- make your own DIY craft pumpkins from just buttons and glue.  Learn how to with this tutorial.

Button Pumpkins Supplies

  • buttons (orange is required but green is optional)
  • green twine (if you don’t have green buttons)
  • hot glue

Yes that is it!

Button Pumpkins -- make your own DIY craft pumpkins from just buttons and glue.  Learn how to with this tutorial.

Button Pumpkins Instructions

Sort your orange buttons and find some that are various sizes.  When stacked they should be sphere shaped.  Hot glue the buttons together.

Button Pumpkins -- make your own DIY craft pumpkins from just buttons and glue.  Learn how to with this tutorial.

If you have some green buttons, find two mini sized ones that are the same size.  Hot glue those on top.

Button Pumpkins -- make your own DIY craft pumpkins from just buttons and glue.  Learn how to with this tutorial.

No green buttons?  Hot glue a couple of orange buttons on top that are mini size.

Button Pumpkins -- make your own DIY craft pumpkins from just buttons and glue.  Learn how to with this tutorial.

Then use hot glue and the green twine to wrap those two buttons for a stem.

Button Pumpkins -- make your own DIY craft pumpkins from just buttons and glue.  Learn how to with this tutorial.

You can have an entire field full of these mini button pumpkins in no time at all.  Use them in your fall decor or to give out as party favors.  This is also a great craft to do with older kids (be careful with the hot glue!).  Who doesn’t want some little button pumpkins?

Button Pumpkins -- make your own DIY craft pumpkins from just buttons and glue.  Learn how to with this tutorial.



Button Bats

Bats are definitely not cute in my opinion but Button Bats are!  Especially when there made “spooky cute” using Buttons Galore Haberdashery Buttons.

button bats


These bats are simple to make and can be a fun addition to any Halloween decor.


how to make button bats

How to make button bats:

  1. Cut Bat using a template or cut file.
  2. Thread black and white twine through Haberdashery buttons.
  3. Adhere various buttons to center of bat using Ultra Thin Glue Dots.
  4.  Add faux stitching around bat using white gel pen.



Supplies Used to Make Button Bats:



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A BOOtiful Halloween Banner

Do you have an upcoming Halloween Party that could use a BOOtiful Halloween Banner?

Or maybe you would just like to add some flair to your home for all those cute little Trick or Treaters. A Halloween Banner is easy to make and can make all the difference in your holiday decor. This BOOtiful Halloween Banner is created using paper crafting supplies that you probably already have.

I generally start with a solid base for my banners. This BOOtiful Halloween Banner has a chipboard base that is covered in white cardstock.



Here is what I used to create this BOOtiful Halloween Banner:


When I create anything that may have some wear and tear. I make sure that I use the proper adhesives. For projects like this BOOtiful Halloween Banner, there is nothing better than Glue Dots to keep everything exactly where you want it.


Thank you for stopping by and I hope your Halloween is filled with fun, candy and maybe even a BOOtiful Halloween Banner.



Spooky Spider Popcorn Trick-Or-Treat Box

EEEK!  It’s a great big SPOOKY Spider.  No wait, it’s just a popcorn box in disguise.  This Halloween treat box is a creation that I made for the Halloween Movie Popcorn Box Party Hop.


There are more than 30 popcorn boxes in this blog hop party that have been transformed into creations for Halloween.  Lots of them use buttons from Buttons Galore as each of the designers was provided with a little package of Halloween colored ones from Laura Kelly’s collection.

Materials used for Spooky Spider:


Directions for the Spooky Spider:

I painted this one with Plaid’s Folk Art paint (Multi Surface Licorice) and then embellished with wires for legs and Laura Kelly’s Black Beauty buttons for feet and eyes.  To get the wire into the sides, I poked holes with a sharp screw in hook.  To fill it up and make it yummy, I added a mixture of popcorn that I shook up in chocolate and black sugar.  I also added in some chocolate covered cherry Jelly Bellies to make it a little more fun.


Check out the many other fabulous projects.  Lots of them were done by our awesome Buttons Galore design team members and others by creative designers, artists and bloggers.

An InLinkz Link-up <—– click link for more ideas

If you want to enter the contest to win a $100 gift card so you can buy some movies to watch while eating popcorn, go for it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway <—- click link to enter a giveaway

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Monster Mash Halloween Card

Paper crafting can be fun and easy with novelty buttons.  A few pieces of paper and a sentiment to convey your message, ribbon, a touch of buttons and VIOLA!  A quick, cute and simple card you made yourselfHalloween button card

Material for Monster Mash Halloween Card:

Stay tuned for the next card in this series.  It is equally as cute and just as simple as this one to make.  Check out the website for sales on the buttons.


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