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Butterfly Wall Art

Butterfly Wall Art 1Hi! It’s guest designer, Laura Bray. Are you in need of a little spring joy during this long winter? How about creating some cute, button encrusted butterflies to be used in wall art? These would also be really cute on gift wrap, pins, or hair clips too! Here’s how to make them…


Embellishment bottles and kits in the colors of your choice.
• Cardstock paper in colors that match your buttons colors.
• PVC glue

For framed artwork:

• White 8” x 10” frame
• Decorative scrapbook paper
• PVC glue

To create butterflies:

  1. From paper, cut butterfly shapes out. I drew my own, but you can also use a stencil or a die and die cut machine.
  2. Apply a line of glue down the “body” of the butterfly. Glue mini beads into place. Allow to dry completelyButterfly Wall Art 2
  3. Apply a thick layer of glue onto the front of the paper butterfly wings. Glue buttons on to the paper. Shake beads and sequins over the butterfly to fill in any spaces between the buttons.
  4. To create a framed art piece, cut the decorative scrapbook paper to size to fit your frame. Remove the frame’s glass, and glue down the butterflies. Allow them to dry completely before hanging.

Butterfly Framed Art 3


Boho Button Wall Art

Boho Button Wall Art

Hi! It’s Laura Bray with another fun, button-themed guest blog post! The “Boho” trend is still going strong and feathers are still the rage, so for today’s project, I thought I would show you how to create this unique, button-encrusted feather plaque.


Winter Blues Embellishment Bottle
Rustic Feather by Walnut Hollow
• Blue craft paint
• PVC glue


    1. Paint the Rustic Feather with blue paint and allow to dry completely.Boho Button Wall Art 2
    2. Apply a thick layer of glue down the center stem of the feather and pour mini beads over it, press the beads lightly into the glue and allow to dry completely.
    3. Working in small sections of the feather, cover the area in a thick layer of glue, then put blue buttons, in varying sizes in the area. Work quickly. While the glue is still wet, pour sequins and beads over the spaces between the buttons. Let each section dry before moving to the next.Boho Button Wall Art 3
    4. Once you have covered the feather in buttons, beads, and sequins, go back and glue some additional buttons on top of some areas. This helps to fill in any empty spaces as well as give the piece a bit more depth and texture.

Make Easy Embellished Thanksgiving Napkins with Buttons

Editor’s Note: Today we welcome back former design team member Laura Bray as a guest designer to share a project for embellished Thanksgiving napkins that are an easy way to make your holiday table beautiful!

Hi Button Lovers! It’s Laura Bray. Some of you may remember me when I was on the design team for Buttons Galore & More. I still use my BGM buttons on my craft projects and I’m so excited about the 28 Lilac line of buttons – the kits and bottles make it so easy to make a pretty, coordinated craft.

It’s almost Thanksgiving, so I wanted to show you how you can turn a plain, cloth napkin into beautiful, boutique-style table décor for the holidays.

embellished thanksgiving napkins


embellished thanksgiving napkins supplies

Pick a corner to embellish, then begin stitching on buttons of varying sizes and sequins onto the napkin randomly. Not a sewer? You can also use fabric glue!

creating embellished thanksgiving napkins

To clean your napkins, hand wash and try to avoid submersing the embellished corner in water.

embellished thanksgiving napkins

Embellished Thanksgiving Napkins close-up

These look so stunning they will probably become family heirlooms!


DIY Paper Clip & Button Bookmarks

Secret Garden Bookmarks

It’s almost time for summer reading. These quick and easy Paper Clip and Button Bookmarks are a great kids project. With our selection of unique buttons, you can make bookmarks to match your child’s interests. Does your child love the book, The Secret Garden? How about creating a collection of garden themed bookmarks? A gift of the book and the garden bookmarks would also make a darling gift!

These would also be great teacher’s gifts. Give your favorite teacher a stack of books, some beach-themed bookmarks the kids made, and they will  be ready to hit the beach and rest up after a long school year!

Seaside Bookmarks

Flip Flop Bookmark Close-Up

Sea Bookmarks with Shell

The possibilities for these are endless! Here’s how to create your own Paper Clip and Button Bookmarks:



Slide the button onto the paper clip. Place a small drop of glue to hold the button in place. You can make dozens of these in only minutes!

Summer Reading Bookmarks


Sweetheart Message Board

Sweetheart Memo Board

Here’s a sweet little Valentine’s Day project for you! A Sweetheart Message Board, created with dry erase paper and buttons. Leave a new, loving message to your sweetheart every day!


      • Wood, heart-shaped plaque
      • Paint
      • Buttons
      • Dry erase paper
      • Felt flowers
      • Craft glue


    1. Paint the wood plaque. Allow to dry completely.
    2. Once the paint is dry, trace the heart shape onto a piece of dry erase paper and glue it onto the front of the plaque.
    3. Embellish the plaque with felt flowers with button centers.
    4. Hang the plaque with a ribbon and leave messages of love for your sweetheart.

Quick and Easy Button Earrings

Need to make a set of super quick earrings? It doesn’t get any faster or easier than these.
Button Earrings copy

  • Earring Findings-You can get these at your local craft store in the jewelry section.
  • Buttons-The possibilities are endless here! Buttons Galore and More has a huge selection of buttons, so you can make a different pair of earrings to match every outfit and occasion.
  • Glue


  1. Glue your button onto the earring finding.
  2. Allow to dry for 24 hours before wearing.

This project is easy enough for children to do it. It would be a fun party activity for your little girl’s next party. Teachers-this would make a nice Mother’s Day craft project too!

Added bonus: Go to my blog, Laura Bray Designs to download some free, printable Mother’s Day cards that you can put your button earrings on!



“Cute as a Button” Ring Kit Party

Pinable Button Party Badge

It’s party time! BGM Creations and Suzann Sladcik Wilson just launched a new line of Button Ring Kits. I love the Kids Ring Kit and decided to design a craft party for my daughter around making button rings. The kits are super economical at $10 a kit (each kit makes 10 rings). You can have a lot of kids over without breaking the bank-especially since the finished rings can also be the party favors.
Ring Party
It’s pretty simple to get inspired when you pick a button theme for a party. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Crafting can be messy, so I created workstations for each child. I cut up some craft paper into placemats, doodled on it, and then glued some buttons down. I opened up the ring kit packaging and made the kits match my party by adding silk flowers (with buttons glued in the center) and ribbon to the kits. I transferred glue into smaller size tubes, which makes it easier for little hands to squeeze. Of course, the glue tubes also got a makeover by adding scrapbook paper, ribbon and buttons to them.
Kit Decor

You really don’t need to plan much to do at the party except make rings, because the girls love all the combinations they can create. Just make sure you have enough kits on hand for each girl to make more than one ring!
Ring Assembly

We had cupcakes for a snack (because crafting makes a girl hungry!) I just bought cupcakes at the bakery and then dressed them up for the party. You can create super cute cupcake picks with a lollipop stick, buttons and ribbons.
Cupcake Topper copy

Or just decorate a cupcake wrapper with some buttons. Or do both (more is more around here). We also glued some buttons onto some plastic silverware to add even more button goodness to our party.
Cupcakes & Silverware copy

This party is so simple! I didn’t even wait until my daughter’s birthday to throw it. We just invited a few girls over to have some crafting fun. All the projects here only took me about an hour to get ready, but it looked like I spent days getting ready. The best part? Seeing how happy my daughter was making button rings!
Rings II

For more crafty lifestyle tips come and visit me on my blog at www.laurabraydesigns.com.
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